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  • Evildude Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Sadly I found that by turning of my LTE my signal bars go up and stay that way everywhere I go. I'm with Verizon and like many here this makes me upset, so much for the so called "fastest and most reliable LTE in the Nation" Verizon's customer service said that I have low signal levels in my neighborhood, but still that doesn't explain why even downtown I can't seem to get a decent signal level.

  • nikangah Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi im on rogers and im having big problems with my lte with low bars no signal switching to 3g after i turn off wifi. Apple needs to fix this in future Updates, also my battery dies faster ever since i updated to 6.1.2

  • pc34 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just got my Iphone 5 4 days ago and have had the problem with wifi it conects then gos from wifi to lte and back and forth. i have spoken to my provider Rogers and said to do a restore of the phone from the itunes on the computer and if it still did not fix the probelm then there was a atenia problem and i would have to send the phone in for a new one. today o called apple and they said the same thing it would be a atenia problem to send the phone back so it dose not even seem to be a software issue it seems to be this cal and find out but if the restore does not work .

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    Same issue here guys, I'm with fido Canada, I was told its because its a new technology and coverage is limited. The dropped lte signal is due to your phone switching it's signal from tower to tower (makes no sense since I did not move locations when it happened). Anyways I'm sure it will be resolved with time but I'm still disappointed with the product. Apart from signal issues I have wifi dropout issues, horrible battery life (Max 5 hours with lte) and had to return my first iphone 5 because of a defected lock button, but I guess those are issues for a different discussion. O crap my 10% battery warning just came on....better go charge!

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    Just got the ip5 with verizon and I'm typing this on 3G as we speak. Getting tired of things not working as they should.

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    I have the same problem here in Australia my iphone 4 had 5 bars my iphone 5 i am lucky to get 3 bars and i am on the same carrier all i did was sign up for another 24 months

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    LTE fix does not work for me, as I don't even have cellular data on. Also I don't really know why LTE would affect phone signal, I thought LTE was just data?

    Anyone else got any ideas?

    I'm using iPhone 5, carrier is Rogers (Canada). It's been having this problem or 3 months now, at least 1/3 of all calls fail and goes to voice mail including my calls and incoming calls. Sometimes they don't even show up as missed calls.

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    To anyone suffering from the no LTE and data constantly going from 3g to "o", than heres a fix that took me about 10 mins to do, and it worked, thanks to my girl.


    1. Turn off LTE

    2. Reboot (With LTE off)

    3. Turn LTE on

    4. Reboot (with LTE on)


    after that, LTE should be back on. No guarantees, but its worth a try.

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    I was having issues with my signal with my old iPhone I was having no problem but with the 5 I was good and then a week ago started only ever having 3G at home no lte and no 4g when at home I always did have that before at work it was picking up lte once in a while but the resin I'm putting this out here is because then I tried something I took off my cover because on here I heard that they block the antenna on the phone and bam perfect right back to sting sognals at home and everywhere - now it happened to be just this new cover I had gotten which was like a metal material all most with all my others like the rubber there's no problems I just wanted to share because the cover was the last thing I thought was the problem and I had been at it for weeks trying to fix the issue called version tech did all kinds of troubleshoot nothing helped until I took that cover off hope this helps some of you ! :)

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    This is absolutely ridiculous APPLE!  All was good then all of the sudden 6.1.3 came out and screwed everythng up.  I'm now seeing "Searching...." and the occasional 3g and 1 bar LTE....then the dreaded NO Service....I can't figure out why as I've had this phone for the longest time and never had this particular only started happening after 6.1.3


    This happens in all normally good spots...heck I'm on the top floor of a building in our metro area standing next to a glass window and this is what I'm seeing right now as I type....


    But I see it with or without my Otterbox - so the case removal post is not working for me...


    Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 8.46.39 AM.png

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    i had replaced my old iphone 5 because of light leakage. And now my exchanged iphone 5 at the beginning have shown weak signal later it always was showing "no service" or "searching". With old iphone 5 i had 6.1.3 software and hadnt that issue, with new exchanged iphone i got no signal.... Took to apple store, they will give another replacement tommorow or monday. I think it is issue of hardware. Big minus to apple...

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    How much longer does Apple expect us to deal with this problem? Full service LTE every day at work and home and then this bogus 6.3.1 update....  Now my battery is dead before I get home from work due to "Searching..."  Apple tells me it's Verizon. Verizon tells me it's Apple. It's been a full 2 weeks of this BS. Did I actually just enjoy that Android commercial I just saw? For years I've been sh*t on by my friends for buying Apple. And what has always been my response? "Apple products perform identical 2 years later as they do directly out if the box." Was your $100 or $150 cell phone bill this month money well spent? I'll remember Apple's feigned ignorance on this issue in a few months when I am due for an upgrade.

  • InkStrategy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ATTENTION EVERYONE - It may not work for you but I wanted to share.  The problem might be an app issue...Apple has my love again...


    I recently had some horrible experiences with "Searching...." then "No Service"....and after many resets, restores, new sims and even a full blown new device replacement nothing fixed the problem....


    But then I went in and removed an app (8 Ball Pool - from miniclip) and the problem stopped.  I couldn't believe that the app caused the problem I installed it back and sure enough the problem resurfaced.  I have since removed the app and have not had a problem.


    So the bottom line you have that app on your phone?  If not that app and if you are willing to try then you should remove your other apps to see if the problem continues.....


    See this thread:

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    It seems very strange that on iOS, any app could cause you to go to searching & no service as apps won't have this level of permission on the platform. 


    I don't doubt that people have had their share of HW problems from reading the thread, but at someone who was an early and voacl participant in the thread, I will tell you that 99% of my problems these days are because VZW's LTE network in MA/NYC is terrible and not because of the iPhone 5. Early on I had some SW bugs with not properly switching back to LTE with 6.0.x, but these have been resolved in the 6.1.x versions of SW.


    I have spent months and months now with both an iPhone 5 and a Galaxy S3 on both VZW and AT&T and there is no noticable difference between the terrible LTE service and coverage caps on the iPhone 5/GS3 VZW while AT&T has strong LTE is almost all of these terrible locations and their speed is far about (both download and upload) what VZW gives me anywhere.  Unless VZW goes through some amazing LTE-network transformation filling in dozens/hundreds of cell tower gaps between now and when my contract expires next year, I will not be sticking with VZW for my primary phones anymore.

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    Hello Pete,


        I wish I had a solution for you but I don't The reason I am posting this is because I have the same issue and I am on AT&T. I notice that if I just set my phone down for even five minutes and pick it up it reads one bar then goes searchng then no service then back to full bars. It is the oddest thing. I called my carrier and they tried to reactivate the phone but it continued. I am going to send something to Apple and discuss it with them.


    I also responded to this because maybe we can get others on here with similar problems and see if we can get solution.

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