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    I still have the 4S just because I always like to get the model after the release of a new model when the kinks have been worked out.  But anyway, I was warned by a friend to not update to 6.1.  It drains the battery horribly and you cannot go back to the previous version.  So, I am just patiently waiting to see if they fix the problem for everyone.  You are not alone at all, just wanted to let you know.

  • AppleProMate Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry may be you didn't get my point, what I meant is not to optimize the Apps, but to optimize the use for Apps. In other word keep any Apps running in the background closed. Thanks

  • Ca1eb Level 1 Level 1

    Never had to do that before you know

    Lets face it.whatever you do its all a temporary fix,and the battery still *****

    Why do we have to go to all that trobules about closing apps,dimming the screen,turn of location and set emails to something that is not good for me?

    It wouldev been a lot easyer if apple just got a bigger battery for the bloody thing

    On the other hand,the other day i made a call to apple,it lasted for an hour and it drained 20% of the battery on full 3G says that it should be 8 hrs talk over 3G.and even if is UP to 8hrs,its still far away from the truth

    They got the screen shots,lets see what they gonna come up with

    Im on my forth ip5,and they all behave the same

    You are probably some chap that just love apple,and willing to put a blind eye on those issues

    Go for a drive and see how far the satnav will take you.if u stuck in trafic,it will take you not further than 10 miles

    The phone is dissapointment in engenering aspect

    End of

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I've full charged and drained my iPhone5 four times since updating to 6.1 and my usage times have been: 7.5hrs, 7hrs, 6.5hrs, and 8.5hrs.   Which has definitely improved my usage, because since I got it in Sept, I VERY rarely got over 5hrs of usage, usually around 4hrs 45mins MAX.  The MOST I ever got before was just over 6hrs, which was ONE day out of the 150 plus I've owned the phone.  I ran the phone down to 1% each time I did this.  Here is my latest:



    I still highly recommend after updating to 6.1 that you run the phone to zero, leave it off for an hour, then charge it to full after.  Though I realize 6.1 probably won't be a fix for everyone, I've done a LOT of my own testing and I'm pretty convinced the bulk of the problem is in how it handles high speed 4G and LTE.  If you are in a bad area with low signal or high switching (Between 4G/LTE, which ever), then you will probably get lower life, but I've heard this is true for the Galaxy as well as other 4G/LTE phones.  The day I got 6.5hrs was when I used the phone heavily at work, which I have 2bars of LTE at my desk, but goes to 4G downstairs, then back to LTE depending on where I am around the building.  Where as my latest 8+ hrs was over the weekend where I was at home, where I have a rock solid 4G signal (no LTE) that rarely waivers.


    Don't get me wrong though, even though this has improved my situation, I'm still EXTREMELY sore and bitter about the whole situation and how it went down and the lack of admittance, knowledge, and compliance from Apple.  It has definitely tainted my opinion of the company and their products, and don't even get me started on how my iPad1 is no longer supported just TWO years after it's release!  Can't update it to iOS 6, so no more future updates or improvements for it, I might as well throw it in the trash I guess is what Apple is saying.  (Yeah, yeah I know technology changes but two years IS pathetic!)

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    The 6.1 update fixed my battery issue! I was experiencing the issue where it'd drain super fast when in standby mode, like 1 percent every few minutes. That hasn't happened since I updated the firmware to 6.1 it's like night and day. Thank you Apple for FINALLY resolving this issue!!

  • OOSTOS Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I want to know how to do that my iphone will work correctly, the battery always is 100% charge, and I don't know when it will be uncharged, it is horrible, please help me.

  • Magdita33 Level 1 Level 1

    Same dilema here.  I have been an iphone user for years and I have to admit, with the phone competition out there, there is no reason to continue with a product that you can't count on when you need it most.  I am a teacher and do not have the luxury of charging my phone all the time.  By the time I am able to get to it, I am at zero percent. Just like everyone else, it is important to be able to communicate when you need it especially when you paid 300.00 for the item.  If there is not a fix soon, myself and a few apple guros at work are changing out.  This is a shame.

  • Magdita33 Level 1 Level 1

    We went to the apple store in Boca yesterday to ask about this iphone 5 draining issue and told them how so many others are having the same issue and their exact same responce was, "don't waste your time reading what others say on the discussion panel, they don't know what they are talking about...we will just give you another phone".  THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT?  These folks on these discussion panels are YOUR customers.  How can it be that they are all wrong? 


    When I first bought the two iphone 5 when they came out, both phones had great battery life.  This is fact!  I was able to get up to 4 days on standby with minimal use.  After the software update...I can't even get one day on standby and forget about using some apps and music in my classroom.  By the time my third group of students come in, the battery has drained.  That is fact!


    Maybe apple needs to read these threads and actually do something about all us unhappy customers.  Sad to admit I am an apple tech. for our school system.  Teachers are looking for my advise to help them with my same issue and I can't help them either.

  • cvea Level 1 Level 1

    @ Magdita33:


    Remember, it's not what you know, is what you can prove.  Don't even waste your time having such discussions.

    I have been taking screenshots of the phone throughout the day showing how the battery drained.  Then, armed with the evidence, I spoke with Apple (the first time with the Genius bar; the second time with the Apple online support).  With evidence supporting my claim that the usage is nowhere near what is advertised, they both times changed the phone no questions asked.

    FYI, today I had 38% after only 3h of "usage" (I mean, some text messages, emails, nothing fancy (no video, pandora, facebook, youtube).  Charged to 100%.  After only 37m of usages, back down to 90%. 


    I have the screenshots to prove this, so no Apple Genius can tell me that I am making things up or remembering incorrectly or just not accurately keeping track of what's going on.

  • Lemorin Level 1 Level 1

    Hello all,


    I had an I-phone 4 with the same issue. I have been told that it was normal after 2 years and they suggested to change the battery. Considering the cost of the battery, I chose to upgrade to an I-phone 5 that was working perfectly until last Sunday.

    It started draining fast like the 4 and I tried to follow all the suggestions, nothing was really working. At the end this is my final understanding/misunderstanding:


    1. It is not related to any application, or better I didn't find the one that cause the problem. If you switch off the Cellular data the battery doesn't drain and it works fine with tons of app, opened in background. With WIFI only as well.

    2. If you turn off only LTE it works fine as well. So the problem is related when you are close to an area with low LTE signal. At home, downtown Toronto, the LTE signal is perfect and it doesn't drain.

    3. What is strange is that the problem occured also with an I-phone 4 where you don't have LTE.

    4. I did recently the upgrade to the new OS version and a backup and everything started after that. I don't know if they are related but I'm starting thinking that they have something to do.


    Considering 76 pages of messages on this issue, I don't understand why Apple is not able to give any reasonable explenation.


    After I spent 700 cad for a phone, sill under warranty, I deserve consideration and service.


    Steve, if you are still around somewhere please do something..........

  • Lemorin Level 1 Level 1

    I found the problem: I removed exchange account and recreated it and now is not draining the battery anymore using LTE and 3G.


    Thanks to iFlynn for the tip

  • mulan778 Level 1 Level 1

    I did most of the things recommended on this thread.  I have to charge my phone twice a day. I was going to go to the apple store after work today.  Then I read somewhere to turn of Carrier - Automatic.  I did this and set it to Bell.


    Guess what.  It solved the issue.  I'm currently at 61%  Usage 4 hours, 5 min.  Standby 11 hours, 58 min.


    I also have all the notification turned off, Wifi, Bluetooth.  Turned everything off that was recommended on this thread.


    So please give this a try to see if this helps out.


    This worked for me.

  • warneck82 Level 1 Level 1

    im having the same trouble now mhabashy....yes you can turn certain things o0ff like your notifications, e-mail to manual ect ect but thats what you pay your money for to use the features ther no point having a good fone if its guna work like a 20 quid nokia!! apple need to sort the problem with a new update to fix the problem, i have tried all diff types of resets and even sent my fone into apple, they just sent it back the same day they got it and said its fine....clearly its not i have friends with the same fone who dont have this problem!!! its not good enough from apple!!!

  • Level 1 Level 1

    Totally true. I was thinking exactly the same thing when i saw mulan778's message. Apple told us that their iPhone can do this and do that in their ad; but when there is a problem of using our iPhone, they say there is nothing wrong with the hardware and tell that we have to turn off this and turn off that. ***? why don't you put a disable label in the box in stead of your logo? We spent hundreds for a functional smart phone, not a piece of crap

  • mulan778 Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately this is what we gotta do to extend our battery life for now until Apple fixes the issue.  I got close to 7 hour usage time yesterday.  Thats awesome compared to 3-4 hours usage.  Charging my phone twice a day.  My battery couldn't even last til lunch if I left the house at 8 am 100% fully charged. 


    This is just day 2 since changing the setting.  Lets see how many hours does my phone last today.

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