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  • Julielee44 Level 1 Level 1

    See my post? Your phone will get the same problem when you sync back. I am so happy, I synced it to a window computer because my iOS need to be updated, I called apple, they mailed me leopard. For two phones to get hot and drain fast, it turned out to be my computer problem, I am certain for that. I still have 70% at 5:30pm, with web, email and many phone calls. What a difference, I can not say all phone has the same issue, I struggled for 12 days. If any doubt, You could try for 2 days without sync to iTunes after restore from icloud, see if the battery is good. Pay another trip to apple, they will restore your phone as new.



    I just did that yesterday evening, I almost returned my I-5, now it is working so well, I have wifi, LTE, push every function on, without battery problem. Let's just see if it last.

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    I picked up my iPhone 5 last friday afternoon, at first I didn't notice it much but when I went back to work on Monday I noticed something was not right with my battery.


    About 6am I unplugged it (charge it while I sleep) it had 100%, by the time I got to work at 7am it was already down to 97% and I didn't even do anything on it.  Well thru my normal routine that I used my iPhone4 by 1pm the battery was below 25%!  My iPhone 4 lasted a lot longer than that, and at work I usually only use it to read news on two 15mins breaks and an hour lunhc, maybe 1hr streaming podcast, that's about it during a work day.  Now I don't recall EXACTLY how long my iPhone 4 would last, I just know the iPhone 5 is last a LOT less.


    I started paying close attention to it Tues and today, going as far as to jot down times and charge% at 10-15min intervals.  Tuesday it was losing about 3% every 30mins, just sitting there on it's own with no interaction other than to check the charge%.  On my 15min breaks, where I just look at news on one or two apps, no video, it was burning thru about 7-9% battery in 15mins!  Not what I'm use too. 


    So yesterday I used it till it died, left it off for 1.5hrs, then plugged it in and let it charge for 2hrs (as I had read to do).  It seemed better it stayed at 100% well untill 9:30am this time, I thought it was cured.  Went to break....pulled up some text articles (no pictures) read thru them for 15mins, BAM 9% battery gone!  WTH?


    So I tried resetting the settings, again "seemed" ok, it stayed at the same precent for 2.5hrs this time.  Went to break again, same thing loaded some text articles read thru them, this time only 8% of battery went away this time.  So still pretty terrible.


    I should note that I do not have iCloud, I never set it up, but I do have location services on where I think it's useful and I'm comparing my iPhone 5 battery life to my iPhone 4, and it's a lot worse so far.  I purposely did not use my phone hardly at all today.  With light use, reading text articles on an app and watching a 1minute video it drained about 33% of my battery today!  I also tried just resetting it this afternoon as well and it did not seem to help, I spent about 4mins browsing some text articles and lost about 5% of my battery just doing that.


    Oh and lastly I did notice playing games on it over the weekend the battery only last about 1.5 to 2hrs before it got to 20% notice, just single player games.


    This REALLY needs to get fixed, or at least acknowledge from an official source.  I like the phone a lot in every regard but I thought the battery would be at least the same as the iPhone4, if not improved.

  • SteveGNYC29 Level 1 Level 1

    i did restore it as a new phone- the only thing i did was sync my apps from itunes- I do also have a macpro with the latest software, so i dont know if thatis an issue.

  • lowr1d3r Level 1 Level 1

    so far i havent had a problem yet, i bpught the 16gb and just backed up from my iphone 4 data which has all my settings configured.. end of the day i have 50% left

  • lowr1d3r Level 1 Level 1

    hopefully apple will come up with a update -__-"

  • Bfeagley Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem.  This is a joke.  Bought it yesterday and basically have to keep it charging to keep the battery charged.  Went to lunch with a 100% charge and in 30 minutes doing misc things and a little internet surfing, i went to 69%.  Called Apple support, they tell me to erase my phone and restore.  10 minutes on the phone with them and I lost another 10%. 

    I have restored the phone and this did not fix the problem at all!  Getting ready to call them back again.


    Also having problem with the camera when you zoom.  When you zoom, it doesnt center the picture, it shoots almost straight down.  Cuts off everything.  Had two other people try it on my phone to see if I was crazy, nope, same result.  Not very happy!

  • BGist Level 2 Level 2

    That's not normal behavior.  My iPhone 5 will last from 5am-10pm without a charge and still have 30-40% left.  I use LTE all day, and make a normal amount of calls, send an abnormal amount of text messages, talk to Siri periodically.  The same behavior on my iPhone 4 would completely drain the battery before lunch time, even when it was new. 


    Take it to the store and see if they can look at the logs and see what's wrong ... or get you a new phone. 

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    Try putting your iPhone 5 on Airplane mode or turning off LTE and Data when the signal is about 3-4 bars. At that signal, the iPhone is working harder than usual to get better signal. My battery is spotless when I am at home where LTE and signal is sky high, but when I go to school, the battery drains like the sewer.


    For background info, I always close my apps on the multitasking bar as soon as i am finished, have Push off for mail and use manual for incoming mail for all my accounts, and my notifications and location settings are on for every app I deem necessary besides the stock apps (messages, mail, etc).


    I would not go to great lengths such as turning off all notifications for other apps and location settings completely since I don't believe in giving such a prized phone the baby treatment. I do take extreme care of my iPhone and I have NEVER dropped it nor does it has NO scratches, but I don't turn off most its features just to save battery; its an iPhone for christ's sake and it would be wasted if one doesn't use it to the best of its ability!

    In short, the problem pertains to the phone seeking better signal, so airplane mode is the way to go when you are scarce for battery.

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    Today I stayed in all day, used the phone only via wireless.


    Phone lasted 8.5 hours usage and still had 6%. I am 99.9% certain the issue is related to cellular data. Not LTE specifically. The answer?! I don't know. Temp turn off cellular data while away from wifi? Not a long term solution, I'd rather get a galaxy s3 than deal with this long term.

  • aaronwhatup Level 1 Level 1

    Switch off Celluar data. Use wireless. My Celluar data usage has increased from what I would normally use in a month to I now use in a week. Since switching off Celluar data, the battery hardly drains at all in comparision to before. ----- I know this shouldn't be the case Apple to need to fix whatever is constantly calling home.


    On celluar data - 1-2% every few minutes.


    On wireless only - hasn't dropped a % yet in over 10 mintues and i have been randomly visiting websites and switching apps etc etc tec.

    This is what usage i'm used too.


    I have more of my settings turned off now that what I did before on my iPhone 4.


    I think I agree with some people on here previously that this is a 3G, 4G, LTE issue, doesn't matter which one.

    The increased Data usage and battery drain seem to go hand in hand.

  • King_James_of_Akron Level 1 Level 1

    True. I put my phone on airplane mode for about an hour and the battery dropped 1%. I toggle airplane mode off again, and not even 2 minutes the battery decreased 2%. Even on 4G, this happened so I stand corrected. It's not just LTE that the battery drain occurs, but also during 4G.


    I've a feeling that AT&T users like me are also having that cellular data but that Verizon users had but is now rectified recently by Apple.

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried every single fix I could think of.  Disabled notifications, system services, Mail to "fetch"/no push, airplane mode, etc, etc, cure.   Restored as a new cure.  Highly disappointed.





  • justconverttomac Level 1 Level 1

    Got my iphone 5 two days ago and love it. Just amazing! But the battery drains so quickly.......only lasted 6 or 7 hours maybe half hour talk time and a little FB. It drained off about 30% while it was in sleep mode. Hope it is just the battery memory and will reset after another full charge.

  • galos Level 1 Level 1

    So the first thing I noticed wrong with my new iPhone 5 was battery life. My wife and daughter have a 4s and I've used their phones, even with gps and internet at the same time, and I've never come close to the battery consumption that the iphone 5 is seeing.


    My first few days, I noticed the phone would drop 1% every couple of minutes, without me even doing anything. I ran the app (about 6-7 times) and it dropped my battery percentage 6%!


    The other day, after loading many apps (*no* games), I decided to try something. I ended up closing every app that was running in the background (which was paused). Low and behold, my battery life started looking a little better. It was no longer dropping 1% every 5 minutes or so.  Without use, I ended up getting through 2 days without a charge. But what's the point if I can't use the phone?


    In any event, with the phone in this operation, as soon as I opened up mail and started typing, my battery dropped 2% (about 2 minutes). There are clearly two things going on. One, apps are not behaving properly in IOS 6 with the iPhone 5. Second, there is a major battery draw problem when using cellular data. Tomorrow I am trying a new test. I have charged my phone and will turn off LTE, leaving only 3g and test how long I can go with it.  I will report back here again with my results.


    Overall I'm not impressed. This was my usage *after* I turned everything off in the background and not using that much internet (mostly telephone calls). I will also point out, that apple is doing something funny with Standby Time. I took a call the other morning, and it came right off the charger as soon as I answered it. When I finished the calll, Standby time said 4 minutes and Usage said 2 minutes. This was right after a 2 minute call.  Apple - you are either flawing this computation or there is a serious bug that needs resolution. Perhaps your beta phones had this flaw and that is what caused your erroneous reporting?



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    Hey guys I'm please to say after my third return of the iphone 5 64 gig white version I'm finally done without being with a normal phone. I'm moving to android after all these years . I will not be a sheep of battery drainage anymore three phones and trying everything that was mentioned in each and every post starting since day one I must have gone thru all 27000 posts and have had no luck tommorow after my third return I will go android shopping. Apple thanks for really making it a hudge hassel for all the clients that ended up paying 925 dollars usd with tax to purchase these phones I hope you have fun proccessing the returns.

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