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    I am surprised that I received a response. I am going to call them when I get out of work, but at this point no compensation can persuade me to go back to iPhone this time around. I may reconsider with their next iteration, but I will be waiting a while after the release.

  • cholifoli87 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just spoke with. I explained my issues with customer service, and he said that they are always working to improve their customer service experience. He told me if I buy another iPhone and it has issues, he would see to it that it is replaced. I think I am going to stand behind my decision to try out the Note 2 for now, and see what happens with the next iPhone. I appreciate the offer to see to issues personally, but it doesn't change the issues I have had over and over again since release.


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    Another customer lost to Andriod then !

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    Cannot even mention the guy's name (in response to the edit on my last post)? Anyway, yes I will test the Android waters...for now. I will see what Apple has to offer next year and go from there. I find myself drawn to iOS more than the iPhone itself. I like how everything can seamlessy integrate. BUT...the OS is worthless with malfunctioning hardware, and the same could be said about Android but in reverse. With Android phones I liked the hardware, but did not like the OS. I had the opportunity to check it out at a T-Mobile store (not out on AT&T yet) and I can honestly say that I am impressed. I am hoping that Apple does better with the next iPhone, and if they do I will happily come back to this side. I am not going to get suckered into brand loyalty anymore, only thing it did was give me a headache .

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    Well I am kind of at a loss on what to think here. My grandparents brought my partner and I 2 iPad minis (one black and one white) for our anniversary. Both are absolutely flawless, not a single mark on either one. Of course using the mini brought back the longing for an iPhone. Now I just have to decide if it is worth giving it another shot or not.

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    Well I received my white iPhone today, Found 3 little small nicks on the right bezel on the front, they are very tiny and minimal, Can only been seen the light. I did leave a voicemail to the woman that I spoke with. Lets see if she can send me one if not ill just keep it. I dont want to keep dealing with this and just move on with my life.

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    So a couple or three weeks back I wrote that I had recieved three new black iPhone 5's all with damage out of the box on the camfered edge.  The Apple Store manager I was working with agreed to send me a white iPhone.  I recieved it and it had to small nicks in the camfered edge that I thought I could deal with.  Until I went outside and saw how bad they were in natural lighting.  One was so deep I could catch a fingernail on it.  Still I was okay with it.  Later on that night I was looking at a web page that had a white background.  I noticed that the display had a completely uneven temprature from top to bottom.  It went from yellowish at the top to white/blue at the bottom.  This I could not tolerate as I now could see it everytime I was in the settings menu, email or web pages.  I called my guy at apple back.  After waiting days for him to get back to me, then saying the order was put though, then Apple saying they would not send me another phone, to him saying he would take care of it, him being out sick or something,  another guy called me back on his behalf and said Apple decided to send me one more phone and if it was not okay, I could get a refund.  He put the order in.  A few hours later I went to my order status and to my surprise, there was a black iPhone in queue to be sent.  I called back told them the whole story about how I went through three of them and they were all damaged and that Apple agreed to send me a white one which is what I was expecting this time.  Long story short, The woman and the magager she was speaking to finally saw in the notes this was the case but ther order already went to the "preparing to ship" status and they couldn't stop it.  So after waiting another week for that phone to get shipped and re routed back to Apple, I finally recieved my week 44 white iPhone today...  Guess what?  No dings, chips or scratches on the so called "camfered edge" but instead have seven pin hole size missing spots in the finish above the Apple logo on the back of the phone.  Totally disappointed but the screen is great and the phone is otherwise perfectly functional.  I paid $650 plus $99 for applcare for this phone as I was only able to get $200 of the complelely subsidized price.  So afer seven weeks and going though four exchanges (five total phones), I give up.  I will keep this phone and not return it.  If I did not have several hundred dollars worth of apps and music and such, I would consider something else.  So on this one, Apple has me as I'm not willing to wait to send this phone back, wait to get my AT&T upgrade reset, be without a mobile phone for who knows how long AND throw away hundreds of dollars worth of software.   This whole thing has been a joke.  I don't care how easily the phone can scratch.  I'll I wanted was one out of the box in like new condition.  That is not too much to ask for for $750 plus tax.  I have never gone though anything like this with any product but in the end I have to get on with my life and come to terms with the fact that I seemingly cannot get a undamaged phone out of the box.  Obviously most people out there don't care, don't look or notice later and think they damaged their phone because I find it very hard to believe that most if not all of these phones have some sort of damage coming out of the box.  What a complete dissapointment for something I was very excited about in the beginning. 

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    have a similar issue... am from india and for my bad luck there is no support as such here... this is what i was told in the apple stores!

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    I had a **** of a time with scratches on my iPhone 5 and trapped particles on iPad 4 over the weekend. I blogged my story here.

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    Thanks for the iPad Minu comment. I was wondering if the black one is anodized aluminum like the phone? I have the iPhone 5 in black and slate. It's perfect and beautiful. I haven't had any problems that others have had regarding finish, pictures, wifi, none of them. I always keep whatever phone I use in a thin leather flip case which leaves back only covered when it's flipped up. I like leather. I do not like plastic or those rubbery phones and tablets that are put out. We'd received 2 as Christmas gifts last year and returned them to get one iPad when the 3rd generation was released. I'm asking about the metal on them because it doesn't seem to be mentioned much or at all regarding the iPad Mini

    If you have an iPhone 5 with problems i do hope that you can get them taken care of. This phone is spectacular in every detail as far as I am concerned. I don't use Maps so those do not concern me but when I checked them after reading about them, the maps in our area are accuate and the turn by turn worked very well.

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    Read your blog, So from the looks of it you only had to swap your iPhone 5 once? Thats pretty good if you ask me, Everyone here has swapped up to 5 to 6 times and still cant get a mint iPhone. If your second iPhone was in mint  condition consider yourself lucky. Ive gone through 4 iPhones already. The 2nd white one i got (which was just yesterday) has 3 very small nicks on the right bezel, They are not very noticeable only under light. Very tiny, I left 2 voicemails for the woman who was helping me from executive relations, but she has not called me back. Im just gonna keep it since its not so bad. Its the best one ive had so far.

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    I too only had exhange my black 64GB once and can't understand why anyone should accept a damaged product sold as a brand new item no matter what it is. This however when you consider the hype machine upon release of a new iphone this is simply one the biggest own goals Apple could have scored. I think there are factors which have impacted on Apple and the ramificaitons were felt.


    1. Scuffs out of the box which is the explained to the customer as normal wear and tear ( methinks we know what everyone thinks about this ! The explanation about " normal wear and tear" was ill advised simple as that.
    2. The maps fiasco , yes it may not have affected everyone but yet Mr Cook issued and apology and the fallout from this claimed a big scalp .
    3. The appointment of a Dixons retail supremo again ill advised which again resulted in another person using the Apple exit door ! The Dixons ethos and Apples normal excellent customer care are worlds apart.
    4. Quality control seems to have taken a back step , again not good .


    I'm not sure about the share price dropping , this could be down to the recent election but again not good. There is competition out there and just like any other business if you don't look after your customers , somebody else will, simple as that hence the recent changes at the top end. If there are any more instances of damaged unused goods , arrogant statements , poor customer treatment then Apple will start to feel the wrath of it's customer base which is something no company should ever under estimate. A good repuatation is not easy to achieve and hard maintain but so easy to destroy . Lets just see what happens over the coming months .

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    Here I am again, at yet another Apple store picking up and promptly returning a 64 Gig AT&amp;T iPhone 5. Out of the box it had no dents or scratches. It wasn't rattling from the inside. BUT, the power button was rattling! **** it. I'm gonna wait until December to try again or wait until the 5S comes out. Whatever comes first. For some reason most of my friends who've bought an iPhone 5 haven't had issues, they're the Verizon versions. Wonder if the AT&amp;T ones are just more prone to these issues. My friend put it best after I told him how many times I've attempted to buy an iPhone 5: "Wow, what happened to Apple's quality control staff? Did they get burried with Steve Jobs, like servants with Pharoahs?"

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    I am pretty sure that the iPad Mini is anodized just like the iPhone. I bought a Note 2 yesterday, and after using it for a while I am positive that I want to try and get an acceptable iPhone 5. The Note 2 is nice, but Android just doesn't feel as clean as iOS. Making the return today, and once my upgrade is reset I am going to try again with the in store pickup at the Apple store. The customer relations guy I spoke to told me if I bought another iPhone he would personally handle any issues. There is obviously hope, given that the Minis are flawless (in my case anyway).

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    The best thing to do is return the iPhone 5 and wait.   When Apple sees iPhones sitting on shelves and not moving this will wake them up!  Do not settle for scratches, scuffs, dents or chips out of box!  This is a NEW device and it should be NEW out of box.  Phil stated that this is normal... normal for wear and tear... not normal for new!   Hearing comments come out of his mouth as such makes me laugh and makes me think that much less of Apple.  He is trying to cover up Apple from being sued.  I will never believe Apple's over hyped marketing campaign and one thing is for certain... I will never buy a new product from Apple until at least 30 days after!

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