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    What has worked for me (so far) was a Restore via iTunes as well as turning off Bluetooth for now.  I may have upgraded to 7.02 via OTA instead of while being connected to iTunes since the restore process downloaded 7.02 again.  I will be using Bluetooth later today so I will see if that is the culprit in my battery drain issue.

  • Dom1958 Level 1 Level 1

    At the risk of shocking all, I can report that after upgrading to iOS7 the baterry on my iphone 5 performs better. This is my 4th i5. Three were returned for faulty batery. The last one I got from the Apple shop where I went to cause war. I was promptly given a new phone after they tested the battery and agreed it was faulty. Under iOS6xx it worked fine except when travelling (all the shoite was off like so dont tell me about roaming off tricks) I would get through a busy day and be left with 30-40%. At 8 am this morning I unplugged the phone expecting to see it deflate in front of my eyes. Well... 10 hours later I am down to 65%. So great stuff.


    I like iOS 7 except the white background in apps like calendar. Anyone knows how to change the colour.

    I think they ruined calendar but other features are good. Overall I am impressed

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 Level 4

    It depends on how much you use it. My complaints have been that when actually using it the battery on the iPhone 5 seems to drain at at least 25% quicker than in iOS 6.


    Right now my battery is at 50%. Standby is is 15 hours 3 minutes, which is fine. It doesn't drain away on standby so much, as long as there are decent signals available.


    But useage time is just 3 hours 22 minutes. That multiplies out to full usage of just 6 hours 44 minutes. I was regularly getting 8+ hours under the same circumstances in iOS 6.


    So at least for me it is clear that battery draining during usage has dropped 25-30% since switching to iOS 7.


    I'm mostly on wi-fi. If I have to go on cellular when going out it gets even worse. Usage time drops to about 5 hours.


    I've also written about the horrible changes in the iOS 7 Calendar and a nice replacement I found: the-new-calendar-app-and-some-hints-to-get-going/



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    @altterwisser, I can understand your frustration.  I too am on my 3rd replacement 5 and it's having the same battery issues.  When you first recieved your replacement phones did they hold the charge for a little while?  I found that with mine the battery would behave as it should for about 2 weeks or so, then it would begin to drain.  When I speak to the apple care people they basically say that I need to turn just about every function of the phone off, which only slightly improves the battery life.  What's the point of having this phone if I can't use it? After reading all of the treads and comments it does not sound like there is a solution to this problem. I hate to do it, but I am going to look at other devices this weekend. 

  • Dom1958 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, each time I had a replacement it would behave for a couple of weeks and then I would have the issue of the battery lasting less than a day. I also got fobbed off by Apple on the phone. This is why I walked in one of their shops without an appointment to see a "Genius" and announced loudly that I was really fed up. This gave me an immediate appointment, immediate test and 10 minutes after testing the attendant came back with a new phone and said quietly that indeed there was a battery fault. I recon that they have had a major manufacturing issue with the battery and are trying to keep it quiet.


    in addition there must have been an issue with iOS6 as now that I moved to 7 I do two days with one charge leaving every app open and everything running all the time.


    Like you I am very allergic to the concept of switching things off to make the battery last.Apparently if you switch the phone off the battery lasts for ages....dhuuu.


    I am also getting fed up with the cable rip off. ine lasted a month andd I am careful. You can only go back so many times to get a new one on warranty.You then have to buy one and they must be gold-plated at the price Apple is proposing.They changed the cable so I had to trash all my bits. The chinese copies did not work for a while until the "secret chip" was discovered" now they work but are completely unreliable.Apple has slowly educated their users to expect to buy lots of cable and think it is normal. In my book this is a real bad move. Rant ..


    My advice to all is to go to your nearest Apple shop with a sign around your neck saying "unhappy customer about to get a Galaxy". This motivates them

  • RGM12 Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds like a good plan.  Hope it works.  Will keep you posted. Thx

  • Noman_Subhani Level 1 Level 1



    how to turn off diagnostics on IOS 7?



  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    @doug Please try to reset the network settings on your phone. My iPhone 5 and iPad 3 also has the same problems as yours.  I tried it today on both devices and miraculously both devices are now running normally. Hope this also helps you.

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    Iphone5S::I have two iphones, one is a iphone5 and the iphone5s. I set the same settings that are on my iphone5 onto the iphone5s and they both have iso 7.0.2 and the iphone5s drains 75% faster on my new iphone5S! I have adjusted the apps and seetings on my iphone5s so hardly anything is running and still it drains fast. On my iphone5 I can leave  blutooth on, wifi on, and apps runing and all the other things i read to turn off to get more life out f your batery and my iphone 5 will last alot longer then my iphone 5s with all those settings off. Now here is the kicker about the iphone5S, i have both iphone's setup with an alarm to go off at 7:25am, my iphone5 will go off and when i check my iphone5s, it's dead, no battery life left.


    They were both charged up before i went to bed at 100% and my iphone5s was dead 0% battery life and my iphone5 was at 98%. So, to me it isn't a software issue, it is hardware, either the battery is no god or something hardware is draining the battery. So why is my iphone5s totally dead overnight without even using it???????????


    I use my iphone5 more than my iphone5s and that is a shame to use an older iphone because you can rely on it.

  • RGM12 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I took your advice.  Not in a store, but on the phone with an Apple tech.  Basically explained my situation and that I was getting ready to go device shopping.  They immediately got me in touch with a sr. tech support person who was great actually and we went to work.  Bottom line, I think we fixed the issue.  Had to restore the phone and set it up as a new phone.  I have done this before, but not in this way.  I basically turned the phone on and used it as if I just pulled it out of the box.  I went through the prompts to set it up, but did not hook it up to itunes or anything.  I used it for a day and the battery acted the way it should, meaning that the phone did not have a battery issue.  Then I added back my apps and email accounts slowly and kept tabs on the battery life.  One day is was work email account, next day personal email account.  The next day it was some apps.  Bluetooth, wifi, email settings, etc. were/are all on as they were before I was having issues.  I still have a few more apps to add back, but as of now I have just about everything back on my phone.  I deleted all my old back ups.  So far the battery is working the way it should, easily lasting the whole day and into the next, like it used to.  Of course now that I said it will probably crap out on me.  One thing I noticed that was different is that when I went to set up my work email it gave me an option to set it up as an Outlook account, or an exchange account.  I set it up as an exchange and the process was a little different.  Not sure if that makes a difference or not, but resetting all the email functions may have helped.  I did noticed that my email set itself up about 1000 times faster then the last time I did it.


    Anyway, not sure if this is helpful or not, and maybe most have already tried what I did.  Hopefully it fixed the problem.  Time will tell. 

    If you have not already, try restoring your phone and setting up as new.  Do not plug into itunes.  See if the battery still acts up.  If it does your phone is bad.  If it doesn't then its something else like your email or apps. 

  • Dom1958 Level 1 Level 1



    You have just describe the exact scenario I went through. For me after a week it went back to battery problem and this is when I walked into the store with thick red smoke coming out of my nose.

    Good luck and if it fails again you know what to do.

    Regarding the email set up, it will always be quicker with MS Exchange ( that is if you have the facility).

    Anyway it does not matter because the problem is the battery.


  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 Level 4

    Battery life is especially awful when on cellular. I was out most of the day yesterday and just got barely 4 hours usage (with strong LTE signals everywhere) before my battery was down to 8%.


    This seems just wrong to me, because the specs advertise the SAME battery life for wi-fi or LTE. But that is CLEARLY not true. It just isn't.



  • Hanani Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    i am having same problem lately with my Iphone 5 and IOS7. I see my phone gets very hot when using the camera or the gps apps. but even when I turn the camera off as well as GPS, the drainage is growing and when it gets to 24% it shuts down !!!! dead, I connected to the usb cable and it started but showed 0%.... very frustrating indeed !!!! would I be experiencing same issues with the new 5S I ordered already ??



    is there something wrong with the camera ??

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 Level 4

    Your shut down problems at 24% do not sound normal. I haven't tested how low I can go, but there is a low power warning at 20% you can dismiss, and another one at 10% you can dismiss. I have gotten down to 7% before I was able to plug it in for recharging and didn't have it shut off then. So you might very well contact Apple about that if it is still under warranty. It doesn't seem normal.


    My current main complaint (besides the fact that the battery just drains faster under iOS 7) is that in controlled tests, where I run it on wi-fi vs LTE it drains MUCH faster under LTE, when Apple's own specs say the time should be the same. I'm going to call Apple to complain about that. That is what they advertise but it's clearly not true.



  • Alphonso Ashworth Level 1 Level 1

    I removed Skype and turned off the app refresher. Deleted the content. Restored from a backup and my battery returned to normal. About 8 hours even with heavy use. I started to notice that my battery would drain more when Skype was on in the background. they added ads to the newest update. I don't know if it was the main culprit. But it has helped to remove it.

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