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  • CKB85 Level 1 (0 points)

    No I only put the case on once... And never took it off cuz I was scared lol. But the scratches are by the speakers, vol buttons and top, everywhere the case does not cover. But I haven't dropped it, hit it, or even put it in my pocket. I have been super careful and there are still scratches showing up. It took a long time because I wanted black but noticed they all had scratches and then was gonna go with white but they told me it was just a bad batch and to go with black.

  • silverbullet12683 Level 1 (0 points)

    A sadder fact my first iPhone 5 was dented and had a dead headphone jack luckily I was still within my 14 return policy so onto my second one which was flawless out of the box it wasn't more than one second out of the box that it went right into a full drop proof case which my 4 did to when I got it end results are this both phones have scratches on them so whether you put them in a case or not they will still end up scratched true a case cuts down on the abuse but you will still have scratches if its going to get used the results are its going to get scratched it happens to paint a better picture of quality I have a 6 year old car that is flawless my not even two month old phone has 3 scratches on it bottom line nothing is scratch proof the remedy it just deal with it

  • Ronald van der Meer Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. Today i've unboxed a brand new iphone5 just to find out it had a scuff on the side. Returned it because I really have doubts on the long term quality of the product. If only the assemble can cause such damage daily usage would most likely scuff the complete phone within a short period of time.


    I've also seen an used iphone today that was used carefully and already had small scratches on the chamfer and the chamfered edges.


    I think i'll be waiting for the new iphone 6 with a complete new design. lets hope its a little more robust and daily use proof. 


    @Apple: please take in consideration that we like a good looking phone but we should also be able to simple use it as a phone. Not like jewelery that can be scratched easily .

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    Does Apple or Apple Support have a Twitter account?

    If it does - bombard it with these messages or URLs to them.

    I can't believe they think it's proper, to have a phone that is so easily marked, considering they are kept in pockets, put on desks etc.

    You could easily pop it in your pocket and forget there is one coin in there - from the sound of it, that one could could damage your phone's appearance forever.


    I've driven my car down many gravel tracks, and have no dents or marks on it.

    Surely the paintwork on an expensive phone should be as good.


    The new phone launched this week has a softfeel backing.  Maybe they should have considered that?

  • BenAvi Level 1 (0 points)

    I just buyed an iphone 5 few days ago from an IT store in my town ( i live in Israel) and i cheked togheter with the seller if everything is ok no scuffs , dents etc...everything seemed to be ok but yesterday i noticed a dent on the back side in the area of joint between the glass and aluminium, the dent is on the glass and its prty visible. My question is if the seller is suposed to change it for this reason ...( excuse my english)

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    Can I please ask, has anyone else found the iPhone 5 a very slippery phone to hold, specially when reaching ur thumb 'higher' to hit the back button in emails etc?


    I used one at the weekend.  And someone with me who has the 4S, used the '5', and she also nearly dropped the phone but just doing what she often does easily with her phone.


    I held it, went to use the back link, and it slide right through my fingers/palm, and thankfully it was held by a cord or it would have his the floor of the Apple store.


    I then held it lightly, and it slid.  I held it as hold my own phone (not an Apple device).


    She did the same, but it was mostly when holding with one hand and moving thumb about, she lost grip.  Partly she said coz it is thinner, and because the feel of it is very slippery.

  • Ronald van der Meer Level 1 (0 points)

    In which way is that related to the subject of this thread?


    Apple's logo is an apple with a bite out of it... did anyone else noticed that as well? ;-)

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    This thread is about the casing.  My comment is about the casing.


    Not about apples.

  • Ronald van der Meer Level 1 (0 points)

    In my opinion this thread is about owners that just bought a new iphone and discovered dents/scratched when unboxing. Not about the casing being slippery.


    By the way: apple's official response on your question: you're just holding it wrong :-) (referring to antenna and lensflare gate)

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    That response has nothing to do with how slippery it is, nor with someone who has had a 4S for well over a year, never dropped it, and nearly dropped the '5' saying "man that's slippery".


    This is - I think - about the case, and how it scratches too easily, and dents.  And yes, how finding these nicks when taking them out of the box.  But generally it is about the casing.


    I just wondered, from those who are already disgruntled at the case "design?", if they have also found them slippery.  Basically... going to those who already have issues, to find out if they have this issue too.


    I don't think you can hold a phone wrong, as they are no "instructions" on how to hold it!  ARE THERE?

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    That said, I just read this, so perhaps my view is in the minority:



    ps  hope I am allowed to post a URL to elsewhere.  If not, I apologise and accept it may be deleted.

  • beatz Level 4 (1,500 points)

    Mine was perfect out of the box. After a month of normal use it was still perfect apart from one big dent on the bezel. Now my phone is unique. And will customise itself naturally. If I decide I want to sell it and scratches are really an issue, then I will replace the back. I seriously recommend a case for those who wish to preserve their phones scratch free. The black one does Indeed make any scuffs look pretty obvious. It's true this phone doesn't age as well as iPhone 4, but who knows it may look cool all scuffed up. Whatever, I won't let a small scuff hinder the pleasure this device procures.

  • Mr.TBD Level 1 (0 points)

    I got my iPhone 5 on 2/3/13. I do not have and major scuffs, scratches or dings on my phone. I do however have a small scuff on the back of the phone (looks like a white dot). I decided to live with it as they'd probably think I'm nuts returning the phone for a small scuff. Plus, I have no sratches on the back of the phone, my screen is in perfect condition, and the sides of the phone are perfect. I am worried about getting a phone that would be worse off than my current one. I am getting a case too, at that point I'll never know it is there.


    Here is a picture:


    Update: There is a very faint scratch on the back of the phone that can only been seeen when held up to direct light. Again, does not matter too much to me as I am getting a case. I figured I'd let people know that this is still an issue as of 2/3/13.

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    Should a new phone not be 'mint' though?

  • Mr.TBD Level 1 (0 points)

    It's hard to get anything 'mint' these days. I returned my first Microsoft Surface as it had air bubbles on the back of the device making it incredibly annoying to hold, the replacement had a faint dark circle on the screen but no air bubbles. I ended up keeping the replacement after applying pressure in a circular motion over the circle with a microfiber cloth causing it to go away.

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