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    I assume you mean he was harsh to me.

  • bandit Level 3 (870 points)

    Yes, sorry. I just cant multi task anymore.

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    I really appreciate your know-it-all attitude.  Really, thanks for helping me.

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    Get off your horse.

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    I'm on the horse, yet you are the one telling me with absolute certainty what my real issue is.  Please................


    Since, you are such an expert on defective Iphone5's, can you explain to me why my phone had chips/scratches on it when I opened the box?  The dust or crack on the inside of my camera lens?  The speakers' fading in and out, and the static I hear from it?  Maybe something is wrong with my eyes and ears and I am just hallucinating?

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    Hello Enjy,


    First please take a deep breath and know Your Not Alone and You are Not Hallucinating. There are many things not right with Apple at this point and since most Apple Customers have an emotional attachment to their devices, including Myself, there are Many Apologists that are suffering from Apple's Reality Distortion Field. Call the store You bought it at and take it back for an Exchange or Return, just be warned that like any electronic device it is prone too software bugs and hardware glitches so You might endure other problems if You decide to exchange it for another 5, especially considering the Extra Scrutiny it will be under too regain Your trust. Not One Person here, unless Apple Corporate are trolling this thread, have any ideas past the limited info we are privy to second hand through media or leakers what the heck is going on. If others have the luxury of living dis-satisfied with the tools of our trade based solely on a group mind mentality, well good luck with that, it sounds like You respect Yourself more than those sheeple. Bottom line, probably time to THINK DIFFERENT.


    *I'm so not a Windows person but I am interested in a hands on demo with the new Nokia 920, especially the camera, because Nokia is hungry like Apple used too be so chances are the 920 should be top notch build quality but that, of course, remains to be seen.

    Best & Be Well, Stu


    just found this discussion about the loose screw sound...


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    UPDATE: Got my replacement iPhone 5 today from Apple online store and it came in a new iPhone 5 box with everything the earpods,USB cable etc.., I was surprise because some of you that posted here has received just a white box with the phone only and after two tries i finally got a perfect iPhone 5


    Can you give me the contact info to the senior advisor who helped you achieve this? I know they're required to give you their contact info whether you want it or not.


    The two I spoke to today were complete ******* idiots. The first one told me to drive 350 miles to the New Orleans Apple store and try my luck there. The second one told me I'm "refusing" his option of getting a replacement phone because I won't let him put a $450 hold on my bank account. I DON'T HAVE $450 IN MY ACCOUNT FOR YOU TO PUT ON HOLD, APPLE. I ALREADY GAVE YOU $450. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HAVE $900 IN TOTAL TO GET WHAT I PAID FOR. I'M NOT "REFUSING" ANYTHING. I SIMPLY DON'T HAVE THE ******* MONEY TO PLAY YOUR GAMES. GIVE ME WHAT I PAID FOR. YOU HAVE MY MONEY, WHILE I DON'T HAVE WHAT I PAID FOR.


    He eventually placed me on hold for 45 minutes and then the phone call just abruptly ended. I'm so ******* over this you have no idea.

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    If you don't want them to put a hold on your credit card, just have them Process the return. They will send you a prepaid shipping label via email. After Apple receives your Defective unit, they will send you back a new unit as a replacement. Good luck.

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    Already did that last week. I had to go a week without a phone, and the one they send you is NOT new.


    It was full of scratches, swiping through apps on the homescreen was laggy, and it was incapable of reading my SIM card, even Sprint couldn't figure it out. It also came with a lengthy pamphlet about their "repair" process, so "new" device my ***!!! Anything less than a brand new box with earpods and a lightning cable in shrink wrap is an absolutely slap in the face from Apple. And the fact that they want to hold $450 of MY money when they already have $450 of MY money..are you SERIOUS? I don't have time for these games. I'm past Sprint's 14 day "grace period" and they won't let me return my phone. I'm now STUCK with this phone with blown out speakers. I couldn't even sell this on craigslist if I wanted.


    I made the switch from Android after 2 years of an HTC Evo (yuck!) expecting to get what I paid for. Boy was I mistaken.

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    Wow sorry to hear your situation. I'm expecting my return this Wednesday. I can tell you that my company swapped out a phone via mail recently and the unit was in perfect condition so I know it's possible and seems to be getting better. We can at least see from the news that apple is raising the issue with Foxconn.


    I'll post up how my experience goes when I get the phone Wednesday.


    Good luck with your exchange. Once you get through this exchange, think the iPhone 5 will be worth the switch you made.

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    Hi everyone.


    I'm from liverpool , uk.  I had to exchange my first iPhone 5 due to it being chipped and power button rather loose and clicky.  I'm glad I haven't been alone. 


    Some advise... I got my replacement and the buttons were a lot sturdier and no chipped edges....found miniscule flakiness around like the edge of speakers and headphone jack, but not like very noticeable.  Anyhow when I got it home and switched it on I found a spec of dust under the front screen. Small but driving me mad. I have contacted O2, and they said they would re email apple in hope that I be third time lucky.  All I want to know I being mad, should I try swop again..??


    Kind regards

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    I am also from Liverpool UK and am on my third iPhone 5!


    The first one had touch screen issues which they replaced with a service part which had marks on it. All three that we opened had marks and I was told to pick the best of a bad bunch!


    As a result I left some feedback on a survey I was asked to complete and was then contacted by the store manager who said they would like to put things right.


    So...... I went back in as microphone kept failing. They said they would help me this time.... Did they f***. Three phones got opened and all had flaws.  Was told by the genius that he " loathed" to open another one. Whilst this was happening there was a customer in the middle of the store shouting at the top of his voice about the manner in which he was being spoken to and that he was a professional business man and was not prepared to be spoken to as if he was stupid. This man was allowed to leave the store extremely upset!


    So I have a phone with two chips that I am not happy with. Apple have my money and have basically stuck their middle finger up to a customer that spends a vast amount of money in there throughout the year.


    I have never experienced such poor customer service from apple ever. I have always used them as an example in business meetings for their level of customer service and how other companies could use them as an example to strive towards. Clearly this has changed and am genuinely dis heartened by their lack of compassion and professionalism.


    This issue is not going to just go away overnight and the arrogance should be dropped and some manners adopted by at least recognising people's issues with the strong investment they have placed in this company.

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    Omg that's awful.. And is that the liverpool 1 store.??


    I mean yours sounds worse compared to my spec of dust under the glass etc.. But ya right we spend a **** of a lot of money and they should be spot on.


    I just have to hope apple will send O2 Aintree another exchange for me... If its worse I will expect another one to be sent out.


    And is that it, ya stuck with that handset now?!

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