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    same problem here...iphone 5 with latest iOS, just turned off at 25% battery. lame.

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    Agree. We do not need simple solutions. We know screen bightness consume battery life and wifi saves battery life, enough of these solutions. The iphone 5S was ok and after IOS 7.1 battery drains too fast. I have 5GB and in 15 days I receive a notification that i consumed already 65% of data. I already erase the exchange and create a new one and it do not worked. My wife iphone 5S, which is not used for work, have the same problem after the update. I restored both iphones and put the backup again, I do not have time to installa everything again as a new phone, it has to be a fix without guessing. Apple needs to stand up on this.

  • dougfrombrooksville Level 1 (0 points)

    Very good jonc, i did your method last night about 3 or 4 times and today after 3 hours of use I still have 88%

    heck of a lot better than draining in 6 hours !! Thanks much

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    I've a questions i'm really worried because I haven't charge my iPhone for like 10 days because my charger didn't work any more so now I've got a new charger so I plugged it and it doesn't turn on. what I'm worried about is that it doesn't even show any sign of being charging. Please help me I don't know what to do.

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    @Reyna Guerra are you using an official Apple power cable to charge your iPhone? I've read cases where a non-official charger/ power cable did not charge the iPhone or very slowly.


    For other users with battery drain problems also look at this message from me in another topic. Maybe it also helps you to find a solution to the drain problems on your iPhone. I would also suggest to read the complete blog post by a former Apple Genius bar person.

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    I saw this article:

    Basically we should delete

    Anyone tryed this?

    Have a nice day.

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    Facebook app can have is problems but not in my case, because I have the background apps disabled since the beggining.


    It's one of the first things I disable on my iPhone, not only to save battery but data also, because in my country the data plans are very limited.


    So it's the second time I have my iPhone for repair. Almost two weeks without my Phone.


    Definately not going to buy an iPhone in a near future. I love iOS but Apple support are getting worst every day in my country. I first blamed my carrier but they say that it's not their fault because they sent all phones to Apple and they follow Apple instructions... so....kind of sad knowing that my favorite brand are losing their quality.


    Now im waiting to get my Phone and the fist think I'll do is sell just tired.

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    I ended up taking Iphone 5 down to Brandon FL. apple store and it tested as a software issue , so had to wipe

    out some of phone info and reinstall last update but now seems to hold a charge much better!!

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    I have tried turning off location settings and app refresh, got up at 7am this morning -930am now and am at 38%...this is common for my phone to need to be charged before noon.  This performance decreased after the update

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    Guys and gals,


    For the last time, please read through the thread before making anymore complaints.  The complaints are just making the thread longer, and it will be more difficult to find the solutions.  If you find a complaint that is already similar to yours, then don't add yours anymore.  Look for the solution.


    Please try these steps:

    1. Turn on Reduce Motion

    2. Turn off Location services on apps that you don't need

    3. Turn off Background App Refresh on apps that you don't need

    4. Turn off Notifications on apps that you don't need

    5. Turn off Push in Fetch New Data and set it to Manual or Fetch

    6. RESET NETWORK SETTINGS while you are plugged in

    7. Charge the phone overnight, and make a hard reset before you unplug it


    Not all phones are the same.  It depends on how you use it.  Most of the time, Facebook, Mail, and other chat apps are the culprit.  You should also see if your carrier signal strength is strong or not, especially if you are using data connections.  Whenever possible, use wifi connections.  My iphone 5 acts up everytime I make a software update, so I just do steps 6 and 7.  Hope this will help you, no harm in trying.

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    I found that AFTER THE UPDATE, Facebook started using an inordinate amount of processing. I really think that the update was faulty. You will find if you simply turn off notifications on Facebook, you will see a very big difference. I don't know weather it's Apple or Facebook fault, but you can bet YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT!. Both companies are well known to hide their bad stuff even at the customers chagrin.

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    Kulas, Manila Philippines :)


    The things you mentioned came out like since iOS 6. Just a bit extended with iOS 7. You want all articles? There are 7 things to switch off to save battery, then 9 things and 11... Now there are 21 things that is draining the battery. Ever wondered if these are draining the battery so much then why is it even in the phone at the first place? As a Mac lover, I got every single products tv, desk top, capsules Storage, Mac air, iPod and iPhone and the only problem is " the phone" it's not about iOS that runs on my mac air too and why it doesn't drain battery like this ? It doesn't drain my iPod too..Now I sleep with the phone connected to charger, becoz I m worried the phone will shut down running out of battery. I was late for work many times already that sometimes I wake up with 14% sometimes 15-16% that's pathetic. So this chat isn't about complaining, it's about sharing what we are really going through with this device that doesn't work with our important things in life. I still love my Mac products but I have decided to let it go for the phone and will get the ugly Samsung s5, every single spec about s5 is way ahead of iPhone and battery alone is the bonus point. Plus u can always carry a spare battery on your wallet regardless it's fully charge or not. I don't have to walk around with my Hideous looking power bank during my office hr anymore. I am an interior designer and yes looks matter and thumbs up for the the design of iPhone but it has left me with no choice so I will go with that cheap plastic looking samsung s5. It is the best smart phone so they claimed for now. Until Apple comes out with a new and better performance model then I will reconsider very carefully... Good luck guys...

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    Folks, replace yours iphones by warranty.

    I had the same issue until i made replacement.

    Now i use the last IOS and have minimum 14-18 hours standby with 6-7 hours usage.

    I keep all service ON and more than 20 different apps ON (include facebook)


    I tried apply a lot of battery drain fix for my old iphone. But my maximum standby time was 10-12 hours without usage.

    If i used iphone max - 4-5 hours.

    It's was awfully.

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    Hi all.

    I ve tried everything to improve my battery life and nothing helped but yesterday when im was traveling over boarder to czech republic ive turned off in settings / cellular / auto carrier search. And now im on 78% with 9hours of standby and 1h 26m usage. Guess dat was my bug and also help to other people.