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    You can´t use your new Iphone without charge it the first time!

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    Hi Everyone, I had the same problem as most of you.
    The battery life of my Iphone5 with IOS 6.1.4 installed was nothing less than Terrible!
    After a while it even didin't last for more than 2 or 3 hours :-(


    So the only solution that did the trick for me was a "CLEAN INSTALL"!

    Deleting and Restoring all settings!


    Do not restore your settings from a backup on your Icloud, because you will restore everything, battery bug included !!! You'll need to manualy import all apps and restore all settings (mail clients included)!
    You can however import all your contacts and bookmarks from the cloud!


    Hope This will do the trick for you 2

  • onlyallmacs Level 1 (0 points)

    iEdd129 wrote:


    Lately, my iPhone 5's battery has been dying extremely fast. I charged my phone up to 100% and ten minutes later it was at 72%. Also, my phone turns of randomely with plenty of batter life still left, as if it didnt have battery. I dont know what's going on with my phone  if anybody knows anything I'd appreciate it.


    "turns off randomly on it's own with plenty of battery"..... That's a whole different problem, take it to your nearest Apple store so they can check it. It may be a defective battery or a hardware problem.

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    Had the same issue with my iphone5

    Tried all the usual reset this switch off that (why switch all these features off, its a smartphone, might as well buy a old nokia!)

    Anyway yesterday my phone came off charge at 7:45am and by 10:00am it was down to 88% and i'd not even used it.

    Then I read about ery-drain_id43674

    Tried it today, removed (well closed and not even opened) Facebook and the phone came off charge at same time and I checked at 10.00am phone had go down to only 98%

    With moderate use and a couple of calls (20mins long) phone is still on 86% after 6hrs by now with facebook running in the background, it would be down to 70-75% by now.

    So if you are having issues and have FB installed try uninstalling or just making sure it is closed down in the background and you will notice a differance.

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    Definitely going to try this and see how it goes. I've tried wiping the phone clean and setting up as new, I've tried letting the battery drain completely and leaving it off for a while before recharging, I've even tried only charging it up to 90 (or so) percent as one user suggested and none of it has helped. I've deleted FB and will only use the web app via Safari and see if that makes a difference.



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    Update on my original post, my phone is now only at 80%, after checking emails etc looked on the web but not checked my FB using the iOS app.

    I know by now it would have been down to around 45%.

    I was slating apple because of this but it seems to be down to one app and probably the most popular one that is going to be installed on nearly all smartphones as I would say if it happens with iOS its more than likely going to be an issue with 'other' OS.

    It might not work for everyone as each person is different on how they use there phone but it seems to be working for me.


    I've installed Hootsuite as an alternative to check FB, might not have the same amount of options as the official FB app but it is still good + I can check my Twitter feed in one app and also i dont have to worry about my battery!!

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    Don't think FB is the issue. I never had FB on my phone and not on FB. Had all the same issues on my phone. The bottom line is there is a software issue and no one should have to disable everything just to get through the day with a dead phone by 4 pm with normal usage.

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    I would like to think not and it is some software bug but today I had opened FB this morning but did not close it down and was 'asleep/frozen' in the background

    Off charge 7.45am, checked at 9am, no usage at all and phone had dropped to 90%

    Shut FB down and in that same 1hr 15mins (9am - 10.15am) phone stayed at 90% with again no usage. Coincidence?

    Like I said it maybe not everyone's issue but seems to be mine.

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    Ok.  So I currently have my phone connected to this laptop and the power is still draining after a trip to the Apple store and 3 restores.  Starting to wish I stayed there a while longer.  Has anyone been able to solve this without getting a phone replacement?

    Apple store is a fair drive and they're booked out until Monday next week. They we're 'kind' enough to spend some time with me today but didn't resolve or replace. Annoying, particularly given we have 4 iphones and 2 ipads in this household. Anyway, without getting into yet another discussion on how poor the service is compared to a few years ago, I'm wondering if anyone has had some success with this?

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    Hey did you get resolve the issue? I just got the phone two weeks agao and I have same issue. I went store and they said everyghing is ok but still battery drain so fast....I am thing to change to Samsung now......let me know if you got your problem resolve.

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    I get 3 days on every charge of my iPhone5. Still using my original iPhone 5 purchased early last November.


    Usage: Light daily use as phone (5-7 calls); sometimes use map "GPS" when driving (I use iPhone's map for audible directions, but use Google's map app for traffic advisories); checking news on CNN (several times per day); playing music over the iPhone speaker about 1 hr per day; checking stocks; checking weather; rarely use to check emails; occasional photography (great camera!); occasional use of Siri; some use of Facetime - a couple times per week for about 10 min each; use auto-storage in the iCloud. Use wifi for a lot of the above. I don't allow auto-updating of any apps - manual only upon notification of availability.


    I did have battery usage problems at first last November, but the first iOS 6 update solved some of it (I'm now at 6.1.4). In addition, I turned off Apple's automatic diagnostic tracking of everything I was doing on the iPhone. That made a BIG difference. To turn off diagnostics, go to Settings, General, About, Diagnostics & Usage (at bottom of long menu), and select "Don't Send." That stops your iPhone from sending Apple a diagnostic message every minute or so about everything your iPhone has been doing - obviously a big drain. Another thing - I turn my iPhone off every night when I go to bed and only recharge in the morning after 3rd day when I get up. I read somewhere never to recharge lithium batts while asleep due to fire hazard (i.e. Boeing 787).


    A few months ago, someone else posted effective info about other steps to take to greatly improve iP 5 battery usage. Sorry I don't have a link to it. And sorry so many people are still having trouble with this. It amazes me that the so-called "Geniuses" (a real misnomer) at the Apple stores still don't have a clue about this. I never go to Apple Store for tech support - they obviously don't read this blog, so they don't know anything.  I just come here.


    I LOVE my iPhone 5!

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    Sorry, but it won't help you moving to Samsung. I'm a big Galaxy S2 and S3 fan and always experienced battery drain from my android phones. I have a iphone 5 now, because I wanted to try something different and company policy. Then... Battery is much better than Galaxy S3. Specially when you don't use the phone. My galaxy use to drain without touching it. My iphone on wifi, switching off cellular data can last 8 to 9 hours of usage! Including phone call, whatsapp (a lot), avarage FB, and a lot of emails. But in the moment I put on 3G (yes, not 4G) it drains like **** if need to use the phone besides phone calls.

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    3 days of battery. With all respect, it is very unusual for a normal iPhone user. You probably switch off 3G when 'dont need', as you said switch off the phone before go to bed, 7 min of call during the day... You basically have a dummy in your hand... You probably drive 1 km with google map, because more than that with 3G on your battery will drain like **** (saying by experience). Everything is occasionally on your comment, therefore you don't need a smartphone. and you comment saying 3 days of usage is basically 3 days of STANDBY TIME.

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    Sorry, but you misread my comment about my calls - "5-7 calls per day" - not 7 minutes per day. Probably about an hour per day spent on phone calls via iPhone.


    Nearly two days since my last charge, and here are my usage stats, with 50% of batt charge still avail:


    Usage 4 hrs, 8 min


    Standby 1 Day 3 Hrs.


    Probably spend about 2 hrs per day reading news and other searched info on my iPhone, usually via wifi.


    When I use iPhone map on the road, I save power by setting up destination before departure, look at map to see the route, check traffic on map, then turn off the map until I get close (about 10 miles away, usually) then turn the map back on with audio for the home stretch, which is really when it's needed. Saves batt and $ that way.


    Have downloaded a ton of iTunes, so am using the iPhone as an iPod quite a lot.

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    DeepspringerPlease be specific: are you using Apple Maps exclusively, or do you use Google Maps, too?   Do you keep your "location services" option on all the time, or shut it off when you're not using it?   Do you use GMail or do you restrict all your email to Apple services?  Do you have Microsoft Exchange loaded?



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