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    hi guys - i had an iphone 4 as did my wife - both of us suddenly started drastically loosing battery  a week or two after upgrading to ios6 - long story short i did a number of things (like replacing batteries) and was ultimately told by an apple genius that because the phone was out of warranty i'd have to buy a new phone (ie. there's no solution) OR i could wait till the update came out.


    well update came out, no fix. so my wife and i went and each got an iphone 5 - yesterday after a restore to a backup she started loosing batter drastically as well. mine is ok - hers is aweful - you can watch the battery drain. i'm guessing there is a MAJOR bug here or a VIRUS of some sort. one way or the other - i'm hearing from dozens and dozens of other users having the same problem and its shocking it isn't being responded to by apple. and for all those folks that say turn everything off. that's just rediculous and isn't a a solution.

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    I have two iPhone 5s. Both on 6.0.1.


    One of them has excellent battery life the other drains completely in about an hour and stays warm the full hour so it's definitely doing something. Since they are on the same AT&T network, same Wifi, I'd guess it is something else.


    Frustrated trying to figure this one out. Going to reinstall.

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    Try these steps for better battery life, my iPhone 5 lasts all day, I never charge twice a day. Also the latest update 6.0.1 seemed to improve my battery life.

    I'm sure some of this stuff was already posted here, just adding what works for me and perhaps it will help someone else.



    1. If you don't have a strong LTE signal then you should turn off LTE as the phone is constantly searching for it. and just stick with 4G. I have an AT&T phone and I do not have strong LTE in my area.

    2. Turn off Location services. Many apps use this and this could draw battery life especially if you're using maps for the location services or other apps. Turn it on only when needed. More and more apps use locations, I personally don't like being tracked all the time.

    3. Turn off notifications on all apps except the ones your really want

    4. Turn off wifi when u are not connected to a wifi network as the phone will keep searching for wifi.

    5.  Turn off the notifications for email, .Download emails manually instead of having the phone constantly searching for new emails,

    6. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

    7. iCloud, I use this for notes, reminders, email, photo stream and they do not seem to suck the battery dry but try turning them off as well just to see if it helps your battery life.

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    Enjoy your motorola brick phone.  Turn off enough stuff on your iPhone, and that's what you have.  Don't look now, but 1986 called.  And they're calling analog.


    Seriously, as I've said elsewhere in this thread, about 50 pages back, why would you buy the most sophisticated phone in the world, and start shutting stuff off?  That's not the phone we all bought.  We bought a phone with LTE, and a retina display, and bluetooth.  And I use all of those, every single day.  I'm not wanting to be diving into the menus to shut things off and on, to save battery.  I didn't do it with my other iPhones.  And I don't want to do it now.


    Good tips, but please.  You left one out.  Turn the phone completely off, and the battery will last forever.

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    Well I did the same things with my iphone 4 to conserve battery so when there is no charging to be had I could stretch out the be battery life. Helpful tips is all I was trying to add as I said. I love my iPhone 5, perhaps there are some bad phones with bad batteries floating around as they had some quality control issues, but I have an early one and it seems fine. AT&T in my area has next to no LTE so that is not the fault of the phone.. Verizon has much better coverage here but I would loose my unlimited data if I switched. As I said before my battery life is pretty good, If you want to have all your options on then your battery life will be less as it is with any iPhone. Faster processors and  graphics lead to more battery suction. When I used location services on my iPhone 4 and google maps as a GPS in my car, if I was not charging it as I drove  it would be dead in a few hours popping between 3G and the Edge.


    By the way, phone calls over analog were and still are way better quality than any version of the iPhone or Crackberry. Can U hear me now??

  • Player8 Level 1 (20 points)



    Lance is just trying to help.


    The solution is out there you can have the most features on and still have respectable battery life, you just need to find it in this 156 page thread .


    Would recommend starting from page 130 onwards, good luck.

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    Why don't you just say what the solution is if you know?

  • Player8 Level 1 (20 points)

    Because there isn't a one solution fits all scenario, the situations complex because there are a number of variables to consider due to people having a large variety of setups.


    One variable is people aren't actually here for help but here to complain......


    If you are experiencing battery drain and willing to do a bit of troubleshooting then:


    First of all is it a real issue?

    - Whats your battery drain rate per min/hour? Or how long does it last on standby only?

    - Is your phone heating up?

    - Have you looked in your crash logs? Any inputs that repeat a lot?


    What have you tried?

    - DFU restore?

    - iCloud account log out and in?

    - Email account delete and re-add?

    - You got Skype / Viber / Facebook installed?

    - You got apps work in the background (Some refresh at a certain time interval / Some have location services tracking you)

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    I believe everyone of us here has done whatever we can to address the battery issue. As for me, I had turned off every single settings since day 1. However, it didn't resolve my problem at all.

    My battery still persistently draining at the rate of 1% in every 2~3mins and its driving me real crazy.


    Disappointment.. Apple, please wake up ur idea!!

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    I'm back to report in on my battery drain issues.


       My first post on here talked about my experiences being very similar to most people's experiences. 1% drain every 1-3 minutes depending on activity. At least 2x charges per day even with light to no real usage. This was on a 32GB Black iPhone purchased in NZ a few weeks ago. Having read through this forum I decided to do a DFU restore without restoring my backup but allowing iCloud to sync my contacts and notes back. My quick findings are below.



        Firstly, last weekend when I did the DFU restore I was cautiously optimistic. My drain with everything turned on (including push from my Exchange server and 15 minute fetches to my gmail account) was similar to my old iPhone 4 (if not a little better) with no push, no bluetooth, and running purely from 3G. My comment on here I believe was something along the lines of wondering if it would be the same at work where my 3G was a bit shoddy to say the least since the earthquakes here. Well, I got to work and sure enough my drain was definitely more pronounced at work. The one thing I noticed though was switching between 3G and WiFi happening a bit here or there. When I went pure 3G (I never go pure WiFi) there were some defintie draining issues. Nothing too out of the ordinary (1% per 2-3 minutes on heavy browsing) but definitely worse than my home testing.


         This weekend, now back at home, I've gone back to solid performance. With heavy use, with most things turned on (I turned push off and Bluetooth since it isn't in use), I'm getting on average 9 hours worth of use. At the moment, my phone is sitting next to my bed with 49% sharge left, 22 hours standby, and 5 1/2 hours worth of usage. I would say I would get about 4 hours+ use out of it if I REALLY wanted to but will charge it once I get to work in the morning.


         Now, compared to when I first got the phone and restored my old iPhone 4 backup, this is a massive improvement. We do not have LTE here so I don't have the quick drain associated with that but when you get into a not so great 3G area (still a bit of those since the infrastrucutre has been bashed around here) you can watch drain occuring under moderate to heavy usage. I haven't put it into diagnostic mode to actually check signal strength at work (here at home it is -63db most times I've checked) but I would imagine the bars aren't telling the whole truth (much like the old "optimistic" status display from iOS 4 I believe). In any event, if you are hesitant about the DFU restore method, I would give it a shot before possibly taking in your 5 for another one which could result in the same issues. This is by no means an ideal solution (as it should have worked fine on backup restores) but it is a workable one which will fix some people's issues. I was VERY close to taking mine back for a full refund before this past week's testing but am comfortable with the battery performance now. Oh, BTW, some of this usage is with heavy Garage Band usage as well actively recording bass and guitar tracks and generally playing with the effects on it.

  • Phil Rogers Level 1 (5 points)

    Lance and Player 8,


    My apologies if I came off as a bad guy.  I know you are just trying to offer useful solutions.  My point is that if I go out and buy a Mercedes Benz, and it is rated for a certain fuel economy, there isn't an asterisk that says, "IF you don't use the radio, drive it at night, or put anything in the glove compartment.". 


    My iPhone 5 not only is giving me lousy battery performance,  consider this:  I am now so paranoid about even using it, that I do everything I can on my first generation iPad.  At day's end, with heavy use on my worn out iPad and very sparse use on my new phone, the IPad still has WAY more battery left.  And that is pathetic.


    As I said in an earlier post, Steve Jobs did not take the stage introducing the iPhone by demonstrating how you had to keep turning features on and off.  If the engineers would have brought him such a scheme, they would have been updating their resumes.  This needs to be a "set and forget" phone. 


    And it isn't, is it?

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    I totally agree with you, once you've set it up correctly this phone does have reasonable life. Numerous people have confirmed this is possible including myself.

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    "Correctly"? What a bunch of nonsense. The "solutions" that Lance offered are a joke. People didn't spend hundreds of dollars for a phone so that they can turn off features and do less with their new phone than their previous device.

  • Player8 Level 1 (20 points)

    When did I say Lances recommendations were the solutions?

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    so i did a little comparison yesterday,with my 2 year old iphone 4 (gf uses it now) and my month old iphone 5.both running ios 6.0.1.

    iphone 5 at 3h45 min. usage and 11h standby

    battery : 9%

    iphone 4 at 3h47min. usage and 1 day 19h of standby

    battery 49% !!!!!!


    now tell me again this is ok.