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  • Z4boy77 Level 1 (0 points)

    I update mine Friday 2 Nov with 6.0.1, anda today have 1 day and 18hours remainkng...with icloud facetime and email off, use wifi a little...but seems 6.0.1 don't make changes even in home button freeze... After i have a Iphone 3G who liked very much, butthis make me remember Samsung Galaxy S who's baterry is little...and i sell him...

  • stevebez Level 1 (0 points)

    This is no question a software isue as some have managed to re-setup their phone to give a reasonalble performance and much better than they were getting.


    There may be some dud handsets although any battery test should show this up immediately.


    Lets wait for Apple to get it sorted ... not much else we can do but moan.


    My Black 64GB has been fine since I got it but my wifes has been a bit of a nightmare.  New handset now and setup as a new phone... lets see how this goes.

  • Peter Lars Jensen Level 1 (70 points)

    Same iPhone 5 (iOS 5.0.1) problem here. The phone get really hot and the battery loose 10-20% per hour. I have tried to look at the CPU usage with HandyPadSoft's Activity Monitor Touch and while the surge of the battery is on the CPU use about 50% of its capacity - even when I kill all apps except the Monitor App. If I turn on Airplay mode or sometimes either turn of 3G or WiFi the CPU usage drops immediately.surge.jpg

  • galos Level 1 (0 points)

    Interestingly enough something changed on my phone recently. I applied update 6.0.1 and the first charge it actually seemed like something was eating my phone battery up more. I charged it again but this time decided to not go onto wifi or 3g. I left it on LTE at all times. For the first time ever, my battery wasn't draining as it usually was. Granted (also due to the storm) I have not been using it as much, but I have been texting quite a bit. I did place a phone call that was about 1.5 hours long and it still gave very good battery time. Here is a screenshot - but basically 2 days and 1 hour standby with 5 hours and 14 minutes usage at 29%. I've not charged my phone since Saturday and it's now Monday. I'm charging my phone again to see if this is going to stick. What's odd is that my phone would just die sitting there without me using it. Now it's appearing to be stable. The following are the only changes I did over the past week:


    - Kept it on LTE without switching to wifi at all (or 3g)

      - removed one IMAP email account (I still have 2 exchange accounts - gmail and work)

      - did not charge with my PC. I used the wall outlet charger


    I'm going to repeat this again and see what my usage comes to. Will report back again.


    My guess is that apple either found a bug and fixed it (for some users - apparently not all since many are still having issues) or stopped monitoring some phones. (no, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I have seen apple do this before and wouldn't put it past them in doing it again).


    To Peter Lars Jensens in your previous post - did you do a DFU restore? If not, try that with 6.0.1 and see if you still have that same problem. Let it go through two charge cycles without plugging it into a computer or sync with itunes. When you are done installing the OS again, do not restore from backup first. Instead, install it as a new phone - then once it's done, sync back up with itunes to restore all your apps and accounts. Just curious to know if that helps.usage.jpg

  • galos Level 1 (0 points)

    one other thing I'll point out - my usage time seems to be more accurate. It actually was 2 days and 1 hour - I was keeping note of the time I unplugged it to confirm and it was indeed 2 days and 1 hour. The only thing I'll gripe about is that the usage time should've been subtracted from the standby time. So in essence, the phone wasn't in standby that long, but rather standby (minus) the usage time shown in my previous post. I'm ok with whatever is showing, however, as before it wasn't even accurate. In version 6.0.0, my standby time was showing up as twice the time it was actually being used. This fix could've also been caused by some timer/counter issues.  Again, I'm not complaining about these numbers because this is closer to what my wife is getting on her iphone 4s so I'm satisfied. But before I am sold on these numbers, I need to restore all my settings that are turned off as well as get this for a few charges. I'm worried if I reboot my phone it will not be the same. I'll do one step at a time and confirm what I see.

  • Z4boy77 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iphone 4 at 15h20 yesterday as 20% of battery as 2 days and one hour...i charged during last night and unpluged today at 11h am, i sinc email who is off after intalled apps via app store of the phone, update weather, sent a few sms make 3 calls or 4, and at this time i have only 52% battery, i think that 6.0.1 don't make any changes to battery drain...and i think that he does make more than 1,5 days of battery at this charge...i'm very disapointed with this, my iphone 3g don't gave me all this problems

  • Z4boy77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Now he down to 35% battery in stand day gave 2 days and 12 hours who is good others only 1 day...i dont' now who Apple wants with this trouble?!?

  • 33man Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm i got the same issue after restoring iphone 4 to iphone 5....


    Then i did a full backup and full restore of iphone 5.... After that it went a bit better but still, very bad compared to my old iphone 4... Then i decided to look further... After reading forum, i decided to turn off Safari synch tab and then also

    STOPPED PUSH for gmail acount ! and set up to run every 30 minutes



    And it went definitely better


    So i really don't know, but it really seem's to be an issue related to power consumption with data transmission....

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    For some reason mine became a drain-a-matic overnight. Just 52 minutes of useage in futon and battery down to about 50%.


    I wonder if it comes down to the strength of the cellular signal. Last night instead of indicating LTE or 3G it showed an "o". What does that mean?


    LTE is back now though.



  • shaunfromnobleford Level 1 (0 points)

    I just received a new iPhone 5 from Apple yesterday.....So far so good. Lost 5% of batter over night (about 10 hrs) while unplugged. At one point with my previous I5 I lost 30% over 12 min while talking to apple. And, my phone was getting hot. They suggested I restore the phone, and do not restore from a back up, but start fresh........I did that and let it sit for 24 hrs.....I noticed a dramatic difference in the battery life. However, as I began to download apps again it started all over. I then read a thread about safari iCloud bookmarks. Someone suggested there was a sync issues. So I exported my bookmarks to an html file from my iMac.....then deleted all my bookmarks from Safari. After my ios devices synced, I manually entered the bookmarks again......Since then I have noticed an even more dramatic increase in battery life. I suggest giving that a try.....It may work for some folks. Cheers.

  • stevebez Level 1 (0 points)

    In case anyone hasnt noticed Appl stock has gone from ~652.79 peak on 17Oct to today 562.50 and falling.... It seems the shine is fading rather quickly here.


    And ... 20% off its all time peak of 705.07 on 21Sep

  • jgunice Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been told that the circle means the phone is searching for a signal, so should run more battery during that time. I've had a bad time much like those on this forum.  On my 2nd device (returned the first one). Can't get more than 5 hours of usage. In a very good LTE area (5 bars) but the drain also occurs on wi fi. If I use the phone at all (checking email, looking at web) it drains 5% every 20 minutes or so. I reset all settings; restored phone, did full charge cycle thing; turned off ALL location services. May try one more device then switch back to (gasp) Blackberry (the only other platform my company supports at the moment).

  • jgunice Level 1 (0 points)

    Can you push one email account while set another to fetch periodically? I couldn't figure out how to pick different settings for the two email accounts on my device. Thx for any guidance.

  • stevebez Level 1 (0 points)

    yes u can under email settings advanced

  • Ewen G Level 1 (0 points)

    I noticed my iPhone 5 got warm frequently and battery life from a full charge seemed low. Trying the Push tip...maybe my Exchange 2010 server account is the culprit.

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