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    oh, and for those who may not know... but i am sure mot of you who post here know more than i do.  Your phone still charges after it appears charged on the screen.  I guess using any of the battery apps will let you know.  There is another good hour of so of charging even when the battery percentages shows 100%.  I consistently make sure i charge it to the full. 


    For instance, I just charged it fully.  I got 2 1/2 hours standby and 1hr 30 min usage.... of actual usage, i have been on facebook, texting, constantly for that hour and 30 min on WIFI and battery reads 95% when i do comapre it to my previosu 4s, it does seem alittle bettter.  Ok, just my experience. As for settings, I have location on for a few apps, notification on for weather only, screen at around 50%, no bluetooth and all email is manualy fetch, I have 6 email accounts though. 

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    Hi everybody i am on my third replacement last time it was hard to swap it i have to call manager to do this and spent about 3 hours at apple store. And i realise that every phone when you go to General/Usage/Cellular usage below Tether data counter always show my phone is tethering date some where. Numbers are counted in terrabytes, and i am nos subscribed for tethering when i am calling Sprint they answer me they dont see any tethering on my device and thats not possible because i am not subscribed for this, when i am calling apple they cant find unswer too. Is any body has the same problem?

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    Have to agree. Keja really is acting like a 12 year old kid. Cant believe youre in your 30's. Type like a 2 year old as well. Even less mature than me (16).


    After hes read this, hes probably going to have a go at me as well.

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    Here is screenshootphoto-2.JPG

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    Check the link below. Pay close attention to the txt in blue under "Notable new features in ios 6.1". This let u know there is hope for a fix. I've been running 6.1 beta 2 since Wed. Wed and Thur i spent most of the time on wifi so i dont consider that being a proper test. Charged the phone fully today around 11:30 am. Its now 8:45pm. Currently at 51%. Usage=4hr 25min, standby=7hr 12min.


    I will say tho, I have been in spots where i've only had like 1 bar on 4g so I wld have to rate my overall signal strength to b like 3 bars on 4g.


    No wifi.

    No music.

    No gaming.


    Browsing the net, facebook, emails, txt, and calls only(majority calls using bluetooth earpiece).


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    My wife and me just got our iPhone 5 a few days ago and I immediately noticed our iPhone 5's wireless connection very slow,  battery life is very short. The battery dropped so fast and it only lasted for a few hours.  So I tried different methods to solve the problem.


    Finally,  I did 3 steps and the battery problem is completely resolved.


    Go to "Settings",  click "General",  click "Reset", then "


    1) Reset All Setting


    2) after I did step 1,  I turned off my iPhone. 


    3) Reboot my iPhone 5,  "Erase All Content and Settings"


    It works, both my wife and my iPhone 5 are now normal.  The battery life is the same as my old iPhone 4.  No need to turn off any iPhone 5's feature to keep the battery stays long.  After all the problem resolved,  iPhone 5 is much better than my old iPhone 4.    We are 100% satisfied.


    I believe the battery problem was caused by software, not hardware problem. Maybe there are bugs inside the brand new iPhone iOS, keeps the phone running and makes the phone very hot.

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    here you go.. a follow up to my post from earlier today..


    3G from 8:30am - 5:30pm, 3G+Wifi 5:30pm - 11:30pm


    MP3+Bluetooth streaming to my car.. 30 minutes each way to work


    2-3 Hours of listening to MP3's with headphones on at work..


    Mail / Facebook / Games / Photos / Instagram / etc... Basically I was busy all day on the phone..




    Disabling push with Exchange is definitely what allows for more then 8 hours total standby time for me..


    Push definitely drains battery...

    Adding your e-mail as Exchange drains battery...

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    Yes, I posted about the tether issue a long time ago.  Mine even goes into the exabytes and into negative numbers.  I also have Sprint and have no tethering plan.


    Ok so it's been awhile since I last checked in.  Here's what's going on:


    1) Battery life stinks as usual

    2) My entire e-mail died last night, it would not receive any email all day long.  It would just keep spinning away while my iPad was receiving email just fine.  I reset all network settings, no fix.  I powered on and off with a hard reset, no fix.  I finally erased all settings and restored from a two day old backup which fixed the problem but now I have to load back all of my music again.  Just great.

    3) Stop getting your hopes up for 6.1.  My friend is running Beta 2 and his power has gotten worse, not better.

    4) Interestingly this same friend shows in the Beijing Battery Doctor app 3.8V at 1424 mAh whereas my phone shows up with 3.7V at 1424 mAh, so there are definitely problems and differences in the batteries in our devices though the voltage shouldn't be an issue so long as its adequate enough for all the chips inside.  The mAh rating on the other hand will directly have an effect on how long your battery will last.

    5) I still have connectivity problems.  For instance if I'm in an area that picks up a known WiFi router but won't let me connect my 3G does not work at all.

    6) Many times at home I have to turn off wifi, turn off cellular, turn back on cellular, then turn back on Wifi just to be able to send an email or a text, otherwise it will not send.

    7) Half the time my text messages (without pictures) take anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds to go through, to another iDevice!

    8) About 10% of the time my iPhone is super fast from browsing to system functionality.  The other 90% of the time it's slower than my iPhone 4S was, even when it's plugged in and at 100% battery level.


    If I think of any more I'll post an update but this should be an insight to just how horrible this phone is and will undoubtedly be the last iDevice I ever purchase.  I am soooooooo done with Apple.

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    Latest developments: experiencing similar issues with Samsung Galaxy 4G battery life ---- especially with LTE connectivity... where it goes down with the minute----- so have decided to go back to Apple.


    Actually they're both virtually the same phones, with the Samsung having a better video display (OLED).


    I find it difficult to acclimatise to the Android system.

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    Interestingly, when my telecommunications provider de-acivated my SIM card, and I was running just on SOS and wifi....the battery life on my iphone 5 was great....on stanby, for 10 hrs,it only lost 7%.

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    Actually the IPS LCD with LED back lightning in the iPhones has better color accuracy and better off angle viewing.  Actually, the iPhone is on the cooler side whereas the iPad 3 retina display is on the warmer more natural side and is the most color accurate display ever made.  OLED is more vibrant but over saturated, more battery efficient, doesn't require back lightning, and is obviously the way of the future which eventually will replace LCD permanently.  If Apple invested in OLED they have the financial power to get OLED to the point where it looks better than IPS and would significantly alleviate the battery issues in the iPhone all while making them even thinner.  I don't know why Apple is so firmly invested in LCD IPS technology but it's time they make a switch because everyone else is.  Out of the 1424 mAh in the iPhone 5 they could probably free up 350 mAh or more if they lost the backlight and migrated to OLED.  But I can understand why they haven't yet since the color accuracy isn't as good.  They should have been investing in it for years now and it should have been on the iPhone 5 without question.  First though they need to perfect their supply chain and get the iPhone and iPad displays to color match.  If they can't even do that I have little confidence they can make OLED as color accurate as the LCD IPS at this point in time.


    Apple feels safer holding onto the past and they no longer like taking risks which is what made them such a big corporation in the first place.  Their slogan used to be "Think Different."  It's time they start doing that again instead of relaunching yesterday's technology over and over again.

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    That's as good as I've seen reported with that little amount of time on wifi.    I can match those numbers, but I'm on wifi most all of the day, so it's not a fair comparison.

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    Gotta say..The battery seems to be doing a lot better on 6.1 beta.... wow... lets hope.


    This was on LTE ... Facebook/Safari/Twitter ... So pretty consistent heavy usage for 42 mins straight.


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    question from a non-techy....  6.1 beta is only availble for jail broen phones????