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    Don't do a restore. I had same issue and had done 2 or 3 different ways of setting up phone. Since setting up as new phone, entering as much info settings as possible manually - particularly your email configs - I nearly get as good battery as I used to get with iPhone 4.


    It is suggested turn off some iCloud syncs - Safari in particular.  Try that and see how you go.

    I sync as little as possible through iTunes and as much as possible through iCloud. Has made HUGE difference.

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    Okay...this being my THIRD replacement phone... I have to now think everyone has this battery issue and most people just don't realize it... How can I get 3 faulty phones?


    I'll tell you this though...Each replacement that I have had, had SOMETHING wrong with it externally. The first replacement had a weird, loose home button and the rattle.  This replacement has a LOUD rattle, and the top volume button feels like it's stuck... it's not "clicking" like the bottom one, and the power button is sunken in so far it's hard to click it. and of course.... the same horrendous battery drain.


    I have to stand by apple in the sense that I love this phone.  I also have to be realistic and say that it is made SO horribly and inconsistently. I have never seen this before with iPhones..

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    Not everyone... I dont have an issue... i get down to around 55% after a day of moderate usage on LTE...

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    So bizarre!!  I just don't get it.

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    From following this thread alone, I can say that Apple know about the problem and like iphone 4 will fix the problem in iOS6.0.1 which seems to be in the phones software reading the battery meter and also signal boost on cellular for below 4 bars and how it switches between 3G and 4G/LTE. This is coming for sure folks, and I think it will cure the carrier signal issues and the rest of the beta test bugs they are working on...


    I am a macbook pro user and like the Iphone, the macbook has a litium ion battery which is a dense and powerful battery that requires care and attention. Afterall, we are paying big bucks for our apple products and expect them to last ergo the need to actively care for them to make them really last, so after reading Apples advice on it, allow me to post the following battery care pointers and tips that apply before and after Apple release the beta bug fixes in 6.0.1...


    Firstly, take a look at the below litium ion charge graph;




    As you can see there is a 2 - 5 hour window of charge that has two phases.  A Charge cycle includes the two phases and you should get about 400 "charge cycles" before you will see degregration of the battery from "100%" by apples optimium numbers. On the two charge phases, the first is the rapid charge from below 80% to 80% battery capacity, this is a high voltage affair which brings the batttery relatively quickly to 80% and the voltage lowers to have a longer charge time in the second phase which brings it to 100%. If you can charge your device regularly before it drops below 80% and run the battery down to way below 80% at least once a month, you will optimize the batteries ability to retain a charge, increase accuracy of the battery meter and extend the battery life.


    Please bear in mind that the chemical construct of the battery requires it to be used 'off mains" regulary and not left in a sleep state for long periods of time. If you are not using your Iphone (or Mac, etc) for long periods of time, the best charge % is circa 50% as this half charge will increase the ability of the phone to hold a charge when you power it back up.


    Post 6.0.1 and after all the temporary fixes folks have put in place are no longer needed, It is reccomended that you set up your phone in the best way for your needs but take into account the following tips for extending your battery charge on any given day;


    1. Adjust brightness - 100% on any screen is never a good idea. Even 5%-10% will help with battery charge span


    2. Turn off Push Email - If you are not using the email for work, then maybe push email is not really needed or wanted. If so, it should help with battery charge span


    3. Extend the fetch data intervals for email/contacts/calenders. Big eater of battery life is cellular transmission we all those reading this thread knows, setting your fetch data intervals to intervals that you are comfortable with will affect your battery span. Longer the interval, longer the battery span.


    4. Turn off push notifications from Apps that you dont need it on.


    5.  Autolock your Iphone to prevent accidental screen activiations


    The above should help pre-6.0.1 on Iphone but the savings and match offs for your Iphone obvoiusly wont become until the operating system beta bugs are patched in the release.


    Hope this helps...



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    no word on a battery fix. eeks-ios-6-1-to-come-after-holidays/
    one would hope they would fix without even admitting a problem!


    carat results for my 4th iphone 5 at 97!!

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    john mul,


    This is some great information on the battery. Thank You.


    Question: Does it hurt the battery if you just leave it on the charger even though it is 100% charged?

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    Hopefully 6.0.1 will address the issue. Today I've got LTE off and wifi and 3G on, and I'm already at 78% after 1 hour and 10 minutes of usage, 20 minutes of which was just listening to music. No good. And this is of course with screen brightness down, notifications off, mail set to fetch manually, and location services reserved for but a couple apps.


    And Jameson, I'm aware that this is a totally different beast compared to the iPhone 4. But of course people are going to expect a better performance out of a newer product. Especially when the official numbers given by Apple indicate a better performance. There's nothing wrong with being disappointed here, and it's no fault of my own.

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    I have already contacted Apple and they just sent me a new phone. I was so angry at them as they attempted to charge me a 29$ fee for express replacement. Let's just say that fee was waived. Will attempt the clean restore after I get the new phone out of the box. Will update you guys to see what happens. Have adjusted all the data hogs and notifications on the phone already and it still got 4 hours max!


    Call Apple and let them know! Demand another charger as well! I cannot deal with taking my ONE cable every where I go!

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    Being aware and having realistic expectations, are two different things.   APPLE's big mistake here, was not making the i5 large enough to accept a larger battery.   Instead of making it thinner, that's what they should have focused on.   To leave the i5 with the same battery, while increasing the processor power and adding LTE, was a losing strategy.  


    Now personally, my battery life is comparable to my 4s, which was never stellar.   HOWEVER, I spend a lot of my day attached to wifi, both at home and in the office, so I naturally won't suffer like many users who have little or no wifi access throughout the day.   Wifi access makes a huge difference.   Those of you in that situation, I'm afraid, are going to be very disappointed when 6.01 is released and your situation remains pretty much the same.

    fsuman110 wrote:



    And Jameson, I'm aware that this is a totally different beast compared to the iPhone 4. But of course people are going to expect a better performance out of a newer product. Especially when the official numbers given by Apple indicate a better performance. There's nothing wrong with being disappointed here, and it's no fault of my own.

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    As many of you i have same problem. At the apple genius bar i am almoast every day. And newer get any help from them even thought they start boolshiting. Last time i was there the girl took my phone and go to back office after she come back she explain to me the problem was because my bloo tooth was on and function TTY was on. That boolshit . I was monitoring my phone for last week with settings and that was fresh restore from morning and i am almost sure 99% bluetooth was off. I dont know about TTY. She explain it to me that those function are by default on. I reolise strange sign next to battery meter which i newer saw before. She turn it off. Unafortunately for that time battery was about 40 % it was 2 pm and that was first day my phone was like that usualy by this time my phone was about 7-11 % When i left the store i was surpised my battery start draining very fast again by the time i arrived home about hour later it was 5 % . I dit fresh restore again and setup as new phone and now way function TTY was off by default i knew that because i newer saw that funny sign next to battery meter. Never think apple work like that meaning go to back office turn on some setting and after come back turn off with me. I dont know how i accept that and left the store with no complain. I was doing some screen shots before and i didnt see this sign that means it was off. By the way my battery work much better now what i reolise every time my phone conected to any device after disconnect the battery drain is very quick but after few cycles of charging and draining it improved with every charge What i reccomend do not hook up your phone to any device only to the phone charger and after 2 cycles you will see a big difference. all my settings on only bluetooth off and LTE off. Locaion, wifi, Cellular data always on. Try do not connect the phone to anything else except the wall charger run two cycles and let me know how is your battery. All the time i hook it to desktop or laptom since disconnecting battery goes to 0 very fast

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    I agree with Jameson. Not at all hopeful that 6.01 will fix the battery problems.

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    I did some tests running on LTE, 3G, and Wifi.. I've kinda concluded that battery drain's a result of mobile networks as the phone has very decent battery life on wifi, performing the same tasks compared to LTE or 3G. And it's more apparent when the mobile signal is bad.. Like 3 bars and below it starts to drain real quick..


    Hopefully this is something that can be fixed on the software front, to keep the phone from expending too much juice when the signal's weaker..

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    Sure they can fix it.   You'll just have to put up with missed/dropped calls as a result.........  

    justanut wrote:



    Hopefully this is something that can be fixed on the software front, to keep the phone from expending too much juice when the signal's weaker..

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    Hi ihphone5rocks,


    Unless you leave it plugged in continuously for 5+ days at a time on a constant basis, then you are ok. Leaving it to charge overnight and using it the next day is better for the battery. Lituium ion technology works best when you excite the electons (ionisation) and they are constantly moving in a charged manner which is kept going by phased depletion and recharging. This in practical terms requires what I mentioned above noting the need to unhook it from the charger and using it regularly. Even better again if you can get to a charger at work or in the car on a regular basis but if not, then bear in mind post 6.0.1 (which Im hopeful for on signal software patches to fix the battery issues), using the phone to 80% and charging it to 100% with a battery drain to max 10% at least once a month, (but not constantly to 10% or below) will increase the ionisation in the battery and thus increase its ability to retain a deeper charge for longer which is what we want for our iphone and Apple stuff..


    If you are seeing your phone charge go to 99%/98% and staying there, this could be a bug in the battery meter which I think may exist from reading up on the problems, but it also could be a calibration problem from too long on the charger and/or not enough battery drains as mentioned above. To assess if its a battery meter calibration problem I would do the following;


    A) allow the battery to drain to circa 10% and then recharge it fully. If it charges fully to 99% in 2 to 4 hours, and then onto 100% within 20 minutes from 99%, then its not a depletion problem. Your battery is not damaged or permanently depleted.. It would likley be a meter calibration issue and should resolve in the second full charge (C).


    B) use the phone to circa 80% charge and recharge it to 99% which should happen in less then 1 hour measuring the time it goes from 99% to 100%. Repeat this 3-5 times seeing if and when it goes to 100% noting the 1 hour charging water shed.


    C) use the phone and allow the battery to drain to circa 10% and then recharge it fully. If it charges fully to 99% in 2 to 4 hours, and then onto 100% within 20 minutes from 99%, then its not a permanent depletion problem. By this stage, you will have resolved any battery meter calibration issues (post 6.0.1) from excessive continuious charging and/or continous training. You will have restarted the ionisation flow in your battery, recalibrated through the recharges the battery meter and proven your phone is taking a battery charge the way it is supposed to.


    When your battery recharges to 100% in (C), turn it completely off and leave it overnight to see if the charge will hold. It should hold at 100% charge if the battery does not have depletion damage. However, please note that excessive deep charges on a continous basis, phone being fully charged and left then for weeks completely off or phone with no charge and left off for works may cause your battery to wear and deplete permanently. Over 400 full 2 phase charges to your phone will cause this deterioration of the batterys performance also which is why deep charging should be where possible done once a month. In the cases of the above, when you turn your phone on after it reached 100% the evening earlier finding it at 99% or below may indicate the start of this natural depletion cycle on the battery, which would see it be at 99% when you turn it on. As the depletion cycle progresses the battery will only reach 99% in normal charging, 98% and so on. This is however on average only an issue when the handset is a couple of years old or has being misused as described above.


    Hope this helps


    Best Regards