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    I can be added to the list. My issue was not proximate to the purchase of the phone, as I have had it for about a year with no issues. I am patiently awaiting the release of iOS 7 so I have not had any software updates recently, and all of the sudden I started getting the NO SIM CARD INSTALLED error. It works for short periods of time when rebooted, but I am going to clean with alcohol and possible try the tape fix to ensure this does not keep happening.

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    Same thing here. Abandoned my 9 yr old Nokia. Got a brand new unlocked i-phone 5 at Apple store one month ago in MA. Chose T-Mobile and everything was working OK, at least until last night. Woke up this morning and "no sim". I hadn't had much coverage inside my home before, but I'd never seen this message so I went outside. Same thing. Someone suggested the weather, heavy clouds. Siri would not confirm. Siri contnues to tell me she is sorry but currently not available. Now I read (through my computer) that this is happening and people are sent to Apple from service provider and vice versa. Are Apple products going down after Jobs?? I am disappointed. Wake up Siri! Any ideas anyone?

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    Siri doesn't work unless you have an internet connection. Connect to WiFi and she'll talk to you.


    Get a replacement nanoSIM from T-Mobile and see if that fixes your problem. Also, if you already had poor coverage their may be a problem with a repeater in your area, report it to T-Mobile.


    And if those things don't work use your warranty and get your iPhone replaced. Do keep in mind if you have marginal coverage where you live you will probably experience periodic problems.

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    I have been battling this issue too.  Got my Verizon iphone 5 64gb back in October/November of 2012. After a few months I got the No Sim error a few times and a restart fixed it.  Then it got to where nothing would fix the issue. Even after a restore, still "No Sim". Cleaning it didn't work either. 


    Verizon replaced my sim and it worked fine until rececently.  For the past few months I will periodically look at my phone and it will have the "No Sim" on the top left.  A shut down and restart fixes it for now. It's happening about once a week or two. Very random. 


    Maybe nano sims are crap?   I'll probably go into Verizon and get another new sim.  I guess it could be the phone, but I'm leaning toward the sim cards going bad since a new sim seems to always fix the issue.  Only read a few posts online where a new sim didn't fix it, but who knows?  I have a friend on Sprint who's never had the issue with his and two other buddies on Verizon who have never had the issue.  Makes me wonder what I am doing that could cause this issue?  

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    Two days after I bought my iphone 5 when I started having the same problem. It was January and its now September and I still get the same problem after updating to IOS 7. I'm scheduled Tuesday 9/24 and let's see what Apple has instore for me before my warranty expires. Note: I've waited long enough because it fixes the problem whenever I reinstall my sim but who knows it might get worst after warranty.

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    I just got an iPhone 5S 32GB about 5 days ago and keep getting the "No sim card installed" message with both iOS 7.0.0 and 7.0.1.  Sometimes it only happens once and fixes itself within seconds and doesn't happen for another 24 hours.  Other times it happens every 3-4 minutes continuously for a couple of hours.


    I'm not sure if it's related but on one occasion my phone didn't seem to have any service at all.  Someone tried to call and it went to VM.  They emailed me and I tried to call back but the call hung for a few minutes and I couldn't get rid of it.  I had to power-cycle, and then it worked fine.


    It just updated to 7.0.2 today and still have the same problem.


    I'm heading to the Sprint store tomorrow to try to get a replacement and will see how that goes.

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    I have my iPhone 5 for about 8 months now. Until last week, I only had this issue for 2 or 3 times and could solve it by powering off and on again. 2 weeks ago upgraded to 7.01 and few days ago to 7.02.

    Now it is my all day problem. NO SIM , powering off and on again, SIM back but few minutes later NO SIM again. The SIM card never changed, nor did the phone. iOS did change. Could there be the  relationship?

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    I've had my phone since December of 2012.  Just starting this weekend (9 months later) it has started doing the No Sim error.  Restarting the phone works, temporarily but I think I'm going to be making a trip to AT&T to get a new Sim if this problem keeps up.  Just weird that it happened after 9 months and not right away.  Didn't happen right way even after iOS 7 updates. 

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    Problem seems solved.

    I took out the SIM, sprayed some eye-glasses cleaner, rubbed it dry on my clean shirt and put it back in. By the way, without powering off the iPhone. Once in place again. the iPhone found the SIM and up yo now works fine. (Before it would last only some minutes before the NO SIM error appeared......)


    If the problem might return, I will let you know.

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    I've written this several times but since the thread is long, here is THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM again.




    1. Remove the sim card.

    2. Get a clean pencil eraser on a pencil. A new pencil is best.

    3. "Erase" the contact surfaces of the sim card just like you'd make an erasure on paper while the card is on a sturdy table.

    4. Clean all of the eraser debris off, then wipe gently clean with a soft cloth (microfiber is best but don't obsess). Don't touch the contacts with your oily fingers.


    The sim card isn't faulty, and neither is the phone. There is simply manufacturing residue on the contact surfaces that this process will remove.


    5. Replace the card and enjoy your phone.



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    This may have worked for you, but it didn't work for me on the sim that I had replaced at verizon. I tried everything that was available on the internet to no avail.  Even the eraser.  Sounds good in theory though and I'm glad it worked for you.  I haven't had the issue since I updated to 7.0.2, but it's probably coincidence. Sure it will happen again.


    I have thought about taking it into Apple, but I don't want a refurb.  If the problem persists that may be my only option.  I travel a lot and it would **** to get stuck in another city with no service. 


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    I had the same problem and tried the physical solutions described (turning phone off/on, ejecting sim card, cleaning, etc) and nothing helped.


    My coworker saved the day by doing the following:


    1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


    He said that sometimes the iPhone has issues switching between cell towers and that can cause the card to get corrupted. I'm not sure if that's true, but resetting the Network Setings resolved the issue.


    NOTE: You will lose all saved passwords for WIFI Networks by doing this. Though, you just need to enter them again when on the WIFI network.

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    Did I type a curse word in my post?  My bad if I did. Totally unintentional. 

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    I've had the same issue with my Verizon iPhone 5.  I've had the device since launch but the problem didn't start until a couple months ago.  power cycling the phone brings it back.  I've also done the pull out the sim card trick.  I'm running 7.02 and poof last night no sim card only rebooted and this AM it happened again.  I pulled the sim card but didn't clean it just reseated it yet again.  It'd been a month or so since the last episode.  Waiting for the iPhone 6.  Has replaceing the sim card really worked?

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