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  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    So today I tried turning off everything, except for data cause obiviously I need it at work for this site and others I like to read.  So I have Wifi, ALL Location Services, Siri, Bluetooth, and LTE all OFF and email fetch set to manual.  I'm doing this as TEST and not the way I plan to use the phone, as that would be completely absurd and unreasonable.


    What I'm noticing so far is that standby time seems quite a bit better, I left the phone unattentioned for a about 2hrs and the % didn't drop at all.  Which is surprising as it normally would have dropped by a noticable couple of %.  So one of those things, I guessing LS, is putting a drain on it, which then leads me to believe it's an issue with iOS6 making LS use more power or constantly doing "Something" since iPhone 4/4s are affected as well.


    So ok standby is doing a bit better, BUT what I'm noticing is the moment I do anything on the phone, aka the moment I (heaven forbid!) USE the phone the battery is plummeting!  I picked it up, fetched emails, which it found 2, read them, opened settings, and opened App Store and it went down by 2%!  In just a couple of minutes!  I noticed this several times over and just typing out texts or emails, haven't loaded a game or anything intense.  Literally all I've done is type out a few things, send, and looked at settings/usage over and over.  It does seem that either data usage or backlighting are causing this.  My backlight is at 1/4th though, but that's about all I can think of, cause when I leave it alone and off it seems fine, but as soon as I unlock it or "turn on" the screen and start doing anything on it, the battery will drop by 1% in less than a minute of using it.  And some of it could be data usage, but the majority of the time it will go down as I'm typing.  I'm typing this on a PC today, but previous responses this long were on my iPhone 5 and the battery % ALWAYS dropped by at least 2% just typing this much out.


    Just my observations, I still think (or maybe hope) it's software issue with iOS6, much like a memory leak, but with the battery, but it could be a defective battery.  I will probably go bakc to the Apple store tomorrow and get a replacement and try that.  I hope they don't give me sh#t about it.

  • dyeylet Level 1 Level 1

    read my posts I have done all that you are about to do I went back to iphone 4s 64 gigon ios 6.0 and battery is fine. IT the iphone 5 thats the issue I had 3 returns already.!!!

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Is anyone's usage way off too? My usage is way over the actual usage. Saying it's been on stand by for over a day when it empathitcally has not. Saying it's been used over two hours when it hasn't. I've noticed this since I got the phone. The apple rep said this happens and that the usage isn't accurate but, this is way off. I'm wondering if somehow this phone is not clocking a lot more usage and draining the battery that way.


    I'm getting a call this afternoon from Apple and I'll give them a chance to resolve this for  me but, if there is another batch of phones coming out that do not have these issues I"ll be looking for an exchange. This phone is just too expensive to settle for this performance. I've turned Siri back on as well as some of the other functions because truly I can't see the point of leaving everything totally off.


    My phone was used about thirty minutes total and was on stand by for about eight hours. It drained to 60 percent. I know my 4 would not have done that especially not on stand by. It's a LOT harder for me to get to an Apple store than some of you. Like an hour and a half one way, basically a whole day of work lost just to go there for an appt. Hopefully if I need to exchange this phone then I'll be able to do it at an authorized Apple dealer here.

  • George Cassello Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing with mine. I tried to do a usage/battery drain test yesterday. I charged it too 100% at 9 am. Woke this morning at 6 am and I was at 14%. That would be 21 hours. Under usage it claimed my stand by time was 21 hours and my usage was around 6.5 hours. Mathmatically that makes no sense at all. And honestly, why wouldnt the tracking of that be accurate? That claim doesn't make sense either. What's the point? I dont believe that claim. There isn't any reason that it wouldn't be accurate. Its an equation caculated by mathematics. I can uderstand a slight sway in the usage calculation but there is no reason that it couldnt/shouldnt be quite accurate.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Well this is what we are supposed to be getting or close to it. Stand by up to 225 hours? Now THAT would be GREAT! 8 hours on LTE? Okay it says "up to" but, my experience with the four was that on 3g that wasn't too far off. 8 hours talk time or browsing? No way on the 5 not even close.


    Battery Life6

    Talk time:
    Up to 8 hours on 3G

    Browsing time:
    Up to 8 hours on LTE
    Up to 8 hours on 3G
    Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi

    Standby time:
    Up to 225 hours

  • galos Level 1 Level 1

    so another update and probably the part where now I'm actually considering returning the phone and going with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Today I had to reset my network connections about 5 times. By the end of the day I couldn't send or receive emails, so I tried turning off the cellular network and back on again - but that didn't work this time. So I put the phone in airplane mode and then turned it off. As the phone logged back onto the Verizon network, I not only was able to receive my mail messages but my text messages throughout the day came in. I'm really annoyed at this point. I had a 3 year old palm pre that worked magnitudes better than this phone. It may have been much slower, but it worked. Now that I cannot even get my messages or text messages puts a concern that this is not the phone for me.

  • diego.petracca Level 1 Level 1

    Hi George, I definitely think the same as you. Please read my comments at page 31 and 32, I think that the phone get waked up by the email fetching.

    I defenitely agree that the usage is not accurate at all!

  • fjavierm Level 1 Level 1

    I have the solution definitive


    Turn off wifi

    Turn off 3G

    Turn off Bluetooth

    Down brightness

    Turn off, notification, GPS,

    Close all apps


    And turn ON the mode 'plane'


    And you will see you increase your battery until 20 minutes




    Is it a joke?


    Information say several months ago batteries were fault, and apple don't change and retire it, they try to sell and if you don't complaint and you are a one of the million 'ifanboy' you won't change your iPhone and you will have a fault phone during next 2 years

  • LoganSixx Level 1 Level 1




    On Friday 10.5 I got a new iP5. Had it set up straight from the box. I did 2 full battery drains and charges.

    I turned off all non essentials (LTE, fetch, siri, basically all the stuff that makes it a cool device). I did not install one single app.


    All I got was marginally better battery life. Nothing spectacular. Still not making it through a day. barely getting to 4 hours of usage before i have to charge the phone.


    I went back to the local apple store on 10.8 to meet with the Genius. I brought my baseline test, my

    2.5 year old iP4 to show how bad battery life is in comparison.

    I got the same run around as before.

    I'll do a Diagnostic check, the battrery is fine. because of the diagnostic, I was not given a new phone.

    Genius then wiped out the phone and set it up as a new phone. I was told that sometimes the initial install can be buggy and that wiping it clean with a fresh install might help.

    While the install was doing its thing Geniuis reminded me that this phone has a slew of new features...I cut the poor kid off and reminded him that I had turned off all those cool new features due to the poor battery life and all I was doing was texting, surfing and making a few short calls.


    As of Today:

    Still barely getting to 5 hours of useage without needing to charge the iP5.


    I have read every post on this forum.

    I have tried everything this forum has recommended.

    I even tried a system activity app just to see what it might have to offer (which wasnt much).


    I have been a iPhone user since Jan 2008 I have had a 2nd Gen, 3G, and 4. I had them the day they were available. None of those gave me the battery grief I am experiencing now.


    Between the battery life, Podcast app, the reconfigured Contacts, and the Maps fiasco...I am very sad to say the Nokia Lumina is looking like a distinct possiblity if battery life isnt resolved by my 30th day of ownership.

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I've had everything off today except for Celluar data (but no LTE) and just done a few texts, emails, and open a news app or two.  They only difference I notice is standby time is a "tad" better, it doesn't seem to drop randomly on it's own. 


    BUT any time I use the phone the battery still drops noticably, so not difference.  I haven't used it much today, but I"m currently at 65% and exactly 2hrs of usage.  By my math I'll get just under 6hrs of usage at this rate, so no different than if I had everything on.  Though if I'm as busy as I have been today, then it will be longer between charges since it doesn't seem to be slowly draining while it sits idle.  I even had my IGN app open at break (only app open), walked around for 10mins with it open, just reading and battery dropped by 10 mins!


    I definitely think there is something with the OS slowly trickling the battery while the phone is in standby, but the greater issue of the fast drain while using it, I'm starting to think is hardware issue.  As I said before I'm mostly just typing, or in the case of my break I was just reading, so the only thing that could have been draining the battery that 4% in 10mins is either my app being open or the screen being on.  And my brightness is set to 1/4th, so pretty low, lower than I like it.

  • advertbandit Level 1 Level 1

    I have less than 5 hours life with moderate use (wifi at work check emails now and again, not many calls) - have to recharge at lunch or soon after and have gone through the posts and tested various states including the resets and build from scratch option. It's worse than my iPhone 4 clearly, and I ended up getting a mop how for that.


    I'm teaching at a college in London and have iCloud, exchange and gmail accounts to check (not push of course). I have another colleague (both on O2) in the same position but he just checks one non exchange account. He's returning his and I will do the same, just defensively really as I'm about to run out of my return policy and apple still haven't upgraded the iOS and I want to see if its a bad batch we have?


    If I hadn't bought so many apps and invested time in iClouding my music (which I can't now check- how frivolous would that be in battery life terms!) I would switch to a windows mobile phone if the battery specs were good.

  • jetpic Level 1 Level 1

    I have tried everything and the usage is still the same as my previous post.


    Seems many people in Hong Kong are having the same issue and the vendors are not even willing to exchange the phones!


    My friends in the US are getting much better battery life, seems not software related if some units are getting battery life as advertised while others arent.


    My guess is Apple new of defective units and still had them sold!

  • iMeichow Level 1 Level 1

    Apple. This is rubbish.


    Completely agree with LoganSixx's situation. Have tried everything on the web and forum and battery problems persist.


    The phone should not die in the middle of the day and we should not need to turn off all those great features you have come up with for iOS. Lte is why I bought this phone.


    Fix now.

  • lavetta Level 1 Level 1

    jetpic - I went to the Apple Store in IFC here in Hong Kong (through booking a Genius appointment) and they said I could exchange my iPhone 5 for a new iPhone 5 at any time during the warranty (even though I purchased through the network - I wouldn't even bother asking SmarTone). The guy did tell me though that in all honesty, it wasn't likely to make a difference, as it's an iOS problem... he recommended just to wait it out, and if I'm not happy after that then they would exchange it at any time within the 1-year warranty period.


    I didn't personally exchange it, as it doesn't seem to have made much difference to people here in the forum.


    My battery life has been a bit better of late... I am now usually making it from 6am until I go to bed and put it back on charge (LTE is on, WiFi when I'm at home, a bit of bluetooth, Siri is off as it's useless, mail is pull fetch rather than push, etc...).

  • JLAU133 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Lavetta,


    I can totally understand your frustration.  It kinda defeat the purpose of having everything turn-off on this phone just to preserve the battery life. Obviously, it becomes dumb phone rather than smart phone. This is not working as design. My wife and I on contrary have an excellent battery life with the Ip5 and we managed to push the battery even further with the setting below.


    1. Restore the phone Network setting

    Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings (Not All Settings)


    This somehow help the phone to better utilizing/optimizing the battery life against your network provider.


    *If you are at home or in WIFI zone, the phone will use WIFI but somehow cellular data setting is still on. You might want to turn this off manually.


    2. Use necessary Push Notifications Only i.e. Social Media or Emails


    3. Lastly, this is the most changes that I felt on my battery life. Go to:


    Privacy>Location Services On>Scroll down to the bottom page and select System Services> Turn EVERYTHING OFF


    4 Download Battery Life Pro to manage your battery charging and track your battery usage.


    See Page 30 of this thread for our usage.


    I hope this helps.

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