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    Then it could probably due to ios+ hardware issue.. As for ip4 on ios6.. I believe ios6 is optimized for ip5 but not the older models of Iphones as more and more features were added into ios6.. Thus, older models will be compromised in terms of battery life.. However, i just can't believe that the issue was here happening on ip5 and this is inacceptable, ridiculous.

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    Wow.. After all this time.. My battery is now 1% draining every 5 1/2 mins on LTE. About the same for 4G. This is with TONS of compromise. A fix, it is NOT but I need my battery to last so I was willing to do what I needed to in the meantime to make that possible.


    My screen brightness is very low

    Safari is restricted with all data deleted. I use chrome

    I deleted the Facebook app. I use it on chrome.

    I have my mail set to hourly.

    I do not have iCloud at ALL. I manually set up my email. I synched my contacts from iTunes.

    No Siri

    Everything else ... Bare minimum.



    Basically, I am completely not using the amazing features on this phone but for my life and for what I do, thatll have to be okay for the time being. The battery lasting is much more important.


    I personally believe that safari is responsible for this. I believe that once opened, something goes on in the backround and does NOT stop even when the app is closed. I don't know for sure obviously but all I know is with safari and Facebook gone off of my phone... Its completely not draining the way it was at ALL. If your desperate, give it a try! After you delete safari and Facebook do a hard reset. Charge the phone all the way up. Let it get down to like 5% and charge it fully up again. Power off / on the phone. And here I am. Ciao guys! I hope you all find temporary solutions that work for you!

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    I've been experimenting all weekend trying to figure out what is causing my iPhone 5 to get warm and have a fast battery drain. The bottom line is that when this happens I turn off cellular data under General/Cellular and the issue immediately goes away. The phone gets cool and the battery life is great. This experimenting is being done at home where I have a great AT&T signal and a great Wi-Fi signal.


    Prior to 6.0.1 I didn't have this problem, but my iPhone kept switching back and forth between wi-fi and 4G in the status bar. I suspect something is still broke, hopefully software-wise.


    My second iPhone 5 which I've had for a month longer never had this wi-fi issue and doesn't exhibit this warm/fast drain problem. It has rock-solid battery life.


    Does anyone else see this problem go away after switching off cellular data?

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    Recently, I have noticed that my verizon iphone 5 has constant communication problems in many areas around my area. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it just searches between 0,3g, and LTE and spins without being able to complete the download. If I turn the phone off and then on, sometimes it improves. My battery life apears to be 4-5 hours on 3g/LTE


    But today something extraordinary happened. My phone started working as it should. I left town and was in an city that had good LTE at my location with 3 bars stength. My phone was very fast. I have had 3 bars LTE in my own area, but I does not always get fast download times. Battery life today was consistant with 7-8 hour life.


    All I can figure is that when the phone tries to download info in certain areas, the phone seems confused and it drains the battery as it tries to find good signal. I have concluded that the problem that I have is related to the quality of the signal stength and how well the hardware and software work with this poor signal.


    I don't really think there is much I can do to save the battery except to avoid areas were 3g/LTE is poor. Unfotunately there are many areas were it is poor including my home. This seems to be the primary cause of my battery drain.

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    As you may of gathered already your phone battery drain is far from normal, for reference mines at 1% per 50mins pe 1.2% per hour when in standby mode.


    When you say you've done a DFU restore did you then setup the phone as a new phone or did you restore from old files?


    Other than that I can only see possible issues, try to delete one of the below one at a time to see if it helps:

    - Hotmail

    1) Hotmail also uses Exchange Activesync tech, do you use the Calendar function within this email account?

    2) There is a few fixes that have been shown to work. Delete and Re-Add.

    3) If the Calendar function is not required, just turn it off.

    4) You can set this email account to manual fetch.


    - Facebook

    I've not experienced this myself but I've read posts of people having issues with this app and re-installation helped.


    With regards to Apps:

    - I'm not sure if its possible with the global "Location Services" setting to Off, but there was an option within Angry Birds that would track your location in the background and the option to turn this off was only inside "Settings > Angry Birds" rather within the locations section.

    - Other than location services some apps auto update there data at a set interval. It would be worth going through each App within the Settings page to ensure this isn't the cause.


    I wouldn't say you have a defective battery as I believe you said turning off 3G solves the problem, this points to a background process running.

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    You may of tried this already but try installing "Carat" (But don't allow location services to be switched on for it), this should eventually to allow you to track your issue!

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    Was having the same problem with the crazy battery drain until I noticed something on friday, on friday my phone was down to 6% at 5:30pm plugged it in and then at 6:15pm had to  pick up the GF and when I unplugged my phone it was charged to 98% and that was using the charger that came with the phone talk about FAST charging. My GF was using a Griffen charger for her Iphone 4s as the one that came with her phone was dead in the box. So friday night as a test I used the griffen charger and she used the one that came with the iphone 5 we just switched cables. Today Monday I'm happy to say that my iphone 5 keeps a kick butt charge while my GF's phone using the charger that came with my phone dies in 6 hours of normal use. Today I unplugged my phone at 8am watched a 2 hour movie, read all the news on my 3 news apps made 8 10min phone calls and over 200 textes, banking, email and so on all day its now 6:37 pm and I'm at 46%.  So in my case the charger that came with my phone was causing my battery dain problem. so off to wal-mart tomorrow to get another Griffen charger for my GF.
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    Apple TV

    This is my first full day with my new iPhone 5 and the battery has been excellent. I would say its 50% better than my 4s was and I'm using the all the same apps. What I did do is load the phone as new and did not down load anything from back up. It's 1pm and my battery is at 75%.

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    Interesting observation. There are others scattered through the pages here which state that a charge from their laptop yields a better result than from the charger. I wonder if some of our problems could be something as simple as bad chargers? It would explain quick drains some are reporting on clean phones.

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    After weeks of troubleshooting and profiles installed on my iphone 5, Apple and I couldn't figure out a solution. They are aware of the issue and the engineers are working on a fix.


    The power management profiles they had me install showed a drain but coulnt pinpoint the cause. I was getting a 1% drain every few minutes and my battery would last about 5 hours of usage before dying.


    The apple rep states the only way to figure out where the problem is coming from is to start from scratch and restore the phone and only use the stock phone at first. Then slowly turn on one feature at a time and add one app at a time until we noticed a change in battery life.


    Well, a fully restored phone with the following setup has AMAZING battery life:


    Full restore, set up phone AS NEW

    Sync your CONTACTS ONLY!

    don't install any apps

    Don't add any mail accounts

    Turn off and delete all iCloud accounts

    LTE off

    Location services off

    Bluetooth off

    Push off

    Brightness 50%

    WIFI off

    Siri off


    Of course the downside was not being able to use pretty much all the best features of the phone lol. This was very hard to chew, but I realized it needed to be done to really see if it was software or hardware.


    The phone had great battery life until I added a mail account. Once I did this, the battery life went back to dropping 1% every few minutes. Charged the phone to 100% and went to bed. Didn't use the phone at all the entire night and when I woke up at 8am the battery drained to 81% and said close to an hour of usage time. Funny, I was sleeping the whole time, something seems to be problematic with the mail app.


    My suggestion (even though it's a pain and we shouldn't have to) is to restore your phone and set up like I did above and watch how great the phone is. Use the phone barebones for a day or two.


    Then, turn ONE thing back on and monitor. Maybe you try LTE first. Everyone will be different.


    If everything still seems good, then turn on another feature and monitor again for a few hours and see how it goes.


    If the battery is still going strong, turn on another feature, or download one of your most used apps. Test, monitor, take notes (screenshots)


    Continue this process until you find the culprit. My personal experience says its the mail app.

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    Yea Chrome is nice. Thx & good advice. Looks like i'll b getting 7+ hr of use for only the 2nd time since i got the phone the day it was released.


    YouTube also works better on Chrome than the iphone app.. In my experience anyway.



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    After using the new iPhone 5 for 12 days I arranged to return mine to Apple today for a refund. I've owned both the 3GS & 4 (not 4S) in the past.


    Main gripes:


    • battery drain is terrible. I've read support forums, restored the phone, disabled LTE, Wi-Fi & bluetooth, lowered screen brightness, disabled spotlight search, restarted the phone etc and even after an overnight 100% recharge, with minimal use, the phone barely makes it to early evening. If I use the **** thing I don't even get through the day. The phone also does get warm – but not as hot as I believe other users have reported.

    • maps (Melbourne Central railway station shows as 'Collingwood' and there is a BP Service station there too that doesn't exist... just one example – ridiculous)
    • Siri cannot be configured to use Australia Bureau of Meteorology weather information from 3rd party apps. Instead it tells me incorrect details from overseas sourced data. So I ask it is it going to rain and it says "fine weather" but then later in the day there are thunderstorms and rain!

    • Wi-fi sync is broken. Also tried troubleshooting but it is flakey (assume this, like maps, is an iOS6 issue)... but still

    • The lightning connector. Read the marketing reasons, the complaints etc etc but in reality it means (a) I'm using a stupid adaptor with my bedside clock radio that is going to snap any day soon and (b) i'm carrying the recharge cable around with me as the cable type is rarer – so difficult to just borrow/lend from others when out and about


    • The $900 for 32GB price tag. If this were a much less expensive phone I'd learn to live with the above defects perhaps. Paying the Apple Tax you want the product to perform.


    The imminent release of the Google Nexus 4 has me wondering if its time to switch....

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    What I've gathered from reading through some of these posts is that the battery drain issue is some background task that is killing our batteries. I've ruled out any of the radios as the problem continues whether on WiFi, 3G, LTE, No cellular data or Airplane Mode. There are too many variables to pinpoint what it is but main suspects are Safari and iCloud?


    There are a ton of "remedies" to help curb battery drain but these are only temporary until Apple's engineers fix the problems which are out of our hands. It is obvious that someone coded something up wrong and it is just a waiting game until they fix it. It might be garbage code leftover from a backup or something inherent to iOS 6, but since people are doing setting up as new and the problem is still there iOS 6 is probably to blame.


    Personally my battery drains A LOT when I use iMessage and with frequent messaging over an hour it can go down 30% which I think is totally unreasonable. I also get the "extremely warm" handset. Mine seems to stay at 100% for a long time but once it drops below that then it drops rather quickly. I try to top my battery up before leaving work as I know it'll die before the night is over if I go out.

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    I restored my phone as new, all apps location tracking, diagnostic report off, re-installed facebook.

    Email push off, fetch manually, calender function off since day 1


    By the way, I'm not sure if you notice that there are 2 ways of adding an email account.

    Take HOTMAIL for example, instead of selecting '"HOTMAIL", select "Other" to add hotmail acc manually.

    "HOTMAIL" function basically sync everything that was in my hotmail.

    "Other" function only sync my Inbox.


    So I'm going to set up my account using "Other" to see if these settings has any impact on my battery life.



  • tommyaustralia Level 1 Level 1

    Dude, what has mail account setup got to do with battery life?