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  • Kerry78 Level 1 Level 1

    That's a good lot of hours I've never got that of my iPhone

    4S even lol that lasts about 6-7hrs max with say 1day standby at times ;)


    Even still on iOS 6 lol


    I'm not getting a iPhone 5 cos LTE won't be in its glory

    Here in the UK till next year on all of the networks then

    Aswell not just Everything Everywhere aka Orange T-Mobile

  • xmariex Level 1 Level 1

    Just got off the phone with AppleCare Support. They don't have anything documented showing this is a "trending" issue - so I would say definitely call in to just report it if you can. I've tried everything at this point, currently going through a restore to see if that does anything for me. If not, I was told to just take it to an Apple Store (or, if I wasn't close to one, they would've set up a repair over the phone to send it in) and have it swapped out. I'm thinking this is more of an iOS6 issue than an actual battery issue though...

  • PopRoc79 Level 1 Level 1

    I found a thing that make a lot of difference for me.

    It seems that the GPS doesnt turn off by itself. And that the gps is draining a lot of juice!


    charged it and turned off the GPS and it took 2h before it drop to 99%..

    played for 2 minutes with MAPS app and drop to 95% ..


    There is something there for sure!

  • Alive_84 Level 1 Level 1

    The first 1% always take a bit longer to drop.


    my thought on this is, its to do with reception/antenna issue.


    my iphone 5 is very often showing two bars reception and then jumping to full and after awhile back to two.


    I reckon the phone is constantly hunting for signals behind the screen and thats why it drains the battery like crazy. When I turn on airplane mode the battery issue seems to go away.


    Any thoughts?

  • xmariex Level 1 Level 1

    Restore completed. For now, seems to be a lot better. Just did a regular restore from backup. I was at least able to type this whole message without losing a percentage! Just a note - I close all applications (double tap home, hold and then "x" out) so that wasn't part of my battery draining issue. Definitely recommend a restore (back up first though!) to anyone having problems.

  • MoonPhoto Level 1 Level 1

    same problem happening here in Singapore's stock of iphone 5.


    my iphone 5 was flat for less than 12 hours, yesterday.


    and since it did not detect LTE signal yet, i turned it off this morning, so that it will not hunt for LTE signal and use up the battery. i also tried turning off all applications when not in use.


    However, the battery is still draining....


    paid so much for this iphone 5... n there are still long long Q outside the telco shops waiting to buy the phone....


    Apple, pls don't disappoint yr customers...

  • st4lker Level 1 Level 1

    Hello t.katz,


    How's your phone status? I'm a bit concerned of your method. I really did follow your way.

    It's charging righte now and wait for it to full-charge 100%.

    Pls let me know.


  • t.katz Level 1 Level 1

    Hey st4lker,


    So far so good, actually.  I took the phone off the charger just under 13 and a half hours ago and my battery is at 80% now.


    I did notice that it was initially at 100% for quite a while and then it started to drop, but slowly.  I forget at what time, but at some point I did turn off LTE (since I dont have service in my area), but I don't think that actually changed the speed of the drain (or not enough to really be noticeable).


    I've only been using the phone lightly, but the other night I hadn't used it at all and in 10 hours it had dropped to 43%... so its definitely improved at this point.


    As someone else had pointed out, I did notice that some apps that use the GPS don't seem to turn it off right away (I've been manually killing apps when I see gps still running at the home screen), so that may also be something to look for.


    Hope some of this helps!

  • Blackout. Level 1 Level 1

    So what you did was backup first, then restore to factory settings, then restoring the backup again? If that is correct, I shall try it too! The battery is dropping quite fast right now :(

  • st4lker Level 1 Level 1

    You have to enter DFU mode to restore it from iCloud as t.katz mentioned.

  • Blackout. Level 1 Level 1

    How do you do that? (Sorry, not very experienced in iPhone)

  • t.katz Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Blackout,


    What I did was forced a backup through iTunes (connected via the usb cable), and then put the phone into DFU mode and did a restore.  Then I went through the usual iTunes process to restore my backup to the phone.  Doing the restore via iCloud should work as well, I just find it much faster to restore via the iTunes backup then over WiFi.  I like to keep local backups in iTunes anyway..


    I don't know if entering DFU mode vs just doing a straight restore actually makes a difference, its just something I got used to do doing.  Whenever it seemed like my phones battery was draining fast, or things were acting weird I would always DFU restore and that would seem to make the issues go away.  It could simply be psychological giving the feeling of doing a "format + install" vs simply a "reinstall" type thing, I have no idea at this point


    As for entering DFU mode, I'm not sure if thats something Apple likes discussed on these forums?   Just incase, if you do a google search... oh, say perhaps "iphone restore dfu", you might just find your answer in the first result (iClarified).


    Hope this helps.

  • Blackout. Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks a lot, will try your method too! :)

  • t.katz Level 1 Level 1

    Good luck!

  • katcam Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. Sorry to appear dumb, but what is a DFU restore and how do you do it? I know how to do a regular restore but haven't heard if that, and after losing 97% power over 4 hours in London yesterday (using maps & google & camera) I'm desperately worried Ive replaced my beloved iphone4 with a lemon!!!

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