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    Ok, now makes sense:


    You said

    Usage 4 hrs, 8 min


    Standby 1 Day 3 Hrs.


    This is more than normal. My phone is now:


    Usage: 4hours, 12 minutes

    Standby: 10hours, 33 minutes


    I have been using the phone for emails (exchange), a lot of Whatsapp, a bit of browsing. Some text message, and a bit of news. And few phone calls.


    Woud say 30% of the time on 3G and rest on WIFI (with bluetooh and 3G swittched off).



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    Hi Ed10,


    When I use maps, I usually use Apple Maps for actual navigation, which I find to be extremely accurate in the NY metro area and generally in the northeast US.  I use Google Maps only to check traffic, as I find its traffic display easier to use. I don't use Google Maps for navigation because I find the audio directions on Apple Maps easier to follow than with Google. I use mapping about once every 2 weeks for maybe an hour or so - usually only at the end of the trip for final navigation instructions, though I do consult Googe Maps at beginning of trip for traffic and also briefly a few times during the trip to check changes in traffic patterns. I never leave a map app on all during a trip because I think it is too much of a battery drain (indicated by iPhone heating up). Apparently my "location services" option is on all the time because I don't turn it on when I use a map, and the map always knows where I am. I vaguely remember setting that function up when I first got the iPhone, but now can't find it in my settings.


    I rarely use my gmail account and don't use Apple email services at all. Instead my iPhone is linked to my pop3 email account connected to my company's website, and also a yahoo email account that I also rarely use. 95% of my email traffic is on my company pop3 email account. However, I mostly access that from my desktop computer or my tablet, not my iPhone. I do not use "push" on any email accounts.  I just go look at an account when I want to see my mail.  In my work, I just can't afford to have my button pushed all day long by people sending me emails. Though text messages do alert me in real time.  That's okay because my daughter is the only one who texts me, and I always want to know what she has to say right away.


    I don't think that I have Microsoft Exchange loaded.


    Right now, I'm doing my 4th day battery recharge. Just before starting it (at 14% charge remaining), I checked my usage stats for the last charge, and they are... usage: 6 hrs. 12 mins.; standby: 1 day 19 hrs.  Remember, I turn the thing off at night. (I don't like having lithium batteries doing things while I'm asleep, because I don't trust them to not start a fire - a la Boeing 787). My iPhone usage pattern seems to be typical for me, except when I'm at the end of a deadline project in my business when usage really heats up - especially data transfer. Then I might get only 2 to 2 1/2 full days on a charge.


    As I said earlier, I'm usually on phone calls about 1 hr per day and the rest of my daily usage is mostly checking the news, reading news articles, checking the stock market, and doing occasional Google searches, Youtube searches, or using Safari to go briefly to a specific website for info. Oh, and using my iPhone like an iPod to play music for an hour or so per day - usually over the built-in speaker rather than the ear buds.


    Though my iPhone is on standby most of the time, I think that is relevant to the drain issue because many have mentioned that they are experiencing high drain even on standby - which may point to Apple's iPhone diagnosic system auto-reporting all internal activity to Apple. My advice to those experiencing high battery drain is to start by turning off the auto-diagnostic reporting, as suggested in my earlier posting a couple days ago. After I turned that feature off last November, my earlier battery drain problems seem to have disappeared

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    Update report:  I pulled my old Samsung Vibrant out of the closet and charged it last night along with the new, un-set-up, out of the box, no sim card, unlocked iPhone 5.  A 12 midnight, they were both fully charged and both had no sim card, no carrier to log into and no wi-fi connection code for access.  At this time (12 midnight), I unplugged both phones. 


    At 8:30 this morning I went back to check their battery status at the same time.  The Vibrant had about 90% juice left in it; the iPhone 5 had less than 20%.  Now explain that.  PS.  I really hated that buggy Vibrant, but at least it had a battery. 


    Another thing.  I've been reading these Apple battery problems post about this issue.  These things go back to the last quarter of LAST YEAR!!!  Hello!  It's been almost a year and this problem is still not fixed by Apple?  What's up with that?

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    Thank You XD !   Too bad apple can't do more to make their stuff more user friendly.  They already lead the pack in so many other ways. w

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    Sure Arrow,


    It apparently makes no difference whether your iPhone5 is fully set up or not, if the "Diagnositc & Usage Data" option is turned on (the default). If this feature is turned on, your iPhone will be constantly trying to send out diagnostic data to Apple, wasting your battery charge.  This feature MUST be turned off to save your battery.  Here's how:


    Go to "Settings", "General", "About" and then scroll way down to the bottom to find "Diagnostic & Usage." Take that option, and on its screen remove the check from "Automatically Send" and check "Don't Send."


    Then back your way out of all of the Settings screens.  That's it. This greatly improved my battery charge life. It prevents the iPhone from constantly logging your usage data (whether there is usage or not) and seeking to transmit it to Apple every minute or so, which gobbles up battery charge.


    Have you already made this setting change? I haven't heard from anyone that they made this change and that it didn't work, so I'm assuming that it works for eveyone else who has made this change. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

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    Of the hundreds of post I've read on this horrible problem, yours makes the most sense!  I will try it - and it makes total sense that this may be one of the prime culprits draining the battery!  When I set it up today, that will be the first feature I turn off!   Thanks!

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    Is'nt Diagnostic data off at default. When setting up the iphone for the 1st time you will be asked if you want to send Diagnostic Data info to Apple. I always state NO. My iphone still had the OS battery bug after setting it up, so I don't think that's the main problem. SureArrow, You have to wipe the iphone completely of the OS (not just update) it came with and reinstall a fresh lastest version. There are exact steps to follow in this forum on how to do that. Have you even tried that frist? That's the very 1st thing to do to see if it corrects it's self. After doing that my iphones battery works perfect now.

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    I will do that as well, because the phone is right out of the box and I have a good friend that is an iPhone wiz.  He can do that pretty fast I'm sure.  My experience with desktops and their operating systems, tells me that a fresh wipe and install is always a good thing (minus the time consumption it takes).


    Hey, I did this very same thing to my first wife too.  I finally had to do a fresh install to an updated version on the Wife OS.  The new Wife 2.0 was fast and really hot, but kinda buggy and kept locking up on me all the time.  ...and almost every month I had to do a cold boot and then install flowers and candy apps.

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    Ok I've read all the post, been to the apple store 4 times and on my 4th iphone 5 and am still having the same problem.  My battery doesn't last a day, it doesn't even last half a day.  I use my phone for everything; news, emails, facebook, games, GPS.  I never had these problems with my iphone 4.  I just returned from vacation where I didn't use my phone as much as I normally do, and the battery still didn't last.  I am getting really ****** and have been going back and forth about switching to another phone.  I rely on my phone for everythin since I am away from my home or desk most of the day.  My daughter and sister have the same phone and my daughter uses her as much as I do and hers last a full day.  Apple needs to do something quick.

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    Report:  I did what you guys suggested to solve this battery issue.  On my new, un-setup iPhone (which was draining battery at a phenomenal rate right out of the box and not even set-up yet), I opened the screen (first time) and wiped the phone's OS, than reinstalled the OS a fresh via wi-fi.  I also turned off the "Diagnostic & Usage Data" setting.  Now, I have a fully functional iPhone with "normal" battery usage. 


    I have purposely NOT connected the phone yet, but instead, set it all up (including apps and everything else) via the wi-fi.  The battery appears to be fine now.  Usage is about 5% to 7% per hour, and that's with me downloading apps, playing games, shooting video, playing videos, taking photos, iMessageing, and generally doing everything one can do with the cellular part not set-up and connected.  Basically it's a wi-fi, mini iPad at this point.


    Monday, I will connect the phone bit.  That will tell me if all this bad battery usage is from that - if it happens to drain out like a waterfall.  Now, before the cellular hooked up, the battery is acceptable, but still would be considered not the best compared too many other phone batteries on the market.  I think this is the best Apple predicted for the iPhone 5's battery life.  One full day's usage ONLY - charge before bed time - repeat.


    I'll report back to let you guys know how it behaves, in comparison to wi-fi only, with the cellular data hooked up to it.  During that test time, I will try to duplicate many things I've done in wi-fi only, but now I'll do them through the cellular towers.  We'll see if the battery can hold up for at least 12 hours that way.  -Cheers


    P.S. By the way, this iPhone 5 is really, REALLY nice to use, but sadly it goes to my wife as a gift this Tuesday!  ...then back to my Samsung S-1 Vibrant for sad me.  Feel sorry for me!  …from a sleek Lamborghini, back to my Chevy Cavalier!

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    I have had this issue on my Verizon iPhone 5 since 6.1.2. My original iPhone 5 had no issues batterywise.


    I got 2 replacements from the Apple store but both had 6.1.4 and I had the same problems.


    I took it further to Apple direct and convinced them to send me a brand new phone in box with 6.1.2. It was a little better. Nowhere near the battery life of my original iPhone 5. That one got damaged and I had to buy another replacement. I'm back to square one again.


    The scary thing is, I have loaded up iOS 7 beta 1,2, and 3. The battery issues are worse on all three counts. Yes, you can tell me until you're blue in the face that iOS 7 is not done, but if this is a major issue in the current OS, wouldn't you think it would be one of the first things addressed in the new update?


    I'm not sure this will ever be fixed as Apple is clearly developing the OS around a new model of phone.


    6.1.4 is broken. I don't know if it's a Verizon only thing or not. When I got my iPhone 5 last Fall, it had the battery life fairly close to my iPad Mini. Now, it's nowhere near it and I have had 4 iPhone 5 replacements to compare it to.


    Yes, I shut off all of the settings and even tweaked my mail to fetch, but that is still not a one to one comparison of what I had with the iPhone 5 of September 2012 to know. Last September, I had NO ISSUE with battery whatsoever regardless of settings choices. In addition, I have restored the phone completely to factory. It makes no difference. Even right out of the box, the phone is total battery drainage city if it had anything post 6.1.2.


    Please Apple address this specifically in the press and more importantly, in a software update. There has to be Apple engineers and developers in the field that are experiencing this!


    Also, the geniuses are no help because they automatically assume you know nothing and have tried nothing. I had one genius tell me that I needed to "teach" my battery how I use it and that my battery was sentient. What a bunch of BS! It's BROKEN!

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    Please try my suggestion posted above on July 26th for disabling "Diagnostic & Usage Data." Others who have made this change have found the battery life changed to normal.

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    Hi Deepspringer.


    I didn't mean to come of as too brash, but it is off. I've gone through all of my settings with a fine tooth comb including advertising, etc. By default, these are things I always turn off first.


    What is funny is Apple employees are trained to turn diagnostics on when they are putting their grubby hands on your new phone before they hand it over to you.

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    It's been 6 hrs with light use, email, web browsing and I'm at 77%

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    My iPhone5 was working quite good if I use it rare with rare messaging and few phone calls it was even lasting for 3 days but my regular use was around 1and half day.

    BUT 2 weeks ago all of a sudden started to have battery life only for 3-4 hours even not using it. There was definitely no change of my usage of any notifications, location services, push mail etc. but just started drain battery. Only thing I did was downloading few apps recently. (I deleted those apps and did not install them after restores but didnt help)

    So I started disabling more services and removing apps but didnt help. Reset settings etc but no way out. After all restored my phone 5 times as a new phone (using itunes few times and through wi-fi the rest) installed few apps only but no way all the 5 restoration did not improve anything.

    Last night before taking it from charge turned off wifi and cellular data so no connection could be made from the phone. (bluetooth all the rest was already off). No apps running and no data connection on the phone(left it as a phone for calls and messages only) just standby for whole night and drained the phone to 2% in 8 hours of standby and only 10 minutes of use.So even after restoring it as a new phone and turning nearly everything does NOT help

    I remember the good times that seeing 99% even 100% battery waking up in the morning and wi-fi, cellular, push mails etc was on that time.

    There is definitely something wrong in the IOS that has been triggered by something and cant be turned off. My last 2 weeks was to read many forums and posts and try what have been told around to fix it and tried all off them before writing here. I will try if I see some other things but from my experience it does not look like a user fixable issue. The bug is deep inside the IOS draining the battery and even resets can not help after it is triggered.

    Apple should really come up with a solution to this else iphone5 will not be a mobile phone but more of a fixed phone with limited mobility and need to charge all the time.

    I had only icloud mail with setup and also deleted that mail and icloud but still draining like ****.

    Today I have downloaded and the Carat application from University of Berkeley and hoping to see some results in one week time. But since the battery time is not normal I can not use the phone like normal so limiting all the usage on it and keeping it plugged whenever I find a plug, usb port, car charger etc. Anyway maybe this will help to identify the leak. The link to the project is below:

    Hope this will be fixed soon else I need to thrash this iphone and i will continue until all apple products in my family and friends are replaced...

    Anyway I am in quite bad position in the last 2 weeks and desperately looking for a solution but nothing till now

    (btw all system location services, diagnostic data sent like useless things for me are always set off when I use the phone but of course use wi-fi, cellular data, location services with the apps but they had no problem till now and turning them all off also is not improving battery life back to normal and it would be foolish to have a smart phone without using its capabilities)

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