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    Hmmm...mine is loosing about 1% per hour. Is it safe to assume that my device has nothing wrong (and so a replacement is not possible) and better wait for 6.1 version of iOS to see if that will change ?


    By the way, with medium usage, i can achieve 2 days until it needs charging. I have the device for less than a month.

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    Hello everyone...first, I have been a loyal Apple fan for years and have owned every iPhone to date.  However, one thing I learned during my 12 year military career was to keep an open mind and always be willing to adapt to change.  Therefore, after purchasing an iPhone 5 on launch day, and subsequently returning it for a replacement within one week, and then replacing that phone with a 3rd iPhone 5, I realized that the one obvious flaw this phone has over its predecessors is subpar battery life.  I, like many of you, have been very frustrated and have tried every conceivable option to optimize battery life.  So, I recently sold the device and utilized my upgrade eligibility to test drive the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Essentially, my reason for doing so was mainly battery life.  I try not to complain about much as I am breathing oxygen and am very blessed and fortunate.  And, I find myself at times trying not to get too uptight about a luxury device that is basically a communication tool and ultimately unimportant in the big scheme of things (family, love, health, etc.). 


    Anyway, I apologize for being philosophical....bottom line, as a consumer who utilizes this communication device, I had simply hoped to get a full day out of my iPhone 5 without having to inconveniently charge it multiple times.  But, as with any device, the hardware and specs will play a part in how the device operates.  Obviously, usage via games, texting, talking, and browsing will play a huge part no matter what size battery or device.  However, I would classify myself as the "average" user and still found myself having to search for a charger around 2-3pm each day after unplugging my iPhone at 6:30am each morning.  Again, only casual browsing, emails, and texting/calling drained my battery to under 10%.  Finally, I realized that (and this is only my personal opinion) no update from Apple (iOS 6.1) will aid this device simply due to its form factor and hardware.


    Bottom line, this is a very powerful, and wonderfully engineered phone with 4G capability and when used, will drain power from the 1440mAh battery...its a inevitable reality that I couldn't accept.   I do miss the fluidity of iOS and the simple nature of the iPhone 5.  However, I must admit that with my Note 2's 3100mAh battery, I am not having to compromise on what I turn on/off and how I use the phone.  Yes, its bigger, glitchy, and simply not Apple.  But, it works and I don't have to worry about battery life which is a huge factor for me (I'm not always around a wall/car chager).  Maybe a battery case will help some of you and its a shame that you might have to invest another $100 into accessories after shelling out money for your iPhone 5.  But, to me that was the only option when deciding to keep or sell my iPhone.  So, I invested the other $100 into the Note 2 and ironically, I really like it.   I miss the form factor of the iPhone 5 and its simplicity...and, even caught myself this morning second guessing my decision to keep the Note 2, or go back to my beloved iPhone 5 and buy a case.  Ultimately, it's unfortunate that Apple made a product that is powerful and fast without substantially increasing the size of the battery...yes, its light and beautiful, but very frustrating to constantly monitor usage and settings.  However, because of the small 1440mAh battery, the iPhone 5 is simply a Ferrari with a 5 gallon fuel tank.  It's awesome to drive...but the ride is over so quickly before refueling begins.  Apple, I appreciate your willingness to create a thin, light, and beautiful phone...but, couldn't you have sacrificed a little thickness and weight for a 2100mAh battery?  I hope you're listening.......

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    @paulphilly -   You hit the nail right on the head bud.....    A few paragraph breaks would have helped though!  

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    Hi Paul,


    I actually read that entire long message. Believe it or not. By now after tons of messages myself here i feel like a sour puss complaining over and over about the battery life. Stupid right ?.. But i only see one option for me right now .. switching over to Blackberry 10. Im truly excited about the new z10 coming in the next days. I hope you have much fun on your note 2 as much as i have fun on my bb 10 cheers. I dont think you made the wrong decision my friend

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    Haha i was going to ask him to space it out a little but i didnt want to sound like a ***** ..

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    Sorry everyone   I am sure that was tough to read in "single" paragraph form LOL.  And, "coolKenny13" I apologize to you and everyone else for such a long reply...I just simply had alot to get off of my chest.  Thanks so much for reading it though.  BTW, I have also researched the Z10 and it looks really nice!!  I am sure you will enjoy it. 


    Ironically, as I sit here and communicate with my fellow Apple "brethren and sistren",  I want you all to know that selling my iPhone 5 and buying an adroid phone was the toughest materialistic decision of my life.  I have been enjoying Apple's ecosystem for years, and am really disappointed that I felt the need to switch.  However, after spending a week with the Note 2, I have come to appreciate the iOS even more because of its Lexus reliability and smoothness.  Even now, I sit here purplexed about my decision.  Last night I was looking on the Mophie website to see if/when they were releasing the new iPhone 5 pro 2500mAh case.  Ugh...stop the insanity already!!!!  LOL.  Utlimately, I really do like the Note 2 and the Android OS has come a long way.  Just FYI, I took the Note 2 off of the charger yesterday at 6:30am as usual, and as of right now (11:20am EST), I have 42% left which uncludes moderate to heavy browsing/playing with phone, several calls at average length, emails, etc...most importantly, I haven't turned anything off in settings, have wifi always on, and don't feel the need to constantly check the battery% .  So, I will say that this device gives me a peace of mind that my iPhone 5 couldn't.  If I could just get used to Android after years of Apple loyalty

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    But paul , you only said it yourself that it's just a 'communication device'  in the end. So stop fighting with your inner demons. But then again i guess it's just the withdrawal symptoms

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    I couldn't agree with you more my friend   And, as a communication device, I love the way the iPhone 5 communicates...simple, elegant, reliable, consistent...but only when the battery is greater than 1%

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    And then there's jelly bean 4.1 and then theres  another food item OS. And you can't deny it , with every os they actually get better. So although you miss the elegant , fluid and simple os , you can expect it to be better in the next OS if not the best.


    If your still up for little experimentation and games i suggest you try custom roms ? . Heard of xda developer ? Its a forum and you can  get every custom rom there ..


    It would be nice to hear from you time and again on how your doing with your android. Im sure its not that bad and even the gurus and pundits praise it for what its worth.

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    There is no denying the rock solid fluidity and reliability of iOS.  However, you are correct in that Jelly Bean 4.1 is a step closer to iOS.  The more I "play" with my Note 2, the more I like it.  Granted, it's not as fluid or solid as OS, but it is leaps and bounds better than Android say 2 years ago?  And, like you said, with 4.2 on the horizon, it will be a lot better....if not the best.  I guess what I miss most about OS is the simplistic nature in which every task is/can be done.  It required little effort to do anything/everything and was reliable in doing so.  With 4.1, it's a learning curve and tasks seem to require a little more effort both on my part and the software installed.  But, there is no denying that JB 4.1 is a competent system.  For what it's worth, the Note 2 is more "fun" with customizable options and bigger real estate.  But, again a phone is a phone is a phone.  This phone, unlike my iPhone or apparently Z10, is big and not a practical alternative.  However, I find myself and many others according to Samsung Note 2 sales pushing the boundaries of what we find "practical"


    I will definitely research custom roms and the xda website.  I have heard that alot of Android users love the fact that they can install a custom rom and really "unlock" their phone making it super customizable.  But, being a former Army bratt, I was always accustomed to the "kiss" philosophy and am a little overwhelmed with the Note 2 and its stock form...much less a custom rom.  LOL, I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Maybe you know someone who could help me? 


    I will definitely keep in touch my friend.  I am curious to see how you like the Z10.  All of the reviews point to it being a beast of a phone with great ppi and specs.  Who knows, I may end up with one myself.  I did at one time have the legendary BB Curve

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    Well well well , i guess we have more things in common. Specifically the BB curve. Atleast i said the 8900. Although it was the older model , it beat almost every other BB model out there subsequently.


    Its funny how you have joined the bandwagon and say that these new big phone are not pratical. Trust me , i seen dime a dozen people say this and then love the big factor. It's actually fun browsing and gaming on it. I myself prefer small screen like the iphone 5. And i think the size on the iphone is actually 'good'. But one day i might have to move on to the bigger (Z10)


    Cynagen mod is the most popular custom rom for samsung note and galaxy's . you should look it up on youtube. Just search for cynagen mode note 2 . or simply cynagen mod. And let me know what you think

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    Wow, the ol' reliable could almost beat that phone with a hammer and it would still work lol.


    I must say that I also prefer the small screen of the iPhone 5.  I do find the 5.5" screen on my note 2 entertaining and fun for browsing/gaming, but I'm am finding it hard to come to terms with its portability factor.  With my iPhone 5, it was in my pocket and barely noticeable...I loved that about the phone.  With my note, I can tell it's there ALL the does fit in my pocket, but when I bend down or sit down, it is a little uncomfortable.  Again, the bigger screen is nice to look at and fun, but it is really not that practical.  Truthfully, I am sitting here as we speak browsing the internet for battery cases for the iPhone 5.  Maybe I am being a little premature with the Note 2 and not giving it a chance, but after a week its still big...I wish my hands were bigger (no need to insert a joke here lol).  I do miss my 5 at just did what I needed a phone to do and did it well!!  Dang that little battery


    I will def check out Cynagen.  Is it hard to install?  Is there someone I can contact to walk me through it or maybe call?  Thanks!

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    It's actually extremely simple. Whenever I needed to install a rom. I always went on YouTube and typed how to install custom rom on note 2 or how to install cyanogen mod on note 2. They not only give you the tutorial but also links to Dow load the link for the rom.


    Type cynagen for note 2 and see which is the latest. I might be able to help you know. I installed a rom ages ago. Start going to xda-developers forums also

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    The only requirements to flash roms on the note 2 is very simple. 1st root the phone , 2nd flash the latest clockwork mod which can simply be done using rom manager. 3rd put the rom in this case cm10.1 which is the latest on the root folder along with downloading gapps (google apps because google doesnt want cyanogen to have it built onto the rom). Factory reset/data wipe on recovey mod by simply restarting with recovery through rom manager. Lastly install the rom by simply guiding your phone using vol up/down to navigate and using power button to browse. Flash the zipped rom (cm10.1) after that flash gapps and your set. First start up is long but after that its normal..


    My brother has a note 2 and I'm also experience with android community and xda.. Make an account with xda and they will gladly help you out.. 

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    219 pages and now this is becoming a Droid thread?!?!?!?