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    That's great and all jandi, but we wouldn't be complaining if we weren't getting terrible battery life

  • Jandi100 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Of couse not, I just dont understand it, and I hope that my experience can give you hope that the phone that obvious should be able to perform very well.



  • Hawk815 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It has got to do with the networks we have, I don't have Lte in my area, I have the Lte service cut off on my phone. The reason I don't believe it is my phone is because I already took my original back and had it replaced, and I don't believe it is ios6 because I have it on my ipad with no cellular service and I am consistently getting 12 hours usage out of it.

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    Jet, no I didn't restore from a back up. I set the phone up as new and then plugged into Itunes. So that's not the issue for everyone. Turning off cellular data for NOW when on wifi does help SOME. BUT that is not practical at all. Most of us need to use our phones away from home especially people who travel a lot. I don't want to worry if my phone is only going to make it for 4 or 5 hours when I'm out and about in this city or elsewhere. I'm hoping it IS a software update that's needed and only that.


    Jandi, your very lucky and your usage is what would be hoped for when one bought this phone. It worries me a little though since some of you are getting fine battery life on OS6. That points to the problem being with carriers and in that case I'm not happy at all. The weird thing is that I never had this issue on the same carrier with my iphone 4 at ALL. The 4 had fantastic battery life and this one was supposed to be even better. :S Not so at all. I'd hate to end up just having to "live with it" as it could put a lot of people in some irritating situations. Stuck in an airport with all the charging spots taken all day? Tough, get your own extra charing back up and live with it? Out and about in some remote area and need the phone to do tasks and last all day? Not going to happen with this phone if you are one of the ones with this issue.


    I'm still hoping there will be a fix released and soon.

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    I am pretty sure that there is some problem when using cellular data as with wifi I get 2 days standby and 9 hours of usage with 14% battery still remaining. Also phone doesn't get hot when using wifi while it gets really hot when I use cellular data. One another problem which I observed is that the battery life keeps on decreasing even if not used.

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    After I upgraded to an iPhone 5 a few days ago the first thing I did was restore from my iPhone 4 iCloud backup. After that I was experiencing the things some people here complain of: running hot and battery draining quickly.


    But I then reset as a new iPhone and synced in all my apps, music, photos, etc. from iTunes and now it is running cool - even after using it continually for 90 minutes or 2 hours and the battery drain is acceptably within specs.


    This screen shows


    Usage: 4 Hours, 0 Minutes

    Standby: 19 Hours, 28 Minutes

    Battery at 44%.


    That would "multiply out" to


    Usage: 7 Hours, 14 Minutes

    Standby: over 34 hours


    when the battery is fully used up.


    I believe that is pretty reasonable and within specs.


    I will try an experiment after my next full charge of turning off cellular data though (except when absolutely needed) for comparison.


    I'm not saying some people aren't having some power-draining issue due to their carrier. But even without 5 bars standing the issue for me seemed to have been the attempt to restore from my iPhone 4's iCloud backup instead of installing as a new iPhone and syncing.


    Screenshot: .png



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    errr Jandi100, that's great for you. But comments like "Come on guys, that's great", is obviously a moronic thing to say. Clearly from this thread, not everybody is having the same experience.

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    I've tried everything that everyone suggested in this thread - even doing a DFU and reinstalling ios 6 on my iphone 5. It clearly has to do with hardware issues. There are certainly improvements you can obtain by turning off the LTE radio and just using 3G, but for a large portion of users posting on this message board, I'm fully convinced that the major battery issues are hardware related. (likely the cellular radio)


    I've already read at least two different posts where people are either sitting at the exact same office with the exact type phones and one is draining by the minute while the other is performing outstandingly. Another incident included two pilots (IIRC). Both had the exact same phone and the one person who used it less had less battery life than the person who used it more. Clearly the same cellular towers are being used and something is awry. Even myself - I have a co-worker who bought the exact same phone as I did and his is providing awesome battery life, while every time I make a call or use the internet (wifi, 3g and especially 4g), I can literally watch the percentage drop by the minute.


    I will reiterate that yes you can achieve longer battery life from turning off LTE and relying on 3G or even wifi, but for select cases like myself and a number of others, there simply is no other answer than a hardware problem. Being in I.T. it makes no sense that two exact phones in the exact same place can behave so differently.


    I'm ashamed to say that apple won't get my return business. Once I'm done with this phone I won't be returning back to apple products, nor will I recommend them to anyone - for the simple fact that they have been ignoring their own customers with this issue and passing it off as nothing wrong. I've already shared my experiences with dozens of people. In addition, I'm soon meeting with work colleagues who make decisions on which corporate phones to purchase. I've explained to everyone, the issues with my battery life as well as shared with them this blog. I'm steering people far clear from this device as I wouldn't want to have anyone else feel this horrible about a very expensive purchase.


    Apple should be ashamed of themselves for delivering such a poor quality device. Sure, the build quality is great, but who cares about build quality if the device just doesn't work? The whole premise behind apple was "it just works" and it was known to be a high quality device. Not anymore.

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    One thing to be considered when comparing two people sitting at the same location with the exact same type of phone is whether the contents and settings and how they are restored are also the same or not. There are likely differences in that case.


    For me, it was running hot and draining quickly until I gave up on restoring from my iCloud iPhone 4 back, started as a new iPhone (I didn't bother doing a DFU) and resynching apps and content from iTunes.


    In your case, there might be carrier issues as well. I'm not sure. And I'm certainly not saying you are not experiencing the problem. I'm just comparing what happened with me. I'm probably on a different carrier as well, and the carrier there might indeed be a hardware problem.


    Have you compared apps and such with your co-worker?



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    Well my good fortune ended today. Battery drain is back even WITHOUT data.  I lost 10% on the bus this morning just reading stuff that was already downloaded - no data use at all not even WiFi.  Lost 5% while I was sleeping for 6 hours.  I'm now down to 81% and it's still morning.  All I did was read stuff offline and have a 5 minute phone call.

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    That's outrageously good battery life.  3 days standby and 10 hours usage.  How?

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    Yes, we've tested this out in multiple ways that have eliminated the issue falling on apps. Many users have also experienced significant battery drain right after a new reinstall (DFU) without restoring anything from icloud/itunes/etc. This is right out of the box IOS on a brand new phone.



    One other thing that really bothers me and is also a root cause of the battery drain (in my case) is that I have my mail settings to not fetch or push mail in any way. I have everything set to Manual (yes, every single sub-menu possible). Yet, the phone continues to download mail frequently on it's own for no reason. In fact, just tonight (and I had to change my mail sound to identify what it was that the phone was doing) I had my phone on the charger not doing a thing. All my apps were closed (including background apps) for at least 30 minutes. My phone all of a sudden downloads mail (as I can hear the swoosh sound I set for downloading mail) Now why in the world when I set this thing to only grab mail manually, is it still downloading mail? Granted, I'm certain this is not the reason for my excessive battery drain, but it IS causing more battery drain than I want it to.  This to me is not "just working" for a well matured OS. It's almost as if apple started all over with IOS 6.

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    I've noticed this sporadic behavior on my phone as well. There are days where I will unplug the phone (initially off the charger) and it will stay at 100% for about 5-10 minutes, while other days (like today) I dropped to 98% battery usage in only 2 minutes. (This is always from an overnight full charge)


    It makes NO sense. In cases like this (sporadic battery drain), I truly believe apple is either collecting data from our phones (even though I have it set to not do that) or as indicated in my previous post, IOS 6 is just doing things regardless of what I tell it to. (ie: downloading mail automatically and in the background, when I have it set to manual)

  • galos Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In response to: "That's outrageously good battery life.  3 days standby and 10 hours usage.  How?"


    I'm not buying this one either. In fact, I've already noticed that apple has a problem with their usage counters. In one of my previous posts on this thread, I've shown how a 2 minute phone call shows up as 4 minutes usage in settings. It doesn't add up. Others have complained about this also.

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Speaking of starting all over again with iOS and it being crappy and buggy in general what about Apple Maps?!

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