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    Perhaps I am very unlucky. After going through 5 ipjone replacements i had just given up and sold it on craigslist. reading online, it seems like apple had fixed the issue soI decided to give the iPhone 5 another go. I reserved it online last night and went to pick it up in the store this morning. I had to wait a bit because of the iPad mini line but was served quickly. They brought out my iphone and I quickly inspected it. It was by far the worst iphone 5 I had seen. The antenna looked like it had been drug through some gravel. It had two deep scratches on the bezel. Chips out of the anodized aluminum in the back and an over exaggerated rattling noise. I showed it to the apple rep and even he was surprised at the amount of damage the phone had. He immediately went to the back to try and get a new phone. He came out shortly after and explained that their system for verizon phones was down so he would not be able to switch it out. He said to hold onto it a couple of days and come back or return the phone. I returned the phone.


    It was a week 43 iPhone.

    Looked way worse than the previous production week ones I have seen.

    It's just very disillusioned. I love Apple products but the quality of these iPhone 5s are terrible if they are coming out of the box looking like they have been in a pocket full of gravel and coins.

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    Have any of you who've bought iPhone 5's used the "order between 10pm and 4am for in-store pickup" approach, or have you all done the "order and wait 3-4 weeks for delivery thing?


    The reason I'm asking is that I wonder what happens if you do the in-store pick-up thing, open it in the store to inspect it, and reject it due to defects.  Does that count as a "return" so you'd then have to take a "used" model in exchange?  Or does it mean you get a refund & then start the order process over again?  Can you swap for another NEW one as the original was equivalent to a DOA (does cosmetic damage count as DOA?)

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    I have had to refund, wait for my upgrade to reset, and order via in store pickup. If they have stock they may do a retail swap right then. They have only ever offered a part service phone in exchange in my experience (unless I wanted to exchange for a different color or capacity), but it may vary by store. After numerous returns I've axed the idea of the iPhone 5 completely.

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    I visited the store on several occasions to replace the first iPhone 5 (that made a clicking sound around the glass and had a few blemishes) and instead of wasting more time and gas, I opted to look at the service phones they had in the back room.  The first one was unsatisfactory, but the second one they brought out was in great condition so I accepted it.  What's shocking is that while I spent a few minutes looking for blemishes, dead pixels, clicking noise, and dust under the screen, the Genius rep sighed heavily several times and had the audacity to tell me that I only have 10 minutes to check over the phone).  I've read through a lot of forum posts and learned of a few tech journalists who had their phones replaced by a service phone.  There seems to be some consensus amongst the journalists that service phones are most likely brand new since Apple hasn't received enough "truly" defective phones and haven't had enough time to refurbish them.  I agree with everyone that it's not acceptable to accept a service phone within the 30 day return period but if you decide to like I did, make sure you go home and call AppleCare with your serial number in hand, bypass the regular customer service rep. and speak to someone in customer relations.  Explain the hassle you went through, the time and gas you spent to obtain replacements, and most important of all be kind and don't raise your voice.  After explaining what I went through, I simply asked if they could reimburse me in any way/shape or form for my time and gas spent.  To my surprise, I was offered an e-coupon which I used to get $100 off another apple product that I bought for my wife!  What's important is that everyone here call AppleCare Support and explain what you went through so that Apple takes action in some form to prevent this from happening in the future.  I can't guarantee that you'll get an e-coupon but a post in this forum has much less weight than a phone call.  Good luck everyone!

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    I am glad to hear that Apple compensated you. My issue is that I should not have had all of these problems in the first place. I can look past the fact the phones were defective, what I cannot look past is the horrible service from the blue shirts at the store. I called Apple customer service to see about lodging a complaint against the people I dealt with, and I did not get anywhere. I got the "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" crap from the rep. I do not expect anything extra from Apple. ****, I cannot logically expect a perfect device. What I feel I can expect is the top notch customer service that Apple USED to stand for. Being treated like the bad guy for trying to exchange/return a defective device is unacceptable.

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    what worries me is this:


    I can take a phone with one or two minor dings or scuffs; Apple's tolerances have decreased obviously but still the device is likely to look that way in a couple of months.


    but i have had 6 iPhone 5s since October 1 and ALL of them have had MAJOR dings and hideous scuffs. I really want to be one of the few that get a flawless iPhone but i am honestly willing to settle with a ding and scuff or two. Just not chipped screens, chipped home buttons, dirt under glass, scraped up rear case etc.


    Apple, I'll take a cosmetically imperfect iPhone 5 but I wont take one that looks like its been dropped on concrete several times.

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    and cholifolio87 is right about us being treated like someone trying to scam Apple just because we want a device that doesnt look like its been tossed in a bowl of keys.

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    I got a response to my email. Going to give them a call tomorrow when I have some time to sit and discuss these issues.


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    Apple is aware of the lower quality of service at Apple Stores which is why they "fired" the SVP of Retail Operations recently.  Forgot his name.  The journalists have speculated that he was too focused on revenues/bottom line (reducing staff was one way he increased revenue).  So it looks like the "blue-shirts" were over-worked which "could" explain why the rep I worked with during the service phone swap was short/impatient with me only offering 10 minutes to check over the phone before accepting it!

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    Well Im due to receive my 2nd white iPhone 5 on Wed. Not holding my breath as far as how it will look. My guess it will have some scuff or light scratch somewhere. I saw about 3/10 phones is in mint condition. Could be less who knows. Still waiting for that refund from the last phone. Its taking its sweet time to arrive!

  • Anthrax82 Level 1 (5 points)

    Funny, I was watching Sarah Silverman Interview on Conan and she comes out with a white iPhone 5 with blue stickers on the back (Im assuming to cover the Apple logo) They show a close up of the front screen. I found myself trying to look for scratches on the front lol

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    I am on my second iPhone 5 in black.  The first one had paint loss in 4 days.  The second one already has paint loss despite being in a case constantly.  The paint just rubs off.


    In my opinion, Apple have really upset a lot of customers on this one and they are unable to respond.  Half the customers of their flagship phone will be carrying around a scratched phone, probably unhappy about it.  Imagine what the phone will look like in 6/12 months if careful usage can damage the paint in 3 days.


    I had a long debate at the Apple store that did not resolve the situation - Apple refuse to change the phone for a white version.  Even if I never buy from Apple again, they do not seem to care. 


    At what point does a brand lose its appeal?  Did Microsoft/Nokia/Blackberry think they were invincible too?  Do the millions of workers at brands that messed up, wish they gave better customer service?


    Apple are riding a very high wave at the moment and appear invincible.  As Nokia, Tesco and other large brands found out - the bigger you are the harder you fall.


    I've been a loyal customer for years and have probably spent over £10k on Apple products over this time.  I raved about Apple when someone mentions Dell/Android etc but I've got a bitter taste in my mouth now and won't be raving any longer. 

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    Nice to know you got a response and I am hoping your are compensated for the all the hassle etc. I do think Apple will be damged by this and like ripples , the impact will not be felt straight away but over time. The contagion of apathy is normally dismissed at start but serves as a wonderful post mortem tool later !

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    I would just sell the phone on craigslist and buy the white one. Its the only way youll get the white one. I see them gonig for $600-$700 depending on the size of gig's,

  • igrant Level 1 (0 points)

    I posted the very same sentinments rearding the fool hardy appointment of this now ex apple employee, fitting that you cannot even recall his name but I'm willing to bet lots of the blue shirts have some rather interesting names for him. Dixons custtomer service never improved from the early days and I speak as someone who spent some time working in one their stores in the early 80's.


    They didn't like offering refunds and managers were very hard to deal with and didn't like to allow us staff to exhange items even when they were clearly faulty. Carphone warehouse has the same ethos , found that out when I had a fault with my week old iphone 4 back in 2010. I would never have thought I'd be reading this about Apple as I have found the customer service oustanding so far , yes have returned a scuffed black 64GB without any obstructions as well as two iphone 4's while under warranty.


    I know we know they have sold millions of phones , no argument there however if the accounts of what some have posted on here continues then it's not hard to predict what will happen to their reputation and customer base. Let's be clear the iphone is their best seller so it would be obvious to make sure the service and product meets customer expectaions , particularly when you hold such world headlining launches. Get it together Apple , remove the arrogance before it removes your coveted position !

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