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    You need to add yourself as a contact in contacts then go to Settings > General > Siri > My Info and choose yourself from the list of contacts.


    Activate Siri and say "Siri call me [name]" substitute [name] for anything you want.


    Did you know that if you are using iCloud contacts you can also add relationships to your own contact details, i.e spouse, mother, father, child etc.. by adding a new field choosing relationship and then picking from your contacts.


    You can then for example activate Siri and say "call my wife"



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    OK, haven't had any more issues with Alert volume but did notice something strange.


    First off I have to say that I had no music playing on my 5.


    I plugged my earbuds in and asked Siri via the earbud mic to play a certain playlist. Siri responded and the volume of Siri's speech was high, I guess full volume as my last setting in the Music app.


    I then told Siri to shuffle, again using the earbud mic, this time however when Siri responded, the speech was extremely quiet, luckily I was sat in a quiet place.


    I was then driving along and decided to send a text to my wife using Siri via the earbud mic, my first attempt failed because I missed hearing the 'bing bong' sound.


    I tried again and strained really hard to hear the 'bing bong' sound but just about did, what I coudn't make out though was Siri reading the text back to me.


    I think we could do with a separate volume control setting for Siri.

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    This discussion board should merge with this one:


    Essentially, we now have iPhone 4 users running iOS 6 and experiencing the same problems:

    • Low volume/alert/ringer sounds
    • Text message sound during a call is extremely low
    • The volume of the music player acts as a global control for all sounds, excluding the ringer

    So, we can definitively theorize that it is inherent to the new OS. What more can we do to reach out to Apple and alert them to this issue?


    Just to get some things out of the way, the following "works" for some but not all:

    • Reset All Settings
    • Hard Reset

    Siri only makes this more complicated, as the issue seems to be a direct tie-in to the music player's volume with one exception- at full volume the text sound during a call is still very low. While I'm glad that I didn't receive a scuffed iPhone 5, this cannot go on any longer and 6.0.1 better resolve this issue. Anyone up for personally writing Tim Cook? I'll do it right now!

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    Known bug, reported in multiple other threads (one of them is the one you referenced).


    It works properly (ie. alert volume under Settings>Sounds and the ringer volume up/down from the keys controls the alert) until you invoke Siri or use turn-by-turn directions with voice. That is what causes the media volume to incorrectly control the ringer/alert volume. It's a bug.


    A restart will fix it...until you use Siri or turn-by-turn again. You can just turn up the normal music volume to compensate.

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    Here's what I've found on my iPhone 5...


    If I set my iPod volume (on the Now Playing screen) to half, my alert volume will be at its loudest.



    If I set my iPod volume to either extreme (min or max), then my alert volume is barely existent.


    I've also noticed that my key click volume behaves in the same way as my alert volume. It's pretty annoying and I hope it gets fixed. Seems like a software issue and I'm hoping for a fix in 6.0.1.

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    I have started another thread about features that would be good to be added to further updates of iOS.


    I have also informed Apple of the thread via the feedback link.


    Here is the thread:

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    "I have also informed Apple of the thread via the feedback link."


    While that is commendable, it will not resolve the issue, as Apple employees are not allowed to interact on these message boards. Mr. Malloy is right in that is a known issue. So rather than sending feedback links, I took the liberty of contacting Apple by phone, where I was transferred to a tier-two representative, then to a product specialist, who escalated the problem to engineering. Then I spoke with Alisa Causey, a Corporate Customer Care Administrator. All the while voicing the concerns of us all and demanding satisfaction and change. Finally, I sent a lengthy e-mail and a handwritten letter to Tim Cook.


    So, now I wait patiently for a reply and a fix, just like all of you. We have power in numbers. Do the same as I have and we will see results sooner than later.

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    one more person here noticing the same thing. Thanks for escalating it.

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    Happening to me too... I thought I was going crazy and was ready to exchange my new phone.  But I'll wait.  I also took mine into Apple.  They didn't know about this.  They did a diagnositc on my Iphone 5 (plugged it in and ran tests).  No hardware problems.  So this is a software issue. 

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    Just wanted to add another to this list of this bug:  iPhone 5 Alert sounds very low after using Siri. I even had Verizon send me a replacement phone thinking it was a hardware issue. Upset about the bug but glad to find out I'm not crazy. Well, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm not the only one with this issue!  Thanks for posting. Lets hope we get a solution soon.

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    For me it seems fixed in iOS 6.0.1. Did you update?

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    No. The update did not solve the issue.

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    Same here, no resolution after 6.0.1 update.  I don't even think this is on Apple's radar.  Apple "geniuses" don't care about this issue...I've asked.  Here are my steps to re-creating the problem:


    1. Reboot the phone normally (just to get a "fresh" start).

    2. Turn up the phone's ringer volume and notice the volume of alerts and keyboard clicks.

    3. Activate Siri and ask for the weather.

    4. Double click the home button, swipe right twice to get to the audio volume slider.

    5. Put the audio (iPod) volume slider in the middle.

    6. Notice the volume of alerts and keyboard clicks.

    7. Double click the home button, swipe right twice to get to the audio volume slider.

    8. Put the audio (iPod) volume slider on the far right (max volume).

    9. Notice the volume of alerts and keyboard clicks -- they should be barely noticable now.


    ** 10. Reboot the phone to get the alert volume working normally again...don't use Siri unless you HAVE to.


    This is really irritating as I SOMETIMES use Siri when I'm getting ready for work and I want to know the temperature outside without having to stop what I'm doing.  Then my alert volume is messed up until I reboot.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)

    You're right, it's not fixed.


    Before the update, if I used Siri or turn-by-turn directions with voice, it would change the volume. Now (6.0.1), what I am seeing is that using Siri seems to maintain the correct volume, but now it's just turn-by-turn that resets the volume.


    I need to do more testing...

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    Sometimes, after several low-volume alerts, it will all if a sudden start working at the correct volume again. But once you use Siri again, it goes back to the same issue.  


    I know complex software is going to have bugs/issues.   I understand that. But what is really disappointing is that when I talked to a couple different people at Apple support, they claimed they had NEVER heard of this issue.  Despite there being threads all over the Internet about it.