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  • AaronTyler Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in the same boat, I went from usage like this image.png

    To usage like this


    I moderately use WIFI, but most in general I'm out and about. This is a replacement for another that was having battery issues back in January (drained in stanby). I've gotten amazing battery life from it until now, not charging it 2 or 3 days, to charging it almost everyday now, and my usage pattern or apps downloaded hasn't changed. I've already did the whole settings, back up, reset, let it die routine many times before, and it didn't make much difference with my first one. All this is credible enough reason to say its a IOS problem, and not phone, then again LTE is being built in my area, and might contribute as well, but what about it being on WIFI as well. I'm at the point to where I'm tired of worrying about it, and just enjoying the phone. Good battery comes and go with me. Sometimes its good, other times not so much. I'm hoping iOS 7 coming this fall will elimate all the problems.

  • halimlevent Level 1 Level 1

    I'm hoping for IOS 7 too

    Charging the phone 3-4 times a day is not always easy and convenient...

    Personally even prefer to have much thicker phone with huge battery and go 1 week instead of 2-3 days using it I have checked some chinese battery covers but they are far below the capacities they claim. From my friends I couldnt even see to get quarter of their claimed capacity. so they are also not an option to increase it to 1 day with this power drain.

    I am carrying a battery pack that can hold 4 18650 LiIon batteries to recharge my phone but you do not take it with you when you go out bar hoping, beach, etc. Though I am still trying to take it to as many places as I can which weighs 3-4 times than iphone5 and need to carry the USB cable too.. To get one week I need a back pack full of batteries with this battery leak...


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  • kentmcpherson Level 1 Level 1

    My phone was already set to Don't Send and my phone drained today from a full charge to 25% in about 4 hours. Something has significanly changed because this has only recently been an issue where I can't even get through a day without charging. 

  • hubmft Level 1 Level 1

    My battery problems developed when I plugged my phone into my car's (Toyota Venza) USB port.  Tested it out twice and each time after plugging it into the car's system my battery would not hold a charge for more than 5 hours. I Have restored my phone and it holds a charge now for almost 2 full days without having to turn a bunch of stuff off.  I am not sure why this happens at all but will be using bluetooth and my wall plug charger from now on.

  • tbarrack1022 Level 1 Level 1

    Using 3g/4g/LTE Drains your battery much faster than wi-fi, so if LTE is being built in your area and you have that setting turned on, then your phone is constantly searching for LTE when your not using Wi-Fi which would consume a very heavy portion of your battery, furthermore if you are using your 3g data connection heavily when not connected to wifi, this will also be a strong contributor to your battery usage, also it seems that you are a heavy phone user in general, killing your apps a few times a day would also help reduce battery usage, as well as turning location services OFF when not immediatly using them, if push comes to shove i would either go to an Apple Store and have them run a diagnostic, or call Apple Technical support and have them run a diagnostic, which would give them more detailed information on your batter usage and help them determine if its your battery thats fault, or just heavy usage



    Hope this helps!

  • AaronTyler Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks! You're right, I can be a heavy user from time to time, but most in general its laying on my desk unless I get a phone call or text. Even through the course of weekend when I'm at home and its connected to wifi, I can't seem to get over 5-6 hours of usage from it. That's with apps killed, and my only location services on is Siri (very useful while driving) and Maps ( I use GPS occasionally). My LTE is off, but since they're building LTE, some towers aren't as strong as they need to be, making data connection spotty, so that may be (as you said) a large contributing factor. But as I mentioned before, this phone goes through spells of good and horrible battery life. I thnk I will heed your advice, and pay a visit to a Apple Store sometime this month to run a diagnostic, just to play it safe.


    Thanks again!

  • socalapples Level 1 Level 1

    I've decreased battery drain significantly by turning off all of the System Services. It doesn't seem to effect any of the phone's functions or features. Here's the usage with 18% battery remaining.


  • Neil1228 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi,  I got a new IPhone 5 from Vodafone in Australia on their new 4G network.

    On my first day of business use,   the phone went from 100% charge to flat within 3 hours and managed to get pretty warm in the same time.


    Firstly I turned off the LTE (4G) network option,  that gave some improvement but the phone was still discharging in within a day.


    I took my phone to the Apple Store, diagnostics on the battery were fine -- they kindly offered to replace the battery as the phone was brand new.     The new battery behaved exactly the same.


    The second piece of advice from the AppleStore was to try erasing the phone and setting it up as a new phone rather than doing a restore from backup.     I did that this morning and things are now looking much better, the phone is staying cool to the touch and I am at 84% battery in the early afternoon.


    It would appear that something in the data restore process was creating the problem

  • lrboylin Level 1 Level 1

    Right I have been doing some more testing on my phone here is what I have found:

    After coming off charge at 7am today I shut down all apps so nothing was asleep, checked my phone at 12:30pm and it was still on 100%.

    After making a 20min call and check my emails it went down to 94%, which I thought fair enough.

    Again shut all apps down but left facebook 'asleep' at 1pm phone was 94% and at the time of writing this, 2:30pm it had gone down to 88%.

    So in 5 hours with nothing asleep and a 20min call and email check phone had lost 6%

    But only in 1hr 30mins with the Facebook app 'asleep' it loses 6%


    As I've said before it might not be everyones issue as not all people have or use the FB app. If not then it might be another app that is 'asleep' that is causing the battery drain.

    My advice is to shut down all apps and open them one by one until you find the culprit.

  • galos Level 1 Level 1

    While I commend everyone for trying to figure out what the problem is, please stop posting ideas which have already been debunked. Sure, it may have resolved an issue with your phone but not everyone has the same problem. It has been posted time and again that there is no sure one thing that fixes this. For each person its different and for some, nothing has worked.



    Before posting your next thoughtful solution, please read ALL previous posts, as I guarantee its been posted already and for a good many of us, it did not work. By not reading them all, you are just creating an ever larger thread, burning everything good, that people should be reading.


    This is 100% an Apple issue - whether its the hardware or software no one knows and Apple DOES NOT CARE. I have tried EVERYTHING - nothing works!

  • lrboylin Level 1 Level 1

    I thought this was a forum where I or any other people, as individuals can post comments, am I wrong

    And you posting a comment about not posting comments have just added to the list.

    Just because nothing has worked for you there is no need to take it out on other people that are just trying to help others with issues. That is why I put 'it might work for some'


    I will carry on posting on forums if I have a suggestion or helpful hint to try and help others, that is what it is for.

    Now I'm not going to get into a tit-for-tat match over this so let that be the end of the matter.

    To others if you want to post comments or suggestions, feel free as that is what it is for.

  • galos Level 1 Level 1

    If you read my post correctly I made reference to not post redundant posts and to READ what has already been posted.


    I have been watching this thread from post #1 and I can tell you your exact suggestion has already been offered at least a half dozen times.


    Ever sit in a meeting and listen to people repeat suggestions that much?  Makes no sense.

  • sdmcgowan Level 1 Level 1

    I have to agree with this. I have, unfortunately, been subscribed to this thread since the very beginning. I am on my 5th iPhone 5. It can be annoying to keep seeing people post things like "Oh, just do _____ and your problem will be fixed! It's very easy!" Because none of these problems have helped me. I do not now have, nor have I ever had, the FB app on my phone. System services have always been off. Etc. Etc. Still a crappy battery on all 5 of my phones! I am done taking it to the "Genius" bar as they all act as if I'm the first person on the planet to have a problem with an iPhone battery. Every time. I'm glad some of these simple solutions have helped some of you. I wish they could help my phone!

  • enoshyeluchuri Level 1 Level 1

    None of the Do this and that will work. Better wait for the Next iphone of switch to Motorola Droid which has 3000mah batter and can give u 18 hrs talk time. My iphone only gives me 4 to 5 hrs of talk time which ***** and have to carry my charger all the time..

  • escialom Level 1 Level 1

    I want to add my complaint.  I live in Peru, South America and bought an iphone5 at a Boston apple store less than 2 weeks ago (last July 2013).  Hardly used it with data since I could only purchase a telephone prepaid plan with AT&amp;T.  The battery did not last 8 hours. I went to complain at an apple store in NYC, after a "diagnostic" it was clear to them that my iphone "passed" the test.  They did the exact same thing as they did to many of you, and finally  decided to reset the iphone.  I am very disapointed with this product. After what I considered a loss of time, went to an accessories store and bought a charging case (after having spent in a nice one from the same apple store where inbought the phone).  I have also bought a charger for my car and an extra wall charger to keep at worlk just in case...  All these extras added over $259, plus the price of an unblocked or no contract phone.


    We are an apple user family, at home we  have Three  IPAD3,  4 MacBook Pro, 1 MacBook Air, and 4 iphones.  I was the only one with a Blacberry (this battery lasted 12 to 18 hours), I decided to change so all in the family were the same. I hope thi issue is resolvred with the new OS  in oreder for mr not to say BAD CHOICE.

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