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    Guys just be a bit more patient with the battery - I also had battery draining issues in the beginning when I bought the Phone on 21September but after 3-4 full recharge cycles (and now many more) my phone battery now lasts upto 2 days (with 8+ hours of Usage and 2+ days of standby mode) AND I have 3G, LTE, Location, Push Notifications, WiFi - every possible settings ON.


    I went for a 2 hour walk with all settings ON and was continously listening to Music all along - total battery drained was 13% (i.e from 100 to 87). So let the phone settle itself with the signal strength in the surrounding areas. Luckily for me LTE strenght is very good in the neighbourhoods I spent most of my day.

  • Bengt Schultz Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I have the same experience w my 64gb version of iPhone5 after about 2 and half hour it was at 1% battery left and it ran out shortly thereafter. i had barely used it but i had been in area were AT&T has 4g only coverage. And according to speed test app my down load speeds are 0.22Mbps.... Yes AT&T are throttling my account.

    Apears that 4G and possibly throttling on IOS6 has something to do with the battery useage...

  • HBarry Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    My situation is that I live in rural Maine and do not have any ATT service at my house. As a result, ATT supplied me with an Micro Tower (m-cell) so my phone works perfectly over wifi. HOWEVER, although I get 5 bars with my iphone 5, it is only a 3G signal!! (obviously the 3 year old m-cell was not shipped with LTE capablity) I have been reading this post for a week and making all the recommended changes to no avail.  Mean while my old iphone 4, now my wifes, seems to have perfect battery life; she is also usung the m-cell (But it is only a 3g phone!)


    So it occured to me that maybe my phone is unhappy with the 3g signal, even though it gets 5 bars,  and continuously searchs for 4g regardless, therefore running down the battry. So last night I turned LTE off, and only lost 6% in the 12 hours of standby overnight. Prior to that I was loosing 2%/hour in standby. BTW, my old iphone has been running all my old apps with many power hungry settings still on.


    Perhaps the M-Cell gives us a laboratory test that seaching for 4G kills the battery.

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    Dear all,

    After a few sleepless nights due to the extremely poor iPhone 5 16GB white battery life with severe drain (doing simple stuff like emails, fb, messages, phone calls, no games, with a lot of features off) like 1% drop every few minutes, after more than 10 restores and so on, I found a pretty simple solution which so far worked for me. I don't want to say that is perfect now but battery life significantly improved, I'm waiting the battery to become empty and post again. The "secret" is to download an app called Battery Doctor Pro and make a few full cycle charges (I did 2 so far) and hopefully you'll have a perfectly functioning battery and get rid of this highly annoing issue...I hope it will work for you...cheers apple fans!

  • Yoyo163 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just read this on the web.

    It say reset all setting

    I have just done that and let see

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Everyone:  Save your time and energy, don't bother restoring to a backup.  Don't bother restoring to a new phone. Don't toggle all your settings 'off'.  Don't switch your email from push to fetch. Don't reset your settings.  I've tried EVERY possible configuration, and nothing works.  It is either a iOS6 issue or a hardware issue.  Bring your phone into Apple and demand a replacement, it may not remedy the problem (like the antenna issue with the 4), but it WILL give a clear/definitive statement to Apple that their product needs serious work.


    Also, people posting that you need to "cycle" your battery multiple times. That's completely false.  Use your google-fu and do some research about Lithium-ion batteries and how they function.  Posting magic and unicorn fixes on the support forum wastes everyone's time and energy, and makes people dumber for having read it.

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    Oh ... Also to share I have 2 iPhone 5 both 32g

    Black - is the one one giving me the huge batt drain

    White - batt drain is fine .... 2 days without charging...


    It could really be the factory firmware or software setup which did not do a good job ...

    As logically speak but iPhone hw should be same except the shell ...


    So let see if resetting the all setting would soft the problem ......

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    Well that was the lamest attempt at disguising an advertisment if ever I seen one. I am 100% certain that app isn't going to have any effect on the problem.

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    With the replacement phone:  I don't have an iCloud account and I have cellular data off throughout the day while connected to wifi.... My phone is lasting a full 24 hours with 8 hours usage and 1 day standby time pretty consistantly now.  


    I did have an issue where 1% was lasting about a half hour but now after some full cycle charges that seems to have gone away. 


    I definitely think there are a few issues going on with all these battery issues.... one of them being cellular data.

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    Oh and last night... do not disturb on, closed all apps, wifi no cellular data and I only dropped 2% in 8 hours. 

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    I don't really have an advantege for advertising an app...there is also a free version which is the same with ads, i only want to help as i'm struggling for few days now..anyway i dont give a f about your opinion you're free to try or not cheerz

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    Just want to say that I also have the app, but it hasn't helped a lot and it only helps to a degree having the full cycle charge. Yesterday I used the app to get a full cycle charge, but after going to a place were signal was spotty (my school's library), the battery went down faster then a ball freefalling.


    I have a gut feeling that this is a cellular data problem, and the only logical solutions are to either turn off data completely (so you can still make calls) or go rogue by turning on airplane mode which will transform your phone into a glorified iPod touch. Either way, these solutions are NOT what I was expecting to be doing for a phone that is supposed to have improved battery life. -.-


    REAALLLY hoping Apple fixes this.


    PS - voila my battery just dropped 3% typing this.

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    I have a sulution, Right now im on 20 % and Used for 7 h 34 minutes and standby 10 h 11 minutes. I´ll Tell you later today what i did and ill put some screen pictures. Have to say that 3-4 hours was with music on and using the phone for 5 minutes every 20 minutes. But 7 hours and 34 minutes is good. Hope to be better, I've done 3 full charge cycles!

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    SimonMooseman wrote:


    I've noticed something when the iPhone 5 is connected via wi-fi.  The LAN light on my router never stops blinking rapidly when the 5 is connected to wi-fi even though I'm not running any apps. Something in the background is running through the router constantly even when idle, and I am also getting serious battery drain.  I've turned off location services, reset the phone, minimized what's open etc etc....wonder if this is someone to do with Siri?  As soon as I turn off wi fi, the router calms down and battery drain returns to, it's any device I have upgraded to iOS 6 that is sowing this, not just the 5


    I have noticed this as well. Router light blinking like crazy. And, for some reason, I have noticed relatively poor performance when connected to my home wi-fi. I've started turning it off b/c the LTE seems faster anyway.

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    I've noticed something similar! I reset the network settings for my iPhone 5 and after the reboot, I did NOT use wifi. So far the battery has only dropped 1% in 15 minutes, a far cry from when it would only take about 2 minutes to drop 2-3%! I suggest turning off wifi and sticking with LTE if that works out.

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