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    This worked for me yesterday. Very simple. Not sure which of the two changes solved it for me as I did both in succession... first a resest...  (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings) and second I changed my email accounts (all 6, 1 was a MS Exchange acct) not to "push".


    I now have normal battery life again! I had previously spent several days where I went to bed with a 100% iphone 5 charge, unplugged and woke up to a dead iphone. It just started out of the blue about 4 days ago, I had not done anything to cause this (e.g. no new apps, now icloud changes, etc.). The only attempt that I made during those several days of fast battery drain that helped was turning off Cellular Data, which I don't need to do anymore. Hope this helps someone.


    FYI: I have been a customer for about 20 years. Unfortunately Apple rarely admits issues. You have to read posts for days (many of which take you down the wrong road). If only Apple understood the enormous goodwill that would be created by simply assigning a small team of Geniuses to these message boards. Talk about simple.

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    Hi guys - update to my test (pg 61).


    In regards to many many people's method of starting it up as a new phone - i have done it, and no it doesn't make a difference, the battery life is still not what they are quoting.


    So far - this is the best test i've gotten. I have tried many things - including resorting to turning off iCloud. Eventually - i found some sort of compromise.


    in my account right now - i have about 8 email accounts, 1 from iCloud, 1 hotmail, 1 gmail, 1 yahoo, 4 from my own end (Not exactly Exchange mail, just mail under my own domain with my webhost). After reading that Exchange mail had certain problems involving the battery - i decided to turn off these accounts. Also turn off push for the mail. Overall i thought a part of those accounts were in the same league as Exchange, and thought - i have nothing really to lose.


    It turns out part of those email accounts was eating up the battery life. i'm really not sure how, but it did do some difference.


    My best battery life to date - with regular Twitter usage (Tweetlist pro), dropbox, imessages, some small phonecalls, maybe a bit of youtube - like 5-10 minutes, Pocket, foursquare and safari - with no WIFI, just 3G all day:


    Usage: 7hours and 6 minutes.

    Standby: 16 hours and 5 minutes.


    The day before that - i turned off iCloud but still had the mail all synced (BUT NOT PUSHED) and got:


    Usage: 6hours and 38 minutes

    Standby: 12 hours and 51 Minutes


    I'll admit that some days are better than others. But so far the battery has seemed to stabilise which isn't too bad. Before that the most i was getting was 5 hours and 20 mins max.


    This may or may not help - but i also took the stock widget out of the notification bar.


    There are so many theories and practices behind it - the only thing i can say is that you have to be frugal in terms of how you handle some internet usages. The main reason why my battery isn't holding up more hours is probably due to the fact that i view ALOT of images on twitter, take a good few photos and upload them to dropbox... the uploading side definitely eats up the battery.


    hope this helps some people...

  • DjShine88 Level 1 (5 points)

    canemh wrote:


    iphone 5 is my first iphone. same iwth everyonelse on the battery. are these numbers just as bad as everyonelses??


    49 percent battery left


    4hrs 18 min usage

    12hrs 40 min standby


    half wireless half on lite

    that's not too bad - i get that with 28-34% left.

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    Scanning through these posts is depressing: so many hours spent fiddling with so many "fixes" that don't...fix. My tale's another ho-hum: iPhone 4 was ageing but holding charge fine; new iPhone 5 seemed lovely for 10 days, then abruptly began to hemorrhage charge. Never had Siri on, am chary of notifications, play no games, watch little video; use the phone primarily for short calls, checking email, & messages. Have the phone on Wifi at work, off at home. Haven't traveled since upgrading.


    Watching the charge plunge 1%/ minute while on standby is not entertaining.


    Verizon rep offered instantly to replace phone. Got it today; will transfer everything tomorrow am, but I'm not hopeful.


    If anyone really does have a magic cure, you will be celebrated. But please be certain.

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    Unplugged the iPhone5 from the charger, it was a 100% battery at 6:05AM.

    Nothing running any apps.


    Sometime later, got into the car, Bluetooth transferred ContactList to car and got connected. Drove.


    Got out of the car at around 8:30A, looked at the battery and it was 67%.


    It is certainly worse than the iPhone4S and I do not think it will last 8 hours.

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 (0 points)

    At 11:43A, the batter is down to 27%, without running anything, no phone calls, no browsing, nothing.

    I'm working from home, so not even LTE, just WiFi.

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    I posted this before, but probably got lost in the deluge of messages from people explaining the problem.  This worked for me after trying a half dozen "solutions" on 2 iphone 5's.


    Turn off email push.  That's it.


    Set all your email accounts to "fetch".  Pick the frequency that works for you.  I have 4 accounts (3 gmail, 1 iCLoud) fetching every 15 minutes.  I had the battery drain/hot iphone problem when iCloud was pushing.  Not since I changed to fetch.  I store a lot of email archives in iCloud, so there must have been a lot of pushing going on, especially when I first set up my replacement iphone.


    Before the change, I was intermittently getting battery life of 3-4 hours.  Now, end of day, I usually have 70-80% remaining.  Even better than the 4 or 4s.


    This is anecdotal, but seems the problem was exacerbated when the phone was in my jacket chest pocket probably making retain heat.


    Goog luck.

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 (0 points)

    I can try to set every mail account to Fetch that but like I said, nothing was running. So, I was not even getting mails when this happened.

  • DjShine88 Level 1 (5 points)

    ArtyYeo wrote:


    I can try to set every mail account to Fetch that but like I said, nothing was running. So, I was not even getting mails when this happened.


    That doesn't sound right at all.


    I'll admit that if i don't use my phone - the standby is pretty impressive... got 7 hours and 1 day and 16 hours standby yesterday.


    You should probably take that back to Apple.



    If you can't take it back - you have to manually sort it out - and that's quite painstakingly long.


    Is your iphone 5 a back up of a previous handset or a brand new set up?

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 (0 points)

    >Is your iphone 5 a back up of a previous handset or a brand new set up?

    Restored from an iPhone4S backup in iTunes.

  • Dizman7 Level 1 (0 points) you said that worked "for you".  I've tried that before, completely deleted my email accounts for days, it did not make a difference.


    The fact of the matter is there are NO fixes, somethings will help you get a bit more here and there but there are no fixes to this unless Apple releases one, but they clearly don't care since they haven't even acknowledge this, people will keep buying them as long as they continue to surpress the news about this issue.  Which I think this thread is proof of that as we keep getting new people "I just got my iPhone 5 two days ago and I'm noticing this too".


    The phone can get decent/good stand-by times, it's the actual usage that is horrible.  The screen shot below shows one of my best standby times, but you'll notice the usage time is below the stated 8hrs, in fact I think I've only got over 6hrs once in the what 4 months I've had it now.





    And here is one of my worst Usage times ever, but I still got a day of standby out of it.




    So standby was never really the issue, it's the fact when we actually use our phones (or not sometimes) that the battery drops dead.  But how dare we actually want to use ALL the features our phones have AND get the battery life that was stated, how dare us all!  /sarcasm

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    Unfotunately The fix of battery is called the iphone5s out prob this summer

  • DjShine88 Level 1 (5 points)

    canemh wrote:


    Unfotunately The fix of battery is called the iphone5s out prob this summer


    Unfortunately this sounds awfully familiar of Apple according to Cook.


    Like the way i got the ipad 3 and then there were battery problems and wifi problems (which didn't affect me but affected millions of others) and then the 4th one got released 6 months afterwards to address all the problems...

  • DjShine88 Level 1 (5 points)

    i know it's painstaking - but apparently doing a DFU restore and then setting up the phone as Brand New Phone helps...


    I did it - but i notice a bit of difference, not a MASSIVE difference...



    Try that out - it has helped some people out.

  • Mutombinho Level 1 (5 points)

    A few days ago I had turned off the search for data network settings under privacy and location services and seems to have given me better battery life. I am currently nearly 3 days of standby time and approx 8-9 hours of usage

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