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    Just got back from the Genius Bar at Fairview Mall in Toronto, Canada. 3:30 PM Appointment.




    I got a very young and arrogant lady "Genius", she admitted to battery life issues on LTE even though Apple advertises the same battery life for both 3G and LTE.


    She ran and I quote " A whole wack of diagnostics" on my phone and of course, according to their tests, everything is OK with the phone as far as battery life goes.


    I explained to her that those numbers are misleading as I have been using the phone very little due to the poor battery performance, in fact, "artificially" extending the real usage and stand by time.


    No use, according to her everything is fine with the phone. Got her to get a manager, same thing, a very arrogant and condescending young lady, just said the best they could do is document my concerns for future reference and that's it, everything is fine with the phone because their diagnostics said so.


    Overall terrible experience, I guess it falls on me to use the phone so the real battery span can show up on their tests, my word and perception of satisfaction as a loyal client doesn't cut it.


    I will start using the phone as I used to use my 3GS so they can see the battery life decrease, I'm not letting up, I DEMAND an acceptable piece of equipment as a paying customer.

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    Can someone please tell me why my iPhone 5 is using data when I have wifi on? If I have cellular

    Data on, and wifi on.. Isn't it only supposed to use wifi? My battery also drains at the fast rate that it does when I only use data unless cellular data is turned off and wifi is turned on. Then my phone lasts hours and hours. Why is it using data (cellular data on/wifi on) when it's on wifi though??

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    The iPhone 5 uses 4G LTE by default which is a very powerful high speed tower. If you are on the edge of a 4G covered area the phone may struggle to keep connection and that could hurt your battery. Also try setting up your iPhone 5 as a new phone from restore. All the settings from an old phone can boggle down the new OS and cause battery life to lower.

  • ramone12781 Level 1 Level 1

    We are the minority in this disgrace of a phone. Just think about how many "Un-Tech Savoy" customers are out there with this same issue just un-aware that there battery is supposed to last longer than what they are getting day to day. And to think I've preached to all my friends and family about how there is no other phone out there than an iphone. Just terrible Apple you let so many of your customers down with this release of a so called better phone, when really you released a bad apple. Thanks for taking our money and relying on us to be your beta testers.

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    Well I have been able to convince my sister, a friend  and a colleague to cancel their iPhone 5 order.

    Besides the fact that they were fed up with waiting for their order to be completed, they did not want to shell out that amount of money after  I explained to them how 8 hours LTE is complete bogus and showed them my 4 to 5 hours max battery life.

    They were shocked to say the least.

    It used to be so different a couple of years back.... The iPhone 4 rocked. But this.... No.

    Unless Apple fixes this or at least admits to the issue, there won't be another iPhone for me in the future.

    Is Apple a sinking ship? Anybody think they can still make good?

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    Called in my issue with my iPhone 5 battery drain with "3g cell data" turned ON.  He tried to tell me to turn off "Enable LTE", that is the battery drain!? WHAT THE F***K!!  This is why I bought the phone was for LTE/4G usage!!!  He finally told me to submit a feed back to and see what happens!!  WAY TO GO APPLE!!  YOU HAVE A BAD APPLE!  MAYBE ENOUGH BAD FEED BACKS FROM EVERYONE AND THE BALL MIGHT START ROLLING TOWARD A RESOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM!!


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    ramone12781 wrote:


    ... Just think about how many "Un-Tech Savoy" customers are out there ...

    FYI the word is "savvy"...

  • KéKé Level 1 Level 1

    Awesome! I just sent in feedback concerning the iffy battery life.


    I suggest everyone does the same:

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       I wonder how many of us have the correct spec'd battery in our iPhone 5. If I'm not mistaken, the spec is for a 3.8V 1440maH battery. Mine is a 3.7V 1424maH battery which I would imagine, no matter how small the difference may seem, would give less battery life when pushed by, say, the cellular radios?? Having that extra 10th of a volt could make all the difference for the power up and cause less drain on the battery. This could be a pretty big reason why this isn't as wide spread as it should be.

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    How do you know which battery you have??

  • ramone12781 Level 1 Level 1



    Long day my bad thanks for the correction! :)

  • CliffHNZ Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Ramone,

         This is from a report in Battery Doctor. The number sounded weird to me until I looked it up and saw some tear downs with the same battery (iFixIt being the most prominent). Seems awfully weird that the "slightly bigger battery" is about the same capacity as an iPhone 4 (which this 5 replaced) and actually lower than an iPhone 4S. I'm wondering now if part of these production "oopsies" include a run of lower capacity batteries on top of the whole scuffing issue some experienced.

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    **** I probally should have asked this first but I just bought Battery Doctor Pro looked like the most popular battery app on the app store but I'm not seeing where it shows the voltage of your battery? Did I purchase the wrong one?



  • CliffHNZ Level 1 Level 1

    Hi again Ramone,

         Here's where the confusion comes in. There are different apps on the app store called Battery Doctor. I'm using the Chinese made one, not the one with the little Red Cross in the app icon (which has a Pro version). Here is a link:



        It hasn't had the best translation treatment language wise within the app but I use it more than the other one (non-pro version) at the moment when I actually remember to use it while charging.