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    Just to get everyone onto the same page your 4.5 hour usage is standby time? Which is usage and idle time inclusive as well?


    If do this the case then it is not normal and it's really not got anything to do with LTE/3G, at least not with that rate of battery drain.


    Now if we are talking about pure usage 2-7 hours on LTE is achievable, on 3G usage of 3 - 8 hours is achievable. The range is so wide as you could be using your cellular for light browsing (Text / Reading Articles etc) or heavy consumption (Video Streaming etc).


    Your battery drain is due to software bugs that are talked about in this thread many a time, there is a fix or temp a fix for those:


    - Exchange Server Email / Calender.

    - iCloud Contacts.

    - iCloud Safari Bookmarks.

    - Rogue Apps (Facebook / Viber have been named, not sure of the fixes).


    Search this or the 4/5 other threads, different methods have worked for different setups.

  • Player8 Level 1 (20 points)

    Agree with you. The phone is capable of reaching claimed usage times, that's just a fact and there is no false advertising.


    The problem for a lot of people is they are running into the very real software bugs that is killing battery life, I had one of the bugs and fixed it. Now the battery life is great.. But Apple needs to resolve these bugs, it wasn't in iOS 5.1.1.

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    I don't know about that. I've seen very few instances of people being able to get 7-8 hours of useage where most of their use requires cellular data (ie email, text not listening to music), they don't use wifi, and they don't nueter their phone by turning off a lot of features.

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    It's actually possible depending on what you are doing as per my post. Admittedly you will have to turn LTE off, with just 3G (check out page 144 for my settings) and light surfing 7 - 8 hours is possible there is no doubt I get that most days.

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    Player8 wrote:


    Agree with you. The phone is capable of reaching claimed usage times, that's just a fact and there is no false advertising.


    The problem for a lot of people is they are running into the very real software bugs that is killing battery life, I had one of the bugs and fixed it. Now the battery life is great.. But Apple needs to resolve these bugs, it wasn't in iOS 5.1.1.

    I'm not convinced its a bug, but rather the phone using more power to stay connected with low signal strength.  In parts of my house I get a 4-5 bars and I can surf, text etc and see an appropriate drop of 1% per 10 minutes.  In other parts, I only get 2 bars and the drop is more pronounced.  I agree though that some setting tweeks can definitely provide improvement. 

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    Hey all. Sorry if this was answered when I originally asked, and missed it but.. Have any of you guys having this problem JUST received a brand new iPhone from the batch that customers were waiting 3 weeks for? Like as in did you get a brand new iPhone 5 from apple in the mail within the past few days? I'm getting one from this latest "batch". Really hoping they did quality control and miraculously something has changed... Not getting hopes up but wondering if any of you got a new phone within the past few days and are having this issue.. Thanks!

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    Nope, got mine day 1. I'm planning to talk to Apple though, to see about getting a replacement. So if I do, I'll let you know. I'm similarly waiting to hear if anybody HAS had luck replacing a phone, in terms of curing battery drain issues.

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    friend of mine got his black 32gb 2 days ago,i know thats very early to make any claims but he also has the same 1% per 2 minutes of usage..anyone noticed their iphones switching from wifi to cellular even at home with excellent wifi signal??

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    This may sound insane... but when i am just doing on and off web browsing and facebook / twitter / etc. I cannot get over 4-5 hours NO MATTER WHAT..


    but if I am listening to mp3's at my desk all day (with headphones), checking email frequently, checking facebook, playing a few games here and there.. basically keeping the phone even busier then usual...


    I am at 43% remaining and I am at 5 hours usage.. (wifi on, but not connected to a hotspot, and bluetooth on (but not connected), LTE off.. 3G only)



    How does this make any sense at all?

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    like i've said before,i think they use us (day 1 buyers) as their beta-testers..

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    i still think it has to be a power save issue..


    maybe when the mp3 is playing and the screen goes off, it actually goes into a proper low power mode. it doesn't normally do?


    I have no explanation how I can get better usage by doing more with the phone... 


    i"m at a loss.

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    I got mine 1 week ago, was ordered from I was waiting 4 weeks for it.

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    and how is your battery life?

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    Hello everyone!

    As an introduction, I noticed the extremely poor battery life in my new iPhone 5 32G black. Also, i read ALL the pages in this thread (started 3 days ago and chewed up during the evenings at the hotel)

    Given data: living in Romania, official carrier: Orange, bought the phone from orange. Model no. is MD299RR, iOS is 6.0 out of the box (never updated). Got the phone on the 2nd of November, official realease date in Romania. Only 3G/EDGE available in .ro - 4G/LTE will be lauched in december.

    Terms of comparison: iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4 (didn't bother to buy the 4s); all ipads; macbooks, macbook pros, imacs and mac minis during the last 9 years, so not new to apple at all.



    So, first days - terrible battery life under 3G (2 times recharge per day, minimalist usage, normal apps: mail, facebook, viber, skype, y! Messenger, monster, linkedin, imessage on, icloud just for contacts, calendars and find my iphone; normal notification and location services); did restore from the previous iphone 4 backup under itunes, without setting phone as new. Under EDGE - bearable battery life (just ok to get hone from work and recharge, withour any power usage like on my i4). So my results were on par with everything previously posted here, i will not get into more detail.

    To be noted that i didn't have significant cellular data increase at all during the last 6 days, but what drew my attention was that usage and standby times were the same.

    Proceeded to reset network settings and all settings - no change. Another thing notable (also as per the statements here) was that the i5 would charge too quick, even after 2 complete battery drains.


    Now, the breakthrough i got yesterday and want to share: as per an advice picked up here, i changed te settings for skype to go offline immediately and got huge improvement in battery life measured by monitoring  the usage/standby times.

    What I bring to your attention is related to the battery charging process and derives from the well-known fact that the i5 charges quickly with the power adapter plugges to maines. So yesterday evening, having around some 20ish% of the battery left, i plugged it in to recharge in the only computer available on my business trips, a windows (boo!!!) based pc (since i sold my 11" air some weeks ago). SURPRISE! Charging took around 2,5-3 hours, not some 1 to 1,5 hours. The reason for doing this was that obviously USB has less power out than your normal power adapter. In the process, I have completely drained the battery of my 13" HP Elitebook, to the point that i needed to plug in the laptop when the phone was at 95% charge.


    Today I am happy to report the following - info as of the time of the post (posting from ipad, don't know how to attach images):

    Battery percentage: 31%

    Usage: 5h, 0 mins

    Standby: 1 day, 0 hours.


    Now, i haven't got the time to play more at work with the iphone. But i was closely monitoring it, took handwritten notes and can guarantee that usage time are correct, i.e. no false usage times, just screen on/actually using it.

    Conclusion: could be bad power management software related, starting with charging voltage/amperage managing issues. It would mean alot to everybody if you would consider giving a shot to recharging from mac/pc USB when the battery is AROUND 20%.

    Apple, make me an offer that i can't refuse if i'm right and also open your ears to the thousands/hondreds of thousands of complaining customers.

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    Sorry for the typeos guys!