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    Doing so would be a workaround, yes. That would also require me (or you or whomever) to also replace safari with chrome as their desktop browser, import their desktop safari bookmarks into chrome, then sync bookmarks through chrome across OSX & iOS devices.

    danpatriley wrote:


    If safari is the problem then could the answer be to download google chrome and use this browser instead?

  • crosberle Level 1 (0 points)



    Have the black iPhone 5 64gb.  Also having the battery drainage issues.  Just to make note of some of the issues discussed:

    -I do not have the safari crashes nor do I sync safari to cloud

    -I do not have Facebook or Facebook messenger, so that is not my problem

    -Bluetooth is off, LTE is off, no push on email, minimal location services, maps are off, wifi is off, display is around 60%


    My first phone, charged the battery up 3 times and drained til it shut off, so battery was conditioned properly. I originally synced from an iPhone 4 backup and thought that might be the issue so I did TWO restores, downloading only my contacts and calendar from cloud, and my music and ringtones from iTunes.  When those failed to improve, I did a DFU restore, which also did not work.  I got about 4-4.5 hours on usage just checking emails, a few calls, and checking phone settings.  Apple swapped out the phone, and I set up my new phone as a new phone, also with the stripped down settings. On my first full charge, got 5 hours an 1 minute, again with calls, email and phone setting playing around. Am currently on my second charge at 60% with 2.25 hours usage, so trending for 5 hours again.  People who do not have this issue get about 8-10 hours.


    WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Do I keep getting dud phones? I am about a day away from I dumping it and going with an S3.  I hear rumors that there will be an iOS 6.1 fix, but whenever I talk to apple care, they say I am the first the mention short battery life.  I would appreciate some advice here as 5 hours for a $1000 phone is a joke! Thank you.

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    If I delete Safari - and just use Google Chrome for now... should that eliminate the battery problems at this point? Thanks guys.

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 (5 points)

    I have spoken to Apple Care about 6 times about this.  Each person that I have talked to has said "This is the first I am hearing about battery issues with the Iphone 5".  I can't possibly believe that when there are so many of us with issues.  They will probably never admit it but hopefully will fix it..

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    I too am someone who has tried several restores (DFU), had a genius replace my phone the other day (initially posted that my issue was fixed...must have been a fluke bc it most certainly is not), set up as new phone. No icloud safari syncing on, bluetooth off, push Mail off...


    Not sure what else to do at this point other than wait for an official software update which hopefully comes VERY soon as this whole not being able to get through a work day unless I physically don't use my phone business is getting old.


    I'm a patient person to a certain extent but this is disheartening somewhat from the company I've come to turn to for just about all of my tech needs and haven't been disatissfied up until this iPhone 5/iOS 6 debacle.



    has ANYONE talked to someone official at Apple and heard any word to the effect of "we recognize it's an issue and the software people are working on it"??

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    Back from my Genius appt. They swapped my phone out for me. Almost. Just that they did not have one in stock to give me. But I should have one in a couple of days.


    They could not get their computer to recognize my phone. So maybe there really was something wrong with my phone hardware wise? Not really sure. All I know is they made NO mention of making me restore my phone from new instead of a backup. NO mention of turning off ANY feature/function of the phone to try and make it better. NO mention of any kind of software issue or possible software fix coming. I said I was getting 4 to 5 hours on the battery, and the wifi was dropping intermittently. Bam, new phone.


    Again, NO mention of when I get the replacement that I will need to restore it as new or anything. So we'll see what I do as far as that when I get it. So that's no trouble from either Applecare or the Genius Bar in getting a replacement. Pretty much just telling them of poor battery life and they offered to replace it.

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    FATCAT... and others



    loos like there is an update via verizon:



    My phone just got a message about a carrier update...


    i'm restarting now...

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    Well, as an interesting sidenote, an Apple Senior Technical advisor has contacted me about the issue. They had me download something on my phone so they could track the battery usage for 24 hours. He said they are very aware that the battery is an issue for a lot of people. They are reading the forums. !!! And they are trying to fix the issue. This battery log is to go to the engineering team to help them figure out a fix. I believe this is good news!


    I just hope they don't go back on getting me the replacement phone that the Genius Bar has said I was getting. I'm still having the dropping wifi issue. :-/ But, hey, as long as I can get a battery I can use for more than I've been getting it's all good...

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    Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4

    Sep 30, 2012 2:32 PM (in response to fatcat585)

    FATCAT... and others



    loos like there is an update via verizon:



    My phone just got a message about a carrier update...


    i'm restarting now...


    Dear Griffin800,

    Please let us know about the Verison update. I guess everybody in this forum will be more than satisfied. BTW, you've been very helpful throughout the whole thing..  Thanks.

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    Update: I went to the apple store on 09/27/12 and the apple genius ran a scan and saw that my battery was o.k.  I informed the genius of my problems and multiple reinstalls from my computer and from icould where it was not resolving the issue of battery drain.  He stated that he will back up my phone, wipe it out, reinstall the  firmware and the IOS6 (i'm not sure if there is a different firmware program from IOS6, but that's what he said).  After the reinstall from icloud was completed (late in the night), I shut down my phone and turned it back on as directed by the genius. 


    Since then, I'm running the entire day (14 hours) on a charge after heavy usage (internet, apps, maps, siri, mail) to about 30-40% left on the battery.  I'm now slowly turning back on all location base services that I somewhat use as well as notifications.  So far, it is not affecting my battery life. 


    I also just got off of the phone with Apple following up this post.  I think it's a problem with the backup install from itunes and from icloud where it's a bad install and screwing up the firmware.  Since the apple store install, I have had awesome battery life. 


    I hope my experience helps someone else.  Take care!

  • Shahd Elfatih Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Griffin800, it's been more than an hour now. What's up man. We're all holding our breath.. Lol.

  • Griffin800 Level 1 (0 points)

    Haha, sorry to keep you waiting. I updated at work, restarted, and then I had to drive home from my office and it's raining here...


    I noticed the carrier version was updated on my "about" preference pane... and I noticed that strangely, on my way home driving down my street... it said i only had 3g coverage, where every other day since i've had the phone it had said LTE...


    I thought that was strange.... but once I got inside and on my wifi network.... i turned wifi off, and then it found LTE again


    My phone wasn't experiencing heavy battery drain anymore, as several days ago I went through and did a restore and other things...


    I haven't really noticed anything good or bad personally about the changes in the carrier update...


    but... i can only imagine it will make the wifi performance more stable because it is now prevented from accessing the LTE network on wifi.


    if you think about it... this should definitely help with battery life while on wifi...


    i mean... if the LTE radio was on AND the wifi radio on and both were sending data for some reason... that's a big drain.


    Also wasting your data limit for the month...


    Maybe verizon has it set to turn the LTE completely off while on a wifi network??


    i know they do that while it's on a call... so... it's not hard to imagine that could happen when on wifi too...


    I just figured since it's listed on apples website, people would want to know that some of these issues appear to be dealt with...


    exciting news!

  • Griffin800 Level 1 (0 points)

    One more thing...


    under the "cellular" menu in preferences...


    there is a setting called "use cellular data for reading list"... and it's turned off...


    i'm not sure if this is a new setting or if it's an update, which is now defaulted to off...




    figured i'd add that

  • Jim P Level 2 (300 points)

    I got an update pushed from the carrier to my Verizon iPhone 5 earlier this afternoon. It did require a restart to the phone. Not sure what it did but I have noticed a huge difference in my battery drain issue. Only have lost 5% from the battery in a little over 5 hours of use. Not sure if this update really did anything or if it was some of the other changes I had made to the settings.

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    Was have terrible battery issues with sync from iPhone 4 back up. Restarted phone as new device and battery lilies so far has improved greatly.

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