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    P.s. You should offer this as a free service since you screwed everyone.

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    They are committing product line suicide by not standing behind their product. I refused to pay the extortion price of $79 for a new battery when batteries are available for $10 or less. I bought one that came with a kit for $20 on Amazon. Imagine how much money they are gaining from a defect on their part. Inexcusable.


    My next phone will likely be a Samsung. Although they too have battery drain problems, theirs is easily switched to a fully charged battery when necessary. And you don't need a heavy case, with a different charger.


    I suppose eventually, as the furor gains from the draining batteries, Apple will be forced to offer a better solution. For now, they continue to gouge their loyal customers.

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    I'd still buy the iphone even if the battery only last an

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    That would be a bit of an idiotic thing to do - would it not?

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    Tomorrow is my last day with my crappy iPhone 5. What a nightmare 6 months it's been. Battery dead after 3 hours following a full nights charge. Phone crapping out randomly at %age under 50%. No control over it. Tired of havign to shut down all the applications to save battery life. Want to smash the phone to bits but instead will sell it on EBAY and some poor goon will enjoy the sh1te that I've endured,


    I'm done with this battery anxiety. Not only had I to buy adaptors so that my iPhone 5 could work with my iPhone 4S gadgets  such as speakers & a very expensive Parrot ZIK by Stark sound system, I recently forked out $100 for a Mophie battery pack in a moment of madness.


    Tim Cook - you can eat my iphone for all I care. It's a Ferrari phone with a Fiat 126 fuel tank - you should be ashamed. You spent far too much time with Mr Ive designing how it looks instead of thinking how it would work in the real world.


    Bought myself a Moto G, the new budget Smartphone from Motorola and am enjoying as much technology as I need.


    Never again will I buy an Apple phone.

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    I am having the same problem. My iphone 5 battery was working okay until a couple of weeks ago when I updated to IOS 7.0.4. Ever since then the battery is dying in less than 4 hrs after a full charge. I would like to know if Apple is addressing this. Last night I charged my phone to 100% af 1am and turned off mobile data on all apps. When I woke up the phone was off because the battery was dead. Anyone know if there is a solution to this problem. I am tired of taking charger with me where ever I go.

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    Why did you pay for a battery?  Isn't your phone under warranty/Applecare?

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    Just got my iPhone 5 back in june this year. Updated to iOS7 and all and had no battery issues at all. Since I'm from Argentina, we have no LTE network, but 3G. And I have to say that I was on a very bad carrier plagued with signal and network issues. In 3G my phone was enduring like six or seven hours tops. With Edge on the same carrier, I could have it running for 30 hours on hold and 7 in usage.


    Then I changed my carrier to another company and guess what? I'm getting an average of 25 hours and 6 in use in 3G.


    So yeah, maybe there's something wrong with some units, but I think the battery drain is due to the carrier and the kind of connectivity.


    Also take note that the tests published by Apple on the battery usage are on specific circumstances. LTE/3G browsing is basically, the phone just browsing. 40 hours of music, is only music. When you use your phone, all things are happening in the same time. You'll never get 40 hours of music and check emails, calls, messages, etc. It's something obvious, but most people seems to forget this

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    Ben, your lucky I can't make weight for a 170lb match lol (for those of you that don't know Ben Askren was a welterweight mma champ).  Anyways, jk but seriously I don't think anyone has negated to realize that their usage pattern differs from Apple's biased battery statistics that test 1 scenario at a time.  But I don't care how you slice the numbers there's simply no excuse for a high end device that costs $700 + to consistently get 3hrs of battery life or often times much less. 

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    The iPhone 5 will my be last iPhone having had the 3 and 4 previously. The iPhone 5 has been a complete disaapointment compared to the 4 as was the 4 compared to the 3 when it comes to battery life.  If you constantly use your phone you should expect to charge it every night however it is not uncommon for me to have to charge mine three times a day.  It is simply not fit for purpose.  Some of the fixes suggested are ridiculous and could only been made more ridiculous by suggesting turning your phone off to save power!!!


    HTC one, Nexus 4 or Samsung will be my next phone - Apple can *&%@ off next time, only issue is I'm stuck with charging up three times a day for another 9 months - ah well 821 charges to go and counting..........

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    It's Dec 22, 2013. I'll be 63 in two weeks. Lord knows, I ain't as good as I used to be and AAPL is trading at <550 rather than > 700. BUT:


    My kids bought me my first smartphone, an iPhone 4s two Christmases ago. I love that thing! But the 2 year ATT Family Plan contract is up Jan 6 and we're getting a divorce, so I switched to a Verizon 5s 10 days ago. Ten days in ****! Finally got most all of the issues resolved with half a dozen Apple Support sessions (and reading posts here).


    Now, I'm seeing this battery charging crap. Unconscionable! Is this Tim Cook versus Steve Jobs at work? Do we load all sorts of "upgrades" and "new features" into a tried and true platform that can't be used because they drain the battery? Or is it IO7? I thought built in obsolescence went out with the '70 Chevy.


    If the phone needs to be permanently plugged into a non-hibernating Mac or PC with WiFi in order to operate, why do I need a "mobile" device?


    62% charge last night at about 11:00 when I plugged it into the wall (computer was asleep). 74% at 6:30 this am! My 4s charged from any low point to 100% in less than an hour after two years.


    What a disappointment, and mine is the last of 240 pages of complaints! This dog is going back to Tim Cook & Co.

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    Just as a follow up to my last diatribe, I just plugged my 5s into my ancient iPod Mini charging transformer and the charge jumped to 86% within 5 minutes! Remember that scene in the movie "Working Girl" where Orren Trask relates the story of the little girl who suggested that they way to free the truck stuck under an underpass was to let the air out of the tires?


    Is it possible that, of the two issues here: 1) quick battery drain, and 2) slow battery charge, that the latter is just a lousy charger that's shipped with the 5s?


    BTW, charging seems equally quick when plugged into my PC. When I plug into the new, small t'former that came with the phone, I don't even get that "chirp" and a screen telling me current battery life...

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    I would definitely say that your wall charger that came with your 5S is working bad. Is that the original one? Just to keep in mind, the battery charges in something like three hours, and the charging is divided in three stages. The first one is the speed charge, that one takes the battery from 0 to 80% in something about an hour or less (not 5 minutes). Then, it goes from 80 to 100 in something like an hour, which is called the "absorption" stage. Finally, to get full 100% you have to leave your phone charging when it reaches 100% for 40 minutes at least (I strongly recommend the app "Battery Doctor" to learn the right way to treat your battery).


    If you want to make a good use of your battery do this: Try to recharge the phone before it discharges more than 20%. Partial charges are great for your phone. At least once in a month, try to drain your battery till the iPhone turns off, then charge it without disconect it till reaches 100%.


    I'm doing this since I have my 5 (seven months) and my battery is working exceptionally well.


    I get almost the same speed charging my phone through an USB on my computer, but takes more time to reach 100% in the last stage of charge.


    For the charger, try to use the original one, since it's 5V 1A output, which is the measure that the batteries in Apple devices are designed for.

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    Ehy Ben,


    you cannot come after 240 pages with something such trivial.

    Here we are all well experienced users and our iphone is not the first we have had.


    I'm getting crazy with this bug and Apple silence is outrageous.


    What they are waiting for?

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    Same isue  battery dies at 25% of charge, and worst yesterday in a movie theater 2hrs later  of a 100% of battery start to burn my leg very very hot my iphone5  I  put the phone in a airplane mode and start to down the temperature of the iphone so what is this 1 year and 2 months later once your iphone lose the warranty start the failures y paid $15,000 Mexican pesos for a phone and start this failures so what are you waiting apple? hope this doesnt make a explosion soon  (with 15grand you can buy a car!!!)