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  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    I wonder how throughly you people are evaluating this.  I had tried this before with no change, so out of curiousity I tried it again.


    I changed both of my email accounts from Push to Fetch, charged the phone to full and left it like that for a full day.  At the end of the day with less than 20% battery left my usage was barely over 5hrs, so this is NOT the "FIX" at all.  It made ZERO difference on my phone, and actually quite frankly FETCH would use more battery vs PUSH if you don't get a whole lot of emails.  If you get say 10 emails a day, that's 10 times it's Pushing to you vs every hour it is going out and looking for emails to Fetch from the server.


    I'm just a bit bitter about this whole situation, but I have throughly tried everything that has been mentioned in this post (that come up over and OVER again as thee "FIX") and none of them work, they are just workarounds.  Even if this Fetch thing had worked, the point is I NEVER had to do that on my iPhone4, it just worked and got good/decent battery life, I never once thought about ways to improve it in the 2years I had it, but the iPhone5 can't even last a day

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 Level 1

    I am not so sure we're getting only 10 emails per day. On the average, I am easily getting, on the average, around 50-60 emails from each account per day. Multiply that with 3 accounts, that is 180 PUSH versus 24 FETCH.


    Also, the internals of the PUSH technology is different from the FETCH. Think about how connections are made. The endpoint where is being connected to has to listen for a connection. My guess is that there's something going on there that is consuming the power.


    Whatever it is, the FETCH setting worked perfectly for me and I am happy with that temporary solution. The iPhone5 is no longer hot and the battery life is back to normal.

  • canemh Level 1 Level 1

    im good with the usage im getting--averaging about 6-8 hrs and a lot of hrs of standby. but what should the usage be for everyone?? and what kind of usage do they get on the android stuff

  • Rig9385 Level 1 Level 1

    I found out what's causing mine...though I do NOT consider this a resolution...


    I had to turn off Cellular Data.  That's it.  I have my Location Services running, Siri is going, backups are running...and I can browse the web just fine on Wi-Fi.  Phone is no longer hot either. 


    I tried keeping Cellular Data on and disabling LTE (not in an LTE area anyway), but, that didn't do it.  Cellular Data (for me) has to be completely disabled.


    As I mentioned earlier, it started happening out of the blue four days ago.  No recent apps downloaded, no damage to my phone, and I didn't move. 


    I'm getting a replacement...dunno what else I can do.

  • coolkenny13 Level 1 Level 1

    If cellular data is off then how will one be able to use their 3G or 4g. It does defeat the entire purpose of having a phone mate

  • Rig9385 Level 1 Level 1

    I only mentioned it as the solution to my issue.  It's a temp fix while Apple sends me a new phone. 


    In no way would I ever put up with no cellular data.  But, it could help somebody that has (almost always) access to Wi-Fi...or for somebody that *needs* their phone for a long period.


    My new phone should be here Monday.

  • doobias123 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried the fetch push with the email, and it does not make a difference with mine.  For the last few days, my phone has been making it through the night again.  This has not happened in several weeks, but now it is diong well.  I have no idea why.  My usage is 20 hours of standyby with 50% left.  WOW!!!  This is how my iphone 4 used to work.


    But I have been looking into a portable usb backup for the iphone 5.  Does anybody have any experience with these and which ones would work best with the iphone 5?



  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my latest below.  This is the first time EVER in the 3 months I've had it (think that is right, got it the week after they came out) that I have actually got to and gone over 6hrs of usage!  I have got 2 days of standby ONCE before with it, but even then my usage was still just barely over 5hrs.


    The interesting part is I did nothing different to achieve this.  I had everything on that I use, Celluar data, LTE, limited Location Services, and Wifi were all on.   Bluetooth and Siri were both off (am I forgetting anything else?). 


    Actually the REALLY interesting part is at 50% I had 5hrs 1min of usage, so that means I only got 2hrs and 9mins out of the last 50% (er technically 49%).  Honestly I think the problem is celluar, because I spent all of yesterday at home, where I'm always on wifi and get a stable four bars of 4G (though it SHOULD be LTE according to map, but don't get my started on that).  I did not leave the house at all yesterday.  Today I went to work where I have a HORRIBLE signal, the phone will sit on my desk and on the worst days it will fluate before my eyes from 3 bars of 4G to No Service, to 5 bars of 2G, to 2 bars of LTE, back to No Service.  On a good day I will get 2 to 3 bars of LTE that go back and for every now and then, and sometimes drops to 4G for a bit.  On an average day at work I fluating 3 to 4 bars of 4G, no LTE and once or twice  a day No Service.  (Again map shows that at work I'm WELL within an LTE area). 


    But my point is I think this phone is poor at handling celluar reception, or at least constant switching.  That's why people who spend most of their time in stable reception areas don't have a problem and those of us everywhere else do.  Just my theory from my own experinces and some things I've read.  I know for myself I am away from my house 11hrs a day, 2hrs spent driving thru various reception areas, and 9hrs at work in the terrible area I described above.


    On a side note, I already see rumors of an iPhone 5S for this summer.  I am going to be INCREDIBLY disappointed and angry if they release that before they have even ACKNOWLEDGED the problems with the iPhone5.  This has gone on long enough Apple, tell us something, anything, just quit trying to sweep it under the rug!  I'm fairly tempted to create a post here and every night I will just upload a screen shot of that day's usage, showing how consistenly poor it is, but honestly I feel I already waste enough of my time on this issue as it is, and that I shouldn't let this p.o.s. phone take up any more of it.  An before you tell me to go get a different phone, I can't.  My budget is super tight, I saved up for this, trust Apple with my money, and was greatly let down and am now stuck with it.



  • Lily_bee Level 1 Level 1

    Big thank you to Arty Yeo. Solved the problem straight away. Changed mail settings from push to fetch every 15 minutes. iPhone no longer getting hot or draining battery. Unplugged phone from charge at 9am this morning, it is now nearly 6pm and iPhone battery is saying 67%. Definitley worth a try guys if you can put up with fetch. Thanks again Arty Yeo :)

  • PatitasBR Level 1 Level 1

    I've bought a unlocked 16GB black iPhone 5 and set it up as a new phone. I also have my old iPhone 4, but I didn't restore the backup to the 5 as I always prefer to do clean installs.

    For the first couple of days, I have to say that I though that the battery life of my iPhone 5 was amazing, a great improvement over the 4. The 6.0.2 update was already available, and, as I've never done a OTA update, I did it to try it out. Done the update, a couple of automatic restarts, and everything seemed fine. The problem is that now the battery discharges very fast, without me even using the phone!!!

    Since I first turned it on, I've disabled 3G (I live in Brazil and dont have access to LTE. Since I was freak with the battery on the iPhone 4, and kept it off, turning on only when necessary, which granted longer lasting charges) and Notification center widgets, use only a GMail account with 1 hour fetch, changed my iCloud account (which doesn't include mail) to fetch also, Bluetooth is always off and I'm almost having to charge the phone twice a day now.

    Since the 6.0.2 update was related to wi-fi, today I tried a full charge, turned wi-fi off and let the phone rest, WITHOUT USING IT, it continued to discharge very fast. I can watch the battery percentage drop.

    The most strange thing is that, in Settings > General > Usage it reports the same amount of time for "Usage" and for "Stand-by", and I can see both changing together in real time. and the amout increases even if I'm not using the phone at all! I'm sending the link for a screenshot of this.



    I hope that a soon to be released update solves that. I also have Diagnostics and usage reports on, in case you need it.



  • PatitasBR Level 1 Level 1

    Just forgot Wi-fi on after uploading the screenshot on the last post to Dropbox and went to sleep.


    After 8h30 of Standyby, with no use, receiving no e-mails, no messages and etc., Standby AND Usage time increased together by that amount, and battery went down 34%!!!!!!!!


    Forgot to mention that just before begining my test with no Wi-fi, after I harged it to 100%, I did a full reset.




    Photo 26-12-12 01 01 08.png




    Photo 26-12-12 09 30 35.png

  • Databird Level 1 Level 1

    I bought a full price iPhone 5 64GB (CDMA)  with iOS 6.0.2 on Friday the 21st.. After fully charging and doing a 6 hours restore from my unlocked 4S via iTunes (manual because iCloud only seemed to bring the settings over - not the apps with their own data), I fully charged it again. I noted excessive battery drain over the 4S. On Christmas, the 25th, I left home with it fully charged. After about 9 hours, with 2 half-hour phone calls and no data usuage, the phone was flashing 10% low battery and I just barely made it home. Last night I charged it to 100% and put it on my night stand . When I got up, with no calls, no applications/blue tooth running, the charge was down to 46%, indicating 9 hours 25 minutes on standby.


    This is totally unacceptable. Taking the thing back now and reactivating my 4S. I got this kind of stuff with my first 4G Android.


    Also note that the phone is not significantly faster on LTE than my 4S and the slightly lighter weight advantage is cancelled by the clunkier length.


    Since I get a new cell every 6 month for kicks, think the next one is going to be Motorola Razr M which multitasks and wait out the iPhone 5 next gen.


    Discourged with the Apple phones, the absolute unlogical behavior of iTunes, and the new clunky, impossible find the right apps in the App Store.

  • Stinkfist Level 1 Level 1

    I have found a way to extend my battery life..or get it back to where it should be.


    I noticed that when i got to work and was no longer on wifi if i checked my cellular data usage it would continiously go up...this is with icloud completely shut off and LTE off and mail put on fetch every 30 min.


    All I did was put it in airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it back off. After I do this it fixes my phone for the rest of the more contant cellular data usage. No idea if this has to do with not being on wifi or if it because I plugged my phone into my computer to sync(I sync my phone to my computer every night directly pluging it in)


    has worked wonders for me let me know if this works for you as well...

  • BillyInTexas Level 1 Level 1

    Brand new iPhone5 16gig. No apps running, no bluetooth, no wifi and screen dimmed to tactical like night vision. Fully charged overnight, picked up at 730am...checked 6 emails, no attachments, made 4 calls, all less than 4 minutes. It is 330pm...and my phone just took its last breath of power. Battery died. Shame on Apple. It is apparent this phone was prematurely released.

  • galos Level 1 Level 1

    I've noticed this too and reported this a few threads back. If I see my battery dying out of nowhere, I also switch airplane mode on, wait about 30 seconds and then turn it back on. It then works fairly well for a while.


    I will also note again, that there is something wrong with the iOS software because even with manual mail settings and every app closed (including background) it still fetches mail on certain occasions. I've sat my phone down for hours and out of nowhere it makes the "downloading mail" sound, even with the screen off. There's definitely a problem.

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