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  • amitkapila2 Level 1 Level 1

    If I was getting even half that time on a full charge I would be happy.  My phone is down 20% and its been 6 hours 13 mins standby and 1 hour.28 mins usage.

  • amitkapila2 Level 1 Level 1

    That should read "down to 20%. "

  • raviwala Level 1 Level 1

    Yes i was on 3G all the time. so does this mean that my battery seems alright ?

  • raviwala Level 1 Level 1

    thats sad. thought have you tried restoring the phone or even updating it? i did update my phone to 6.0.2 couple of days back. with the results above i havent been using wifi lately and my screen brightness is 1/3. wonder if what i'm getting out of it is really worth with the iphone 5 battery. ?

  • HwyHawk1976 Level 1 Level 1

    My money is on the assumption that the battery has not been installed correctly r is not seated properly in the phones that have battery issues.


    This morning I took my phone off the charger, start using it and after about 20min it was down to like 95%.. I turned the phone off then back on and % went from 95% back up to 99%..


    Apple care is still telling me that they don't replace the battery itself but they are willing to give me a replacement phone. This is already my 2nd phone and im curious to c how the phone will perform with a replacement battery.



  • amitkapila2 Level 1 Level 1

    I got my iPhone 5 with 6.0.1 and the battery life was OK. I didn't notice any issues with the battery till I upgraded it to 6.0.2. Initially after the upgrade all was well  and then after a few days it started to drain very rapidly. I even tried to downgrade it to 6.0.1 but it didn't help. So I upgraded again. The battery life did not improve or worsen. I just keep a charger handy.


    But one thing I am going to try over the weekend is to DFU the iPhone 5 and see if that helps.


    A lot of users are complaining that replacement also did not help.  So I don't known what else to do. Lets hope apple can figure it out soon and give us a fix. 

  • Jangeles323 Level 1 Level 1

    Its not that the battery isn't installed correctly that your phone is doing that, but most likely your battery isn't calibrated. The reason you get more % when you restart is that the battery % is giving false readings. Discharge your battery completely, (should be done once a month) and that should easily correct that. If your on 6.0.2, a lot of people on here will experience battery drain. I'm still on 6.0.1 and haven't experience the so called weak wifi signal and my battery is working how it should be

  • HwyHawk1976 Level 1 Level 1

    Have tried a majority of suggestions on this thread so yes, battery has been calibrated. That is if u mean let the battery drain till 0 and the phone shuts it self off.


    Did the 6.0.2, eventually downgraded back to 6.0.1.. Currently running 6.1 beta 4.


    Did the phone replacement. Between these 2 phones, if u can suggest it i have already tried it. Everything short of replacing the battery.


    Go back to page 209 of this thread. View the results of a guy from Europe by the name "Leefromsheffield". He is the only person on this site claiming to have a BATTERY replacement. No one in the US has made that claim. Y??


    I believe its because if Apple replaced the battery and that fixes the issue they wld have alot of over worked employees at the Apple store much like the workers at Foxcomm. And how wld that look r speak towards the quality of their products??? Thats y they simply give u a replacement phone in hopes of getting it "right with this one".

  • Jameson! Level 1 Level 1

    It's not a battery problem, beyond the fact that the battery capacity is insufficient for the phone.   Take note of those people having the fewest problems:


    1. They are on wifi for significant part of the day (I fall into this category).
    2. They are in a very strong 3G or LTE signal location for a significant part of the day.


    The problems occur mostly for those people on 3G/LTE with a less than full signal.   Because of that, I believe the problem is in the firmware that is used to manage the dual antenna system that is in the i5.   Unfortunately, this firmware is part of all versions of 6.0, so the problem affects earlier iPhone versions as well.


    I also believe that APPLE cannot fix this problem with the current physical dual antenna design, or they would have already.   The ultimate answer lies with increased battery capacity.   I have stated before and still believe that APPLE made a mistake by going thinner on the i5, instead of giving it a bigger battery.    I'm betting that the 5s, if released this spring, will have more battery capacity.

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    He's correct , it's the capacity of the battery and how it can't manage the battery properly. But me being on 6.0.1 is has given me decent battery toast the whole day on lte/4g..but yes wifi gives you better results with battery as in my house I only get 2 bars.. But when Im out, my battery is fine with 4g/lte

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    What u r saying makes perfect sense and I've notice that your opinion on the matter has not changed reguardless of all the tweeks and so called fixes offered by this thread. Mine has to a certain extent.


    I agree that a simple firmware update wont fix this because i say its an assembly issue. Its been well documented that workers at Foxcomm had complaints about the working condition. Workers where angry and frustrated enough to riot. Is it too far fetched to say that maybe alot of the workers, over time, became neglegent r simply didnt care about the effort put in assembling the phone? Also documented as being one of the hardest apple products to assemble.. That wld also explain y ppl were getting damaged and scuffed up phones right out the box. Ppl hearing components moving inside the phone when shaking it.


    U mentioned the 5S. Wld that b the "fix" for u??? To simply go out and get the new kid on the block to deal with the issues of the iphone 5..


    If the 5S will b a repeat of what happened with the 4 and 4S, with a better battery **** just give me the battery..

  • Jangeles323 Level 1 Level 1

    It's already been explained that the components shaking inside is the autofocus since its near the camera.. That does not have anything to do with the performance of the phone. A simple firmware can fix the drain and have better battery management. Your again incorrect. Explain how people have better battery on 6.0.1 compared to ppl who updated to 6.0.2 getting worst battery? It's a firmware issue not the battery. If the battery was "incorrectly" installed, your phone wouldn't even turn on.. If 5S gets a bigger battery capacity, then yes that can give better battery life

  • Jameson! Level 1 Level 1

    Luckily, I don't really need the "fix".   I spend 90% of my day on wifi, at home and in my office, so I get 8-10 hours of usage and 24+ total hours out of my phone with no problem.   On those occasions where I'm away from wifi, I have a car charger at the ready!    Unless the 5s has some other "must have" features, I will skip it.

  • Jangeles323 Level 1 Level 1

    I spend most of my time on wifi as well. even on l4g/lte I still get enough battery to last the whole day

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    An opinion has flaws simply because its not a proven FACT. U whole heartily call me "incorrect" so therefore what u state/post r facts?? IOS 6, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, & 6.1 beta 1-4 all produce the same battery performance for me. 3:50 to 4:40 of usage with 17 to 30hr of standby. The only time i have seen 6+ hr of usage was testing the phone on wifi for the entire day. I work and at my job I dont have the luxury of a wifi connection so 4G is my only gauge. Is it a fact that ppl still running 6.0.1 r getting the advertised 8hr of usage out their battery (wifi, 4G, or otherwise)? How about 7hr?? Maybe 6hr?? NO, its not a FACT..


    Furthermore let me try and simplify the OPINION i am trying to get across.


    I wld like to walk into an Apple store, have a "Genius" to take my phone, turn it off, use his/her fix it tools to open my phone, replace the battery, make sure all wires/connections r seated properly, apply the adhesive to the new battery in order to seat it properly, reconnect everything, and turn the phone back on.


    After, if MY battery issues still persist then and only then will I consider replacing the phone and try all the battery saving suggestions over again.


    Get it? Got it? GOOD..