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  • Jlawson118 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My first iPhone 5 battery drained. I turned off LTE because I have a 3G package not 4G so there was no need to keep it on. I turned everything off for it, it still drained and at an evening where I really needed it, I had 1% left.


    I visited the Apple Store a few months back, he did a software retire despite the fact is done it umpteen times already. So a second visit they replaced it with an iPhone with numerous dead pixels in the screen, and finally they replaced that with a 5 with an even worse battery than before.


    I've had it off charge since 9:15 this morning and it's exactly 4 hours later at 13:15 as a type this I'm down to 35% when all I've done is take a few pictures this morning, chat to somebody on Facebook and that's all. In four hours just to hardly use it is absolutely disgraceful. Another visit to the Apple Store is going to be made sometime next week.

  • Dom1958 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Check this that I posted before. That was my problem and also my solution. Perhaps it will help you. Good luck



    Hello everyone.

    I sorted out my iphone 5 battery drainage issue and I am again an Apple fan. I want to share my experience with you.

    Like many I was forced into an upgrade from 4S to 5 by my provider (Vodafone). I was very happy with my reliable 4S but complied (they do not do the 4S 32GB anymore!!!). I backed up to Icloud and my computer. Connected the 5 and restored. ....BIG MISTAKE. All appeared to go well except that after a long charge overnight, I ended up with 30% battery by 3 pm, despite my best efforts to stem the flow I was beleeding power.

    I googled the problem and found it was a common issue. I tried all the recommended tricks to no avail. Vodafone sent me a new phone and I had the same problem. I contemplated forking our £60 for a Morphie battery extension but resisted the temptation on the basis of "Why should I".

    I called Apple support and spoke to some guy in Ireland. My issue was escalated to John a supervisor in the US. He was brilliant. He sorted me in 15 minutes and today after a long day's work I came home with 74% battery having really abused the phone all day. So her is how it was sorted out:

    1) When upgrading from 4S to 5 do backup to icloud and/or your PC.

    2) Plug in the iphone 5 but do not perfore a restore. If you do you restore iphone 4 stuff into a 5 and god knows what it does.

    3) Unfortunately most will fall for the "restore from this iphone" option which is first suggested.

    4) All you have to do is perform a clean intall as a new phone and then Synch. You will have to go through all the itunes tab to select what you want synched

    5) Once the synch is done all should work fine.


    If you have already done a restore, simply do as follows:

    1) Back up to icloud and /or your PC

    2) Perform a reset of the iphone 5 (general, reset, reset all settings)

    3) Reconnect the cleared phone

    4) Synch it

    5) You are done


    You will have to recheck all your settings (ring tone, e mail and so forth) which is a bit of a bummer but worth it to have a fully functional iphone.


    It worked for me :-)


    Best of luck to all

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    Hi Dom.


    I've been reading this forum for a while now, it is refreshing to have someone as thorough as you give instructions on how to refresh the battery problems.


    Unfortunately, even after following the steps you have mentioned i'm still MASSIVELY riddled with battery problems. It's a number of factors but Facebook and Windows Live/Outlook/Exchange mail are my main culprits because of crashing and certain servers issues - check your diagnostics and usage part you'll see them if you use Facebook or have exchange/live mail.


    I appreciate the instructions you give Dom but for some it's really to do with luck. About 60% of people get better battery with a restore, but i didn't. And it's clear there is a bug in iOS 6.1.3 that is sucking the battery cos there's a lot of discussion about it.


    Realistically - my solution was to get a battery case. May not seem ideal but it's all i've got. I'm on my 4th iphone now

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    I think I'm seeing an improvement now.


    I did the following:


    1. Drained it to 0% then charged it 'til 100%.

    2. Reset All Settings.

    3. Reset Network Settings


    And the most important and the most effective I think is:

    4.  DELETE YOUR iCLOUD! (It sends 3kb per second.)

  • George Cassello Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    And the most important and the most effective I think is:

    4.  DELETE YOUR iCLOUD! (It sends 3kb per second.)


    HAHA. I get the biggest kick out of all the solutions people suggest. Disable the majority of all the functions that make a smart phone a smart phone and a useful part of your life.


    This isnt a dig at you. Its just funny. If you collectivly gathered all of the suggestions to disable function, you'd be left with a something with the equivelent value of a pager. lol.


    Battery life is pretty awful on the iPhone. Always has been. Its sad that you literally cant do anything without having to worry about the battery on your phone.

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    This suggestion doesn't originally came from me. Saw it on YouTube.  At the end of the day, it's still you, who will decide what's the best for your phone. Right? But yeah, battery life on iPhones are not really good compare to other smartphones available. iPhone 5 is a really powerful machine, which I think, its battery is too small for its capacity. As I've read some several threads, most people were left with no choice but to sacrifice some features that'd prolong the battery life, and same thing I did, I deleted my iCloud and surprisingly worked for me, I can live without it anyway! :)



    (I'm sorry if I will, or had some wrong English grammar. I'm not an native English speaker)

  • 7enderbender Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)


    And the most important and the most effective I think is:

    4.  DELETE YOUR iCLOUD! (It sends 3kb per second.)"



    I just bought the iPhone 5 last week (T-mobile) and I'm having more issues to adjust from my old Blackberry to this then I expected. Battery drainage and/or data leakage being part of my issues.


    Can anyone explain to me what exactly iCloud does there at 3kb per second (is there a source for this claim anywhere?)? ICloud push mail was the main reason to go with an Apple device after BB eliminated their mail service with BB10. I've set up iCloud mail as a seperate independend IMAP account (so I can use a different return address). I don't need any of the other iCloud stuff such as calendar etc. Contact backup would be nice but not necessary either really.


    So in order to safe battery per the above claim is it enough to just set all the individual iCloud services to "off" or do I have to delete the entire account (which probably would interfere with using iCloud as push mail even when on a seperate account?).



  • Nikolaus Heger Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I think there are various different issues at play which makes it hard to track down.


    I don't think you have to delete your iCloud - my iCloud is on and I get decent battery life now, about 12 hours; the phone will last through the day if not used intensively. It's still not what I'd call "good" and certainly worse than my iPhone 4 but it'll do.


    Mainly make sure location services aren't running all the time, and shut down applications after use. The latter will prevent said applications from running amok. I don't know why but the iPhone lets any app run for up to 10 minutes after it's backgrounded (e.g. you hit the home button and don't see it anymore).


    The effect of this is that some usage patterns will result in an app constantly running; example my messaging app. I check it frequently so in effect if I check it every 10 minutes it's never really off, and it keeps making network connections, draining the battery. Double tap home and hit the X to shut it off.


    All in all:

    - iOS 6 is doing way too much stuff in the background


    - the iPhone 5 has too small a battery. I really wish they had made it maybe 9mm instead of 7 and filled it with battery...

  • 7enderbender Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks a lot. It's kind of what I expected at this point. I didn't think that this problem can be solved by what accounts to magical thinking. A bunch of things are really off with this. Same with other devices so I don't even see much of an alternative at this point. Blackberry seems pretty much dead in the water (otherwise I'd go back to a Bold or something in a heartbeat). Android devices are even bigger and don't come with a push email address and an iCloud style service. So no way out until the mighty Apple imposes on us an update or a better phone.

    12 hours is really a joke. I remember times when devices had battery life for a week and were getting smaller and smaller. I understand that you can't compare those to current smartphones but still. The iPhone is too big and too light for my taste anyway. Even more so since the large screen and high resolution (typical for Apple unfortunately) doesn't buy you more real estate. Just look at the mail app. Why can't I shrink the font size and see more information at once?

    I'd certainly be happy to trade half the screen size for double the battery life. And more weight would be appreciated also. I could go on about a bunch of other issues that I don't like but I'll try to be polite and rember where I am guest. Plus I'm really trying hard to adjust, learn and NOT return it

  • Nikolaus Heger Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I am honestly considering switching back to a 4S. I need to do some research on its battery life; but I know for a fact that battery life on my iPhone 4 was much better. Of course that was with iOS 5.


    My criteria is: If I can use it as much as I want during the day, and keep it plugged in at night, then it's good enough.


    With the iPhone 4, I sometimes went 2 days without charging; sometimes not. But it certainly always lasted through the day. I imagine the 4S will be as good.


    The longer screen is a wash IMO - it adds a tiny bit of usefulness, for example when using maps, and a tiny bit of inconvenience, when it doesn't fit in my pocket.

    It looks way better than the 4S - it's a gorgeous piece of hardware. And the camera is much better.


    But with the battery life issue as bad as it is the 4S might be a better choice.

  • baz-bolly Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    My original iPhone 5 battery was great.

    8Hrs+ Usage and around 2 days Standby normally, this was with all push and location services enabled.


    However !

    The camera became faulty and stopped working last week, they gave me a black box phone as a replacement.


    The Battery on this one is now terrible, i've cycled the battery 4 times and usage on this one is around 4Hrs and around 12-14Hrs Standby.


    Should i ask them to exchange the phone or is it possible to have them fit a new battery.

  • Jlawson118 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My replacements I've had nothing but trouble with!


    My original iPhone 5 he did the DFU restore and it didn't fix, and so it went back, I got it replaced and the replacement had numerous dead pixels in the screen and so I was given a second replacement which the battery life was even more terrible than the first! This one had a funny camera on it. I could only get a good photo outside, but inside even with high lighting, the images were coming out really grainy and then the battery, well one day all I'd done was send a few facebook messages and take a few photo's and I had to charge it up three times in a day!


    Now today, because of the camera and the even worse battery, I got yet another replacement. Although I've got this odd feeling the battery is going to be even worse. I dropped a lot of battery without even using it. Maybe it's because I still had apps that needed to download or because it hadn't had a proper charge up or even that I've restored it from iCloud temporarily


    Anyway I've got it plugged in now and I've done a DFU restore. It's taken hours because of a slow broadband connection for some reason these past few weeks. It's getting fixed throughout the week. So hopefully starting it up from scratch and giving it a good charge up will fix the issues. Because I've had enough of replacing them. I just want an iPhone that I can use for what I want it to, all day without it running out.


    I don't mind having to charge it up every single night. What bugs me is when I'm down to less than 20% after having it unplugged for 4/5 hours

  • billfromfort lauderdale Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I've had the battery drain issue and am on my second device (same issue - battery still drains).  I've tried everything from turning off bluetooth, turning off wifi, turning off LTE, limiting the number of items in the notification center, limiting the number of apps turned on in the location services etc. Let me me clarify - I did not turn all of these off at the same time, but was manually turning things on and/or off as needed. But that becomes frustrating - after all, if one has to turn off many of the device functions (or manually manage the features/functions) what is the point of having the device.  What I have found that absolutely resolved my issue is is to restore the device back to original factory settings then set the phone up as a NEW DEVICE.  DO NOT restore the device from a prior back up.  By doing so (if there was a "bug" in your software, retoring from a prior back up brings over the same "bugged software").  After you've restored and set up as a new device - then download all of your apps, pictures, music, movies etc. from itunes or icloud.  Again DO NOT restore from a prior back up.  Caution; just be sure all of your music, photos etc. are backed up before you start this process.  In my case, I had all of my content (music, photos etc.) backed up to my MAC and to iCloud.  Problem is  - the Apple Rep. kept telling me to set up as new (which I did) but when I restored from a prior back up, I brought over the same bugged software - thus was back to square 1 - battery draining issues.  i.e. I've been bringing over the same bugged software  This has 100% fixed my issue.  One last point - if you're in an area where LTE is not that strong - the device will toggle to 3G, but then the device will constantly keep looking for LTE service. This will indeed drain the battery (but that is a network issue, not a device (Apple) issue).  Turn off LTE while in that area.  For example -  where I live, LTE is very strong (major city), however, my office is in the outskirts of the city (more rural) where there is limited LTE coverage (in-between LTE and 3G coverage).  When at work - I turn off LTE.  In the meantime, I'm pressing my carrier to extend their LTE bandwidth.  Hope this helps

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    Just wanted to give a brief update with my experiences. After lots of testing things t-mobile exchanged my iPhone 5. The battery life on the new one is significantly better. I played back my original backup from the cloud so it's likely not a settings issue. I'm now at about 20 hours after the last charge and still at 20% even with lots of playing around over the last few hours. So there seems to be some device variance it seems. Compliments to the t-mobile and apple reps. H the way. There was no attitude and folks were genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of this (and a few other issues I was experiencing with the network. Thought I mention it since we all tend to complain a lot if otherwise.

  • baz-bolly Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    Were you given a new phone or did Apple give you a black box/refurb type.

    Glad you finally got a good one.



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