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I have done a soft reset and and restore. Apple tells me to pay $600 to get a phone replacement shipped to me then return my old phone and once they have it will be refunded. I am not made of money. They tell me to got to a apple store. The Store is over 200 miles from me. They tell me to send my phone to them and some time around 10 days i will get it back. I use the for work, I have 248 customers that have this number and I don't have a land line for my customers to call. I am a mobile office.


Please tell me how to fix this

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
  • pissed_off_customer Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    any one had this issue

  • pissed_off_customer Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey look im just asking what i can do to fix this. If you don't know please just click on "I have the same question" so maybe this will get answered.


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    This is probably a stupid question, but why do you have to have it turn off?  If you are going to have an iphone problem, that would be a good one to have.  It sounds like your top button on your phone is probably going bad.  Does it still cause your screen to go dark when hitting it once?

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    The phone will shutdown but will not stay off. And your right its not bad problem except when you are around medical equipment that requires you to have the phone turned off. Also when you are on a plan. These are requirements for my job.

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    Had the same issue. It got resovled when I did following steps: -

    1. Connect you iPhone via charging cable to your laptop.

    2. Now try to power off the phone (with the cable connected). It will power off completely and will not restart.

    3. In the Power off mode remove the cable from the phone.

    4. Now Power On the iPhone.

    5. Now try to power off again without connecting to the cable. It should stay powerd off and should not restart.


    Let me know if this works for you. Seems like a hardware software bug which gets reset by the above method..

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    That did not work for me.  The phone powers down when plugged in to the computer, but when I unplug it, it powers right back on, on it's own.  It will not stay off.

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    Well, I broke down and drove 200 plus miles to and apple store and they told me I had water damage. I will swear on my entire family that it was never dropped in water nor in the rain. I do run pandora while in the shower but the phone in on the bathroom counter top. And NOT in shower. So the only thing I can think of is humidity. Regaurdless thats what the apple store said. I had the phone for 3 weeks. There is a little white dot underneath the charger pin out if its white it has never gotton wet.  If its red then its been water damaged. Its really hard to see but if you look long enough with a flash light (LED light works better) than you will see it. The good news is they let me upgrade to apple care plus from the regular apple car and the "plus" covers water damage.

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    i did try this method and it worked until i restarted my iphone and tried to turn off again!

    my dot beneath the charger pin is white (not gotten wet).

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    Sounds like to me you are in "I got my iphone wet denial" haha...


    Anyway, I had this problem once. My wife ended up putting a pair of pants in the washer that had my phone in it! Amazingly after i figured out where it was I found it was on. I tried to to turn it off but it just wouldn't stay off. I immediately went in settings to turn on airplane mode so I didn't receive any calls..


    Since I don't have the replacement plan I kept the phone. My wife told me about a trick with rice (yes, rice. regular cooking rice) where you put your phone, or any electronic device for that matter in it and let it sit for about 24hrs. That will remove any water, or condensation from the internals of the device.


    So, being the skeptic that I am I laughed and said "whatever".. Put my iphone in a sandwich bag, filled up the the bag about halfway with rice and let it sit over night.


    Next morning phone turns off, stays off and problem resolved. My wife of course had to rub it in my face that it did work!


    May, or may not work for you, hope it does.

    Good luck.

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    Well, Boxer Boss, it DID work for me!  I guess perhaps I was in "I-didn't-get-it-wet" denial. I knew about putting the phone in rice if it gets wet. But, I didn't think that was the problem. Thank you so much for posting!  And thank your wife too!


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    Your welcome! Good to hear that worked. Im in no way an iphone expert but I do work with electronics by trade. The way the iphone is so compact and internal motherboard is covered condensation can get trapped and linger in there for a while. That would easily cause circuits to short out and play havoc with many things!

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    hey!! it worked   thanks @shilpinm

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    Hello Hedel

    I am glad it worked but I believe this is not a permanant solution. The problem kept comming back to me and I ended up taking appointments with the Genius Bar who diagnoised my phone with their tools and gave me a replacement.  I would recommend making an appointment if it comes back. 

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    wow... that's crazy... good to know... thanks

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