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    I had a 4s which was "ruined" by the ios 6.0 upgrade, battery was scary bad till I turned off Siri still had to charge in afternoon. Got a 5 which for me on Sprint and being in Texas which has the LTE also, is a far superior phone than 4s.  I came from having a HTC Evo which I had to charge by midday to have anything.  The 5 last me all day.  I have a car charger in case I need to charge while going on farm call.  Being a veterinarian with the cell phone as my only phone I have always as habit charged my phone at night since I am on call 24 hours a day.  I think the battery on the 5 does go down with use but it takes work to make it go to 0.  The 5 has been a far superior phone in that I can actually hear people on the hand set even when driving, is fast and I do not drop calls except at my house which is a hard spot for a good signal because of topograghy.  Just thought I would give my opinion.  I do not understand the obscession with seeing how long one can go before charging.  I need my phone and will charge if needed

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    When I first got my iPhone 5 the battery was amazing!  I used in all day (new phone and all), had everything possible turned on, never shut apps down and I'd have 40-50% battery left when I went to sleep. After I updated to ios 6.0.1 my battery would go from 100% - 0% in 3 hours with virtually no use. I could actually watch the phone and it will drop a percent every 45 seconds while not doing a thing and I had everything turned off.


    I went to Apple and they replaced the phone. However, stupid me didn't put 2 & 2 together and I again updated to iOS 6.0.1. It wasn't as bad, however it would go from 100% - 0% in 5 hours with little to no use. So whoopie, 2 more hours of standby!


    Last night I downloaded Boost Magic Pro for $.99. It's designed to properly charge the battery. It has helped quite a bit!  This morning it only went down to 61% by noon, however with little use. But probably 50% better. I'd recommend this app to help until Apple gets their act together and finally resolves this issue. Battery life still stinks, but this app has made it more managible.  I'm waiting out the after Christmas rush, then going to the Apple store to replace again, but I won't be stupid and update to 6.0.1 or 6.0.2.

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    I agree with GermanFromMD, with each successive charge from 0% the battery life seems to get marginally better. Not as good what I expect given Apple's advertised battery stats and what I have seen my friends get (20HRS+ Usage). This was after my second full charge since I bought it (My 1st charge is on pg207):


    photo (1).PNG

    Interestingly I used a lot of web and games. The usage of 8hrs is a little misleading. I got there by playing music for a few hrs which on my iPhone takes up no battery life it seems, illustrated by today, so far after just listening to music from a 3rd charge:


    photo (2).PNG


    I played some Avengers for 20mins after this and I'm now at 84% so go figure...

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    The best solution i found was to turn off most of the Location services in the privacy settings.  It has worked for everyone I told who told me they had battery problem.  Location services, when checked per app continuously looks  for your location.


    In settings go to location on that......Look at your list of apps requsting your location...I have a lot but only keep Safari, Siri and Find my phone on. 


    After turning the others off go to bottom of page and click on System Services.


    Turn off everything except Cell network search.    The other areas primarily help Apple keep tabs on your don't need any of them.   Your time zone sets automatically from original time setting.  


    If an app wants to use your location it will ask decide...after the app uses the location be sure to check back on the list when finished to turn it back off.


    I'm sure this will help you.

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    Tested the battery drain with standby again. The results were horrible!


    Charged phone to full 100% at 12:15am


    Wifi on

    Lte off

    Bluetooth off

    Mail set to fetch every 15 min - 8 imap accounts

    Push off

    Location services on

    iCloud on

    Brightness 45%

    Notifications on


    At 8:30am the battery was at 46%!!!!! The phone was never touched.


    One thing I noticed, is that even though wifi was on and connected, when in standby the phone goes back to using cellular. Once the unlock the phone for 1-2seconds, the wifi kicks back in.


    So, all night it was using cellular data even though wifi was supposed to be on.


    Usage stats showed:

    Usage: 3hrs, 45min

    Standby: 8hrs, 30min


    Not cool!

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    You mentioned your using Beta software so you must expect some sort of faults


    and I have posted before and i am posting again now


    iPhone 5 running IOS 6.0.2, Wifi On while at home, LTE on when out, Bluetooth Off, Mail Push, Location On, iCloud On, Brightness Auto, Notification (driving me crazy) ON


    I am currently getting around 1&1/2 hours usage and 2 hours standby (every 10%)


    As i have pointed out before - I also was having the problems until I ask Apple if they could replace the battery only. 


    Since then I get great usage mostly. and yes i still get crap results when my signal is low, but that happens on all phones.

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    Around how long did the process take for them to replace the battery?? Where u able 2 c the replacement battery b4 it was installed?? Did u have a screen protector on your phone and if so, did they have to take it off b4 replacing your battery???

  • leefromsheffield Level 1 Level 1

    Good questions,


    Firstly I asked them to exchange the battery when they wanted to exchange the phone and I was luckly to have got a nice lady in the store who checked they had one, (it was the first one the store had been sent and she had it in her hand when she came back out of the back)


    Secondly yes I have a Zagg (front+back) protector (the reason for me asking for the battery to be replaced) as they would not refund me the £21 for the protector


    Yes the battery had been replaced, because they had forgot to glue the bloody thing back in, as i was walking out of the store i was checking for scratches on the sides and could feel something inside moving, i went straight back to the genius bar and asked what was going on and they said "we will check it out", they came back a few minutes later stating they had not put enough glue on the battery to told it in place, and if anymore problems to come back,  since then everything has been running fine


    Email confirmation of replacement battery (full details removed for obvious reason) -

    Battery Issue was same as you guys, fast drain, and mine also would not fully charge to 100%



    Picture here shows how the phone can work image.png

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    Finally gave my phone for replacement. I will get my replaced one next week. They take 5 days here as there is no Apple retail store in India. I am optimistic that I will get a better phone this time - now that I have already lost my  money on the screen protector and peace of mind.


    PS: If I do not get a good phone again I am planning to sell it off and bye - bye Apple.

  • ovunc Level 1 Level 1

    There is solution for battery draining.



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    Too much turning off of features that I bought my iPhone to use.....   iPhone 6 will hopefully have a battery that is large enough to power all the stuff they have packed into the phone.   The i5 is clearly underpowered.   Huge design error on APPLE's part.

    ovunc wrote:


    There is solution for battery draining.



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    I even lose battery life even in airplane mode it a major bug in this latest firmware.

    Who ever tested this firmware probably haven't even tested correctly.

  • cocktail5555 Level 1 Level 1



    I decided to change some settings on my phone yesterday and to my suprise, I finally got a day of normal battery. I was on wifi most of the time, but was connected to LTE for 4.5hrs and 4G for about 3 or more hours during this usage.


    I am not really sure what settings I changed that may have helped things though. I was just fed up with the battery problems after all this time, and was just switching settings on and off blindly lol. I did remove a lot of unused apps from notification center though.


    I think it's a fluke and I got a lucky day, but we will see how tomorrow goes.


    So, here is my full setup in case anyone would like to replicate and see if they notice a difference.

    Brightness - 40%

    Do Not Disturb - OFF



    Vibrate on RIng - ON

    Vibrate on Silent - ON


    LTE - ON

    WIFI - ON

    Bluetooth - OFF

    Siri - ON

    iTunes Wifi sync - yes

    Spotlight Search - ALL Checked

    Auto lock - 1min

    Passcode Lock - OFF

    Restrictions - OFF

    Lock Sounds / Keyboard Clicks - OFF


    Privacy - Location Services ON - Only apps set to on are Camera, Find Friends, Google Maps, Maps, Safari, Siri, Weather, Find My iPhone, and Status Bar Icon set to ON


    System Services(within location services) Cell Network Search - ON, Compass Calibration - ON, Status Bar Icon set to ON. Everything else is OFF.


    iCloud - ON:

    Mail - OFF

    Contacts- ON

    Calendars - ON

    Reminders - ON

    Safari - OFF

    Notes - ON

    Passbook - OFF

    Photo Stream - ON

    Shared Photo Stream - ON

    Documents & Data - ON: Use Cellular Data - OFF

    Find My iPhone - ON


    Mail, Contacts, Calendars - 8 IMAP Accounts, 1 POP Account

    Fetch Every 15 Min

    Push - OFF

    iCloud set to Manual under "Advanced"


    iMessage - ON

    Facetime - ON

    Safari use cellular data for reading list - OFF


    iTunes & App Store

    iTunes Match - OFF

    Auto Downloads - Both OFF

    Use Cellular Data - OFF



    Shake to Shuffle - OFF

    Sound Check - OFF

    EQ - OFF

    Volume Limit - OFF

    iTunes Match - OFF


    Notification Center:

    Weather Widget - ON

    Share Widget - ON

    Phone - ON

    Messages - ON

    Calendar - ON

    Mail - ON - ALL Acounts

    Reminders - ON

    Photos - ON

    Chase Bank App - ON

    Facebook - ON

    Instagram - ON

    Talkatone - ON

    eBay - ON

    Paypal - ON

    Find Friends - ON

    Facebook Pages - ON

    LogMeIn - ON

    myAT&T - ON

    Register - ON

    Google Maps - ON

    Battery Doctor - ON

    M&T Bank App - ON

    Poke - ON


    That about narrows it down.

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    I have given up. I bought the 64 gig version on the day it came out, I have replaced the phone 4 times and am currently on #5. Each phones battery has been terrible. That being said, I think the problem is that apple simply produced, released and sold us all an inferior product. No software can fix it.

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    That great battery mines was like that in 6.0.2 but now I couldn't even get three hours usage at all. It's becoming a joke now.