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    How about the battery test thats called "Apple claimed 2 hours more usage when in fact at best its the same but most of the time worse". If you ask me this thread would not be as long if they claimed the same battery usage times as 4/4S but hey false advertising is cool these days everyone does it so it must be ok . . .  /scarcasm


    And I'm not an apple hater or "troll" (I own a MBP, ipad, ipod and ATV) just stating facts


    On a funny note I found a great wallpaper for my "upgrade" of an iPhone



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    Hello, all.


    I hope your iPhone 5's are doing better.  My replacement is no longer mine.  I've just returned it.  I know Jameson is suggesting that leaving it alone for awhile to let it settle and I think it may have merit.  However, I'm just sick and tired of watching the battery run down and trying to troubleshoot it, so I just returned it yesterday.  I'm going to just use my old iPhone 4 (4S is used by my wife ) until Apple solves this problem. 


    Good luck all.

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    Ok, so I will contribute as well. On 10-13-2012 in the morning I got a new iphone 5 for my wife the 16 GB model. I turned it off that day and turn it on next day Sunday, it lost 1 percent of the battery, then I turned it off again and only turning on Sunday late. By Monday morning it lost about 3 percent of so. Monday morning at 78 percent at 7 am and at 5 pm at 64 percent. However I have not used it at work, only few calls for few minutes. I am now home and is now at 46 percent is almost 11 pm. I got home around 6:30 pm and i used a little bit and make a couple of test calls I have noticed is draining really fast, especaiily while talking. Forgot to mention I tuned off celullar and lte at work but it did not make a difference.


    A coworker which has the iphone for about 2 weeks went from 100 percent at 8 am to 75 percent at 5 pm

    I know he has a lot of apps running, email push and all that.


    So I will do is put it in the phone in ariplane mode until the morning to see wha the battery does. My question is if this a hardware issue or software issue ?


    My version 4 was perfect battery lasted 2 and 1/2 days !!!


    Just know I did an erase and reset,  and turn the airplane mode on. ill report in the morning, currently at 45 percent.

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    We all want to know the golden question:  Is it bad hardware.......?


    Admitting such a failure at this time would destroy sales.

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    i was just on the phone with iphone tech support.

    While the guy was inputting my information, i could hear several support techs ni the back, all of them troubleshooting battery issues.


    my suppoort guy confirmed that 4 hour usage is not correct, and that i should have around 8-9 hours on typical usage. im falling 50% short of that goal.


    First they offered to do a mail-in exchange, but it would cost me 350HKD. I argued that they are charging me for their faulty workmanship, and they said its standard procedure lol. Then later he says they cant even do it for HK, and that my only choice is to go talk to the retail store directly.


    looks like im headed there this afternoon. fun times will be had.

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    so you are saying we should accept that Apple sold us a phone with quotes of 8+ hours usage, and instead sit down and be happy with my 4 hours max?

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    All these tests show continuous usage performance. None of them shows the standby time. It's unacceptable to have the phone die in one day with just barely checking 2-3 emails and sending a few SMS. For me, whether I use the phone or not, the battery drains pretty much at the same rate.

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    @mczero......your a serious dummy.  Go stick to playing video games in your parent's basement. This thread is for grown ups.


    Your posts are making everyone lose IQ points, so they'll stoop to your mental level.



    You forgot these dope:




    You have to be smarter than the publisher of the website clearly....are not

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    Well, have fun obsessing over your iPhone's battery life and complaining to Apple.  I get numbers very similar to the ones in the articles I posted and I'm perfectly fine with that.  You should know by now that real world numbers never match up to manufacturer claims.


    I'm going to continue to enjoy my new phone, you clowns can keep arguing and trying to get your phones replaced.  Cheers.

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    You don't give up do you dummy?  


    You better get educated at Urbana.....your not doing well in public. Be careful on the internet when slinging names around kid.

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    As I quote the great Motley Crüe:  Girl don't go away mad, just go away.



    We'll miss you here McZero, your input was priceless.


    Edit: can you post just one more time...Please?  That way you'll have the last word/you'll look smarter.

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    Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 12.44.46 AM.png


             iPhone 5                                       iPhone 4S


    These are both apple's "real world" numbers from their website.The only difference is that 90% of the time I got what apple advertised as usage for the 4S. I'd be lucky if 10% of the time I got apple's advertised usage for the 5. Thats a huge problem and if your happy or ok with that then by all means go and enjoy your phone but if there are people here that dont agree with that then apple needs to hear it because if the customer is not happy in the end apple will not be happy (Its called feedback).

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    I turned off the cellular data for one day. The battery hold up for a long time. i don't remmber exctaly for how long but it was 1 day or more

    The cellular data drains all the battery. When your'e on wifi the battery also good.