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  • Darrell Jackson Level 1 (40 points)

    i just emailed Tim Cook about this issue and I gave him a link to this thread don't know what good it's going to do but at least it's a start.

  • Geckoking Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok walked in apple store and walked out with exchange for white.  Done in 5 min.. They are aware of problem.  Thank god they had 16gb white instock.  All blacks are sold out.

  • MalkoRussia Level 1 (0 points)

    And i'm subscribe to it. The new black IPhone 5 form Hong-Kong Apple Store was already scratched when we - me and my friend - open the box. This phone was bought by my friend and we're very upset. I was going to purchase your new device next week, but now i'm not sure i really want it.


    I have been faithful to your company for a long time and I like the Apple approach, my IPhone 4 is a pretty out of date - it slows down, battery is working pretty bad and i was going to change my device to Iphone 5, but i think this problem is not match with the name of your company. I do not want to change IOS for Android or WP, but i can't get your new device because of this problem, but i believe that you'll be able to find a good solution though for new devices, but time is critical - i'm sure that there a lot people with a similar issue and certainly piece of them are not as loyal as me.


    Russian mobile market is unstable, so if the problem persists Apple can lose a leadership here.


    Good luck, Alexei from Moscow, Russia.

  • djamil Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm glad I'm not alone.

    As I took mine out of the box I didn't carefully inspect the iPhone but during the 15-30 minutes after spent for the whole syncing etc, I noticed a little scuff on the frame that reveals the silver aluminum.

    I couldn't believe I did it because I was so carefull managing this jewel in my hands and the only time it touched a surface was on the back when I carefully put it down flat.


    I'm not even sure it's worth the trouble of going through the exchange process as it's so minor, although it's rather ugly to see and annoying since it wasn't me causing it!

  • Darrell Jackson Level 1 (40 points)

    I just made a apponitment tomorrow at the genius bar i'll let you guys know how it went

  • Kinst Level 1 (75 points)


    Do not make an illusions.

    Nobody from apple reads this forum. We are talking with each other and that's it.

    Russia for Apple is just a bit more than nothing. Officially it was sold about 200 000 iPhones in Russia, comparing with 224 000 000 units worldwide it is almost nothing.

    iPhone never been a leader in Russia and never will be a leader because of greedy and stupid sales policy of official sellers. I bought my one for totally 200 euros with monthly payments along 2 years. No competitors with this combination of iPhone great design and its price. But in Russia with the price of 1000 euro. 


    So I would advise to wait until 28 of September and to buy in Europe.

  • MalkoRussia Level 1 (0 points)

    It was my first post and i didn't know how all this system works, but i don't agree with you - IOS (Iphones & Ipads) is very popular in our country, in my experience there are a lot of Apple devices (Much of them is not official of course), but in central Russia as i can see IOS unquestionably wins in the tablet market and has about 50% of the phone market.


    But i agree with you about stupid policy of our premium Apple resellers, for example Re-Store. In Russia price of the Iphone 5 16 Gb is now about 70,000 rubles, it is about 2,300 USD! In China it costs about 800 USD and i think that it's a fair price, but only for qualitative device, the new Iphone because of this bug is ill-suited to this category. And i don't to purchase pretty expensive device with so big and nasty flow. I still hope that this bug will be fixed by company in the future, so i'll can change my IPhone 4 to the new IPhone.


    So let's finish our off-topic chat, if you want to continue it, my email is

  • iPhoNettie Level 2 (290 points)

    THANK YOU!!   That makes me feel better. 

  • iPhoNettie Level 2 (290 points)

    I have the white and have no scuffs or scratches on the back.  I immediately went and got a protector put on to keep it that way. 

  • Mrimmx Level 1 (0 points)

    Just to throw my hat in the ring too, three small scratches when I took it out of the box!


    It's not what I'd expect from a £50 phone, so for a £600 phone I'm disgusted! Genius appointment booked for Thursday, but I may pop in Monday to see!

  • joff81 Level 1 (0 points)

    well just to add my case to everyone.


    i picked my new iphone 5 up from my local Three store yesterday and noticed a nick on the bottom right where the antenna join is. after seeing that i was rather annoyed and started to look closer over the phone, with this i found 5 nicks or scuffs over the antenna band which is was not happy about.


    i rang the Three store who told me it was a cosmetic issue and as such not for them to swap and to get in touch with apple. after that phone call my sim micro sim was deactivated so i had to activate my scratched iphone 5 to recieve and make calls. i transferred all my data via icloud and after that had another good look at my iphone 5 and found another 4 -5  nicks or chips out of the side of the slate coloured aluminium back where the chamfered edge meets the aloy unibody back.


    i emailed apple for support this morning and recieved a call this afternoon. the guy from apple stated that they had recieved a few calls today about the same issue and its seems to be a manufacturing defect ans that my phone can be swapped and my options were :-


    1. take the phone to an apple store and give the case number to a person at the genius bar and it will be swapped no problem.


    2. apple can send a replacement but want my credit/debit card number to charge a £529 deposit in case i dont give the courrier my old phone.


    3. take it back to the Three store with my apple case number and if they have any issues swapping it they have to contact apple and quote the apple case number.


    i rang my local Three store back and told them what apple had said and they backed down a little as apple wrere involved now im waiting for the three store manager to ring me tomorrow as they dont have any stock to discuss what we are going to do about this issue.


    this is my 2nd apple device and the first time ive had any issues and have to say im really dissapointed in the hasstle its taking to get my phone replaced, sure i understand that i live about an hour from an apple store and dont have any personal transport at the moment but to demand £529 for a deposit is crazy and something i was not willing to do. if it was one or 2 tiny nicks i could live with it sure i shouldnt have to but i could but t ohave as many as it does is totally unacceptable.  hopefully my Three store will sort the problem and offer me a replacement once they get stock but in the mean time im stuck with a damaged handset that i did not damage.

  • joojooyah Level 1 (0 points)

    i just called Apple and the representative just gave me a case number and said I could make an appointment at the Genius Bar.  She told me they haven't been getting complaints about scratches and dents...?

  • appleiluv Level 1 (20 points)

    Okay, so I'm being taken care of really well. My sugestion to you guys: call Apple. They are now aware that this is a widespread issue and are taking care of and replacing iPhones.


    My replacement is being shipped out on Monday and will arrive by Wednesday (a brand new factory sealed iPhone 5 64gb black). I'm more hopeful about this one since the supervisor told me it is coming from Apple in California.


    The supervisor will also be calling me on Wednesday when my phone is due to arrive so that she can assure the replacement was satisfactory, and if not she said she will send me new ones until I get the right one.


    Great customer service.

  • kyleinhawaii Level 1 (0 points)

    You got different service than I did. I was told no way to send in a replacement. I could return the phone but need to go to an apple store if I wanted it exchanged. I'm planning on waiting a week to see if they get any in stock to replace.

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