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    Hi people ordered my iPhone 5 from apple store online in the uk very excited to get it on Friday. when it came got it out the box and first thing I saw, was a little tiny black bit of grit basically in between the glass and the very edge of the screen, it looked as if I could slide a bit of paper in at the edge and flick it out,but the glass is so tight to the white edge bezel no chance of getting it out, so that was the first thing I saw not good.

    So after that I thought better inspect the thing, now the next thing a noticed was around the metal band where the screen must fix into, around that area is a couple of scuffs seems like when they pop the screen into the band whatever tool they use must of dented it ever so slightly,but it's enough to see when you hold the 5 back and look at all the glory that is the 5 but then you see these little nicks around the edges that really do spoil it and make it look as if some android user has had the phone before I got it and though right lets just scuff it here and here. So by this point I thought great my 5's a raggy doll. but NO! reports came flooding in that I'm not alone! So on my way round to the back of the 5 I was thinking Do I really want to turn over and see what sort of damage is on the back (sweating at tis point)

    I looked at the metal back and the mirrored bezel that chamfers all the way around has also got nicks in it only two on my white model but still this can't be right I thought. Then again ,more and more people started to say onlin About the same thing. So here's my theory


    When it comes to the machining part of the unibody design, just look at all the tiny bits of metal shards flying about over the phone, I think it's there machines not spraying enough liquid on to the phone, as its cutting to wash away the bits and there causing little scuffs and nicks over the 5's. Also because they making so many every day,the drill that's cutting at these parts wears away, and the not so sharp cut phones, the ones we've all got have the marks on, because the drills and blades are not sharp enough this needs SORTING PRONTO!

    So anyway I got my 5 out and though sod it apple are not going to have any replacements available for months. So I've put up with my marks but some I've seen are real bad. I really hope apple will look into this because people are spending a lot of cash for theses phones, yeah they look great BUT  it's up to us when and how we scratch our phones not when they come out of a sealed box from the factory. The more you use your nice shiny new 5 and see the scuffs you think yeah there not so bad. But then the inner iDemon says look there they are look at all those nicks and marks looks like a used phone already and it bugs the **** out of you.

    So be wary apple fans out there if your thinking of buying one think twice before you make you decision

    And hopefully apple will help all us Disgruntled buyers and have an explanation for all of this.

    peace out people  thanks for reading

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         I received my white 32GB iPhone 5 yesterday and have a couple of notes to make.  I noticed two scratches/cuts/nicks on the "exquisite chamfer" below the home button.  One cut was just left of center, on the front side of the device.  The other cut is at the bottom right corner, also on the beveled edge on the front of the device


         Additionaly, the home button is "tilted", my other iDevices have a home button flush with the face of the device, however the left side of the home button on this iPhone 5 is distinctly lower than the right side, causing an upward slope from left to right. The right side of the button remains level with the face of the phone, and although the button still functions, I fear it will collect oil from my finger and then collect dust/lint while inside my pocket.  Although these might sound like little issues to complain about, I feel that Apple has marketed this product in a way that enables the customer to EXPECT perfection. "The iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch - not a smartphone."


         I called Apple customer support last night and the representative suggested that I contact the nearest Apple store to see if they have a replacement in stock.  The customer service through this has been exceptional, and I hope I will receive an iPhone 5 matching the product description in Apple's marketing materials.

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    It seems Apple and Foxconn has rushed into the design process.  They went on to saying it was 'amazing' 'best iPhone yet' 'a finish like no other smartphone' during the keynote to just  hype up the product.  I do not believe their marketing anymore.  Now people are expecting that level of quality and Apple must deliver.  If your unit has any scuffs, scratches or knicks, bring it back to the Apple store!  Do not settle for a case!  You paid top dollars of your hard earned money.  I will be brining my back today and if I do not get one that does not have a  scratch, scuff or knick on opening, I will be going to Samsung Galaxy SIII.


    The news channels are now reporting this problem... Tim Cook is going to have a headache with Foxconn on Monday!  They can report millions of units sold, but I am now convinced a large percentage of those has issues from the factory!

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    I've just been into the apple store at Westfield, and they said I had to take it up with O2 as I got my phone from my network!


    Not happy!

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    Simply call OZ and complain to the them.... contact Apple care and request a refund!  Apple store should have dealt with it on the spot! 

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    Well just an update on my situation. After giving my local Three store my apple case number yesterday the manager rang me back today to confirm apple have confirmed a replacement needs to be issued. The manager of my local three store said as soon as stock arrives I can have a replacement but stock won't be arriving until the week starting October 3rd.


    So I now have a 10-14 days wait until I can get my iPhone 5 replaced by my local three store or its take an hour trip to an apple store but according to apple CS yesterday my local apple store won't have stock until the end of next week anyway.


    Oh we'll in the meantime the manager in my local Three store said I can continue to use my current iPhone 5 until my new one come in stock.

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    These all infromations about scars are just lies.


    All of these posts are created by the Android fanboys. Thanks for the nice show guys... keep playing with your Galaxis 3.


    Keep your chin up.



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    I can promise you I am not a fanboy.... Of Android or Apple for that matter.  What I am a fan of is getting what you pay for... Not a brand new phone that looks like you have already owned it for six months.  Please don't really believe that all these people would waste that much time.

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    You know, it's funny, but when I saw images of the 'issue', my immediate reaction was 'fabricated'!  Since then, I've discovered that the images of iPhones that had been 'circulated' were images of iPhones that had been 'attacked!


    I guess lots of people'believe' what they hear/see without first experiencing for themselves?

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    I dont need promises. I had a lot of good impressions about Apple product.


    These informations are based on nothing


    On the next weekend I will buy my phone and I will let you know (here) about my experience.

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    The information is not "based on nothing"... I am on my 3rd iPhone 5.  The first one only half the screen worked.  The second, which I never left the apple store with because the guy at the genius bar opened it, and said, "wow... I can't believe how beat up this is... I'm sorry, let me get you another one".  And the 3rd looks and works great.  Again, don't you think people have better things to do than make up problems with their new phones so they can post about them?

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    I got the 64GB Black iPhone yesterday and noticed some scuff marks next to the Apple logo and a couple on the bottom. I was willing to let those go. But this morning I removed the iPhone case from the phone and it created scuff marks around the band of the phone. Very noticeable that it removed anondized treatment.


    I called AppleCare and they told me to schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar. Got an appt for Monday night. Hopefully they replace the phone -- considering how much money I've spent with them in the past.


    Will update once I meet with AppleCare.

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    Angry workers in Foxconn made those scuffed marks. They are underpaid.

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    09/21 - iPhone 5 16GB C3 factory. I am waiting for Apple's statement.

    Bildschirmfoto 2012-09-23 um 17.31.20.png

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