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    Well whatever it is unforutnately it fades easily for the black. If you dont want a case on it then rock it without it. But very soon youll see that it wont stay in mint shape. It will scratch easily. Thats what makes the 4S better. You dont have to worry about it since its all glass. Just get screen protectors on both sides and it will always look new

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    Yes.  You buy the best, and then you have to cover it up.

    **** shame really.


    I agree that people put cases on to protect them from drops etc.  But not to protect it from marks from general use.  That is just crazy.


    I have a device with NO case, and it stays in a belt holster.  But does on my desk, or I use it in a normal way.  Never had a mark on it.  Yet it sounds like if I do this with a 5, it will.

  • Anthrax82 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Yeah its unfortunate, What device do you use currently?

  • simon_a6 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    BB Bold 9900.

    The starred bit was just a d*mn word btw.

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    I have the exact same problem, and I've noticed some nicks on the edges of my black iPad mini.  I take care of both of these devices extremely well. I reached someone at Apple's corporate executive relations department.  He asked for photos of my iPhone and iPad.  After making me wait 5 days, he called me back and told me that this is all "normal wear and tear".  I am very disappointed that Apple used such lousy materials to paint the edges of the iPhone and iPad mini, and then comes back and blames me for the problem!  It's a quality issue. I will not accept being told that this is all my fault, and that it's normal for Apple's products to look like crap after a short amount of time.  What are we do do?  Encase the iPhone inside of a reinforced steel box and never use it?


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    hi all,

    I am from india, i got an scuffed out of the box iphone 5 replaced yestterday,, and the new replaced phone has too many scufffs than the original phone which i replaced... what shud i do now??

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    I bought iPhone 5 yesterday from Orange/T-Mobile. It has a minor scratch on the top right corner of the screen. I contacted Apple Care and they said they'll replace one and you need to go to Apple Store or they'll arrange shipment. I have an appointment at Apple Store next Tuesday. But I'll go to store today to see if they cater me.

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    I just got my black iPhone on Saturday and have sinced noticed a few imperfections. One of them, the silver is clearly coming through. But none of them really bothers me enough to make me want to exchange it for yet ANOTHER imperfect device. I'm thinking people were making a bigger deal out of scuffgate than it really is. I've ordered a front a back screen protector and a bumper case and I'll leave it at that.

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    I have had my iphone since the end of november and got it damaged out of the box, i got it as a gift so i dont have the reciept, but i was wondering if i took it to apple would they replace it even though ive had the phone for 5 months ? Has anybody done this? Thanks !

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    Damaged right out of the box...five months ago?  Apple won't help you.

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    Well apple seems to not take customer satifcation seriously.... ive got scuffed phones 3 times in the replcaments they gave me... well people i would suggest to stick to the phone you get and later trade it for another iphone (5s or 6)

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    Got my black iPhone 5 "free" at ATT with a $200 trade in offer for my 4S which was flawless.  I had front and back screen protectors on the 4S.  OK, the associate at ATT was real nice and he convinced me that he could do a great job applying the Moshi screen protector on the 5.  But he placed the phone on the hard counter and moved the phone back and forth and I could hear the back of the phone making contact with the counter.  I never have ever placed my iPhones "naked" on a surface-have always used a microfiber cloth. Today,24 hours later, I took my phone out of the case to inspect it and the black glass bottom section has two scratches.  I don't know if they came like that out of the box or if it haend at the tore.  They're small but I have OCD with iPhones.  Don't know what to do.  ATT doesn't take returns on cosmetic issues.  But, I didn't do it!

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    Mine is ONE day old.  I wonder if I should just take it to the Apple Store even though I got it from ATT.  I'm a good customer.  I got my iMac, my MBP, my Airport extreme, software, cables, Apple TV, etc etc etc etc fanboy addict

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    Called AppleCare since ATT states returns even in the first thirty days go to Apple.  Two reasons: the battery is horrible. I tried everything: switching from LTE to WIFI and back to LTE, pressing menu button 2X to clear out open apps.  The thing depletes in 3 hours if I use it for anything other than answering a phone call.  In fact, the battery depletes just by sitting and doing nothing.  Yesterday, I had to fuly charge it 3X.  I will not accept a reconditoned replacement for a brand new phone.  I called ATT and they were nice.  They said if Apple will not swap for a new one to come back to them and they'll help me out.  New iPhone must have decent battery and zero cosmetic issues.

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    Discussed issues with ATT and was advised to present the problem at my Apple Store and if they couldn't resolve it to my liking to come back and I would be helped.  The Apple Store confirmed that the battery wasn't right and did see a scratch. I was told that they could offer me a remanufactured iPhone 5 but I wasn't happy with that solution.  He stated that if I had purchased the phone from the Apple Store, I would have qualified for a brand new replacment and suggested I go back to ATT, whioch I did.  I was very well treated by both Apple and ATT.  I received a perfect new iPhone 5 today.  Kudos to ATT and Apple.