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  • foxstop Level 1 Level 1

    Having battery issues with the new iPhone 5 as well.

    Drains fast with ad tracking and diagnostic send off.


    Really just tagging onto this thread to see if there are any fixes in the works from Apple and others.


    I have noticed since iOS6 that my wife's iPhone 4 batter drains faster too.


    Hoping I'm not totally nuts

  • TheCMH Level 1 Level 1

    It's something to do with iCloud, IMO. Must be stuck trying to synchronize.

  • chrisfromgastonia Level 5 Level 5

    From what i have seen on mine, you are exactly correct. I turned off icloud except for contacts and my battery life has improved ten fold. Before this change i would get 3/4 of a day out the phone, now it will go two days with moderate use. FYI, i have everything else on except location services.


    I did also do a restore from backup to my 5 two days after i got it. This just to get a fresh ios version versus the factory one. The combination of these two items i believe is what fixed mine battery issue.

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    I have NEVER used iCloud at all at I'm getting horrible battery life too.  In all the tests I've done myself, there is definitely something with Mail and Location Services that is draining the battery slowly while it's in standby.  As for usage though, I don't know, anything I use just drains the battery like crazy, so either iOS being horribly ineffiecent or hardware issue.


    Interestingly though my standby time is slowly getting better, though I've modified some settings.  I refuse to turn everything off for normal use, I only do that if I want to test something.  But anyway, I have everything ON except Siri and Bluetooth, email set to push, and limited LS on (only the ones I find useful/use) and I believe that's all of them.  I charged it Thursday night as I slept and didn't have to charge it again until late Sunday afternoon!  Now that's the kind of life I want to see, BUT as you can see in those 2 days I barely used the phone though, and still get HORRIBLE usage time!  I get nowhere near that kind of standby on a weekday cause I usually use it a lot more.  So yeah you can get great standby....if you don't use your phone, ha ha




    After charging it last night I'm already down to 83% with 59mins of usage, which by my calucations I'll get about 4.8hrs worth!  And all I've done is play two words in Words with Friends, and look at about 7 emails, and 2 websites.

  • metuere Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I had this same problem! I could not take the phone anywhere without the charger! I did turned off all the notifications, LTE, locations services, and changed mail check times. Nothing worked. I then took it into my local apple store where the Genius showed a SoundBoard(?) error or some such. He told me to set erase the phone and set it up as new--no restore from backup. I did that. Still busted. But what ultimately fixed it was a restore from within iTunes. For whatever reason, that fixed the issue on my iPhone5 and my wife's iPhone4s that was running ios6 with the same issues. Now my phone still has more than 90% at the end of the day. Cheers!


    EDIT: Oh, and with the iTunes restore I did restore the device from an iCloud backup while going through the phone's welcome/setup prompts.

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    Today I am at 3 hours 37 min usage and have 75% battery left.


    This is coming from an iPhone that died after 4 hours usage when I first got it.


    Other than


    General > about > advertising > limit ad tracking: Turn it on.


    General > about > diagnostic and usage: set to dont send.


    I also turned off data while I'm at home on Wifi. Theoretically that shouldn't make any difference, as I've got wifi connected anyway. But who knows.


    Please try the above 2 settings and let me know how you get on.


    At least they are not features, so nobody should have an issue with turning them off.


    FWIW I have location services enabled for most apps, notifcations enabled for most apps and using my phone pretty much exactly as I'd want to.


    These 2 settings appear to have given my battery a huge boost. Tomorrow I'll try the same, but with cellular data turned on while at home on Wifi.

  • aallardalex Level 1 Level 1

    Very disapointed as well by the battery life.

    Last 1/2 day.

    Hope Apple will get us some battery pack or to my greatest disapointemnet I will have to go to Android!

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    I also wondered whether perhaps the non LTE networks perhaps hide the setting, but it's set to ON and constnatly searching for an LTE signal, rather than set to OFF. Of course as we can't see the setting, it's impossible to tell.


    That said, I have a great battery life now. But I am just unsure if it's due to the 2 settings above, turning cellular data off while on Wifi or a combo of both.

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    @ Realmaverick


    I've had Limit iAd "on" and Send diagnostic "off" since I got the phone, it doesn't make a difference.  Also turning LTE off I get even WORSE battery life, last time I turned off LTE I got 3.5hrs of usage.



    @ metuere


    Hmmm, I'll have to try restoring, again.  I'm confused by your last part, did you Restore From Backup by connection to a PC with iTunes, or did you back it all up from iCloud?  Pretty much the only option I haven't tried other than getting a replacement phone, which I am close to doing.

  • metuere Level 1 Level 1

    What finally worked was:

    1. making an iCloud backup

    2. connect to my computer and selected restore from the iTunes iPhone section

    3. within iTunes I think I only had the option to restore from iTunes backup or setup as a new phone, I chose setup as a new phone and didn't select any email or app options

    4. Once iTunes was done, I went through the prompts on my newly restored iPhone and chose to restore from iCloud backup.

    5. A giant pain, but it made all the difference in the world!


    Now I can leave notifications and location services on and everything works great!


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  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1

    Restoring your phone DOES NOT work. Period.  Everyone has to stop posting this as a is creating unnecessary work for everyone. 


    If you think you have a 'solution', post your usage results after your second discharge cycle on your battery.  The first battery cycle off of a restore produce FALSE readings....yep, you guess it, abnormally 'good' readings.   The second discharge cycle brings you back to reality.

  • ski4 Level 1 Level 1

    Ive been through all the the potential fixes on here and NONE work significantly

    I finally called apple care today and they have installed the traking software on my phone that the tech sent me in an email.

    ill run this for a few days and it will go to the engineers i guess.


    i am still pretty convinced this is a software issue and i am willing to bet the next patch will correct it.

    But if not i at least wanted to have the case information in the system to help with my hardware exchange .

    I am going to wait for the first patch though before i waste time at the apple store with my two little ones that will go nuts there.

  • Hawk815 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not getting terrible battery life on wifi, but once I get out of wifi, my battery seems to drain a lot faster, has anyone tried turning off iMessage to see if this may be an issue?

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Thank YOU Handsfull! After spending so much time hoop jumping with minimal improvement I gave up until a real fix is released. All this turn this off, restore that, back up from itunes, don't back up from itunes, turn off cloud, turn off the entire functionality of the phone and voila! Battery life is better. I'm done, until Apple gets to the bottom of this.

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    Perhaps then the issue is cellular data.


    I have 5 hours 7 minutes usage with 65% battery left.


    That's gonna be a crazy good battery life. 10-12 hours?


    I'm wondering if the phone is constantly trying to use the data connection, even though we are connected to wifi? It doesn't make sense but I cannot see how I'm suddenly getting such great battery life. I'm literally going to get 12 hours usage today!!!

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