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  • MikeSil Level 1 Level 1

    So I woke up this morning and decided to try something different then yesterday.  Yesterday I turn off the WiFi option for most of the day while at work and by the evening 7pm EST or so I was down to 65% or so.  Not bad but not great.  This morning I decided to reenable WiFi and turn off the LTE option since I do not have LTE available in the immediate area and as of this post I am still showing 90% battery.  Which is a vast improvement over yesterday.  Wonder if it is less WiFi and more LTE?

  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have LTE here and have the issue. I also don't use wifi much and always have it disabled.


    I do wonder if it's the LTE/3G hardware though, as mine is PERFECT if i disable mobile data (no 2G, 3G, or LTE active). But, that could be because some rogue process is going wild on data.


    Anyway, i'll reply later today as i'm running some tests today

  • Tim Pentreath Level 1 Level 1

    FWIW, and because I'm a bit sad like this , I'm periodically logging my usage time, standby time, battery percentage, and running processes into a database in Excel. This lets me see some interesting (to some) stats - eg:

    batt analysis 1.jpg

    I'm using "System Status" app to email the process info to myself (and I then copy it into a spreadsheet). Having this info lets me see which processes are new since the last snapshot, so that if the the battery % drop per hour since last snapshot (bottom row) suddenly jumps, I might be able to pinpoint which process is causing it.


    So far the best I've got is 7hrs 28mins usage, 1day 0hrs standby which equates to 4.2% battery drain per hour which is better than I'm seeing today.


    I've not gone down the road of turning lots of things off since I want to measure real world usage.


    One thing I've noticed is that there's a process called "absinthed.n42" running. Not knowing what this was I googled it and it turns out "absinthe" is a method of jailbreaking and N42 is the code number for the iPhone 5. Clearly I haven't jailbroken my phone, so I'm wondering what app launched this, and if it's a kosha process? According to my spreadsheet, the only other new process that started in the same period was Flixster but I haven't restarted the phone and launched Flixster again yet to test it.


    BTW, I've taken to turning my phone off and back on again when I unplug it from the charger so that it starts the day with a minimal number of processes running.


    If anyone's interested here's a Dropbox link ( sm) so you can download the spreadsheet and analyse your own data.


    Please only download it if you've got Excel and are a reasonably proficient user! NB. You'll need to enable macros when you open it.





  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1

    Alright guys... I have tried every single thing that I could to fix the battery.  It's obviously beyond what I can possibly do.  It's either a bad battery or something within the software. I'm done trying. APPLE, you seriously failed.  This is unacceptable.  ACKNOWLEDGE the problem!! Don't tell me every time that I speak to you that it is the first that you are hearing about it.  The staff at apple say it EXACTLY the same way with each person that I have talked to.  It's almost rehearsed sounding when they are questioned about it.  VERY shady and I am DONE with this.  It's has the potential to be a great phone but it was clearly made cheaply.  You can feel that and you can see that.  Apple, shame on you. Really.

  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1

    FYI, i've been contacted by an Apple advisor, who's been reading these posts. He's going to call me and enable some diagnostics on the phone. It seems they have noticed

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1

    Andy  - How can I get this enabled on my phone? Who do I call? The more they see - the more they'll do.

  • spyd4r Level 1 Level 1

    Apple, you're welcome to contact me as well if needed.

  • Blakeanator Level 1 Level 1

    I have swapped devices, restored from backup, and restored without a backup, disabled all features, and enabled select features. All have failed for the most part. I have done some extensive testing with my battery and have collected quite a bit of information about the drain and when it occurs. Don't know where or who to give this information to. This problem is quite irritating as I get 1.5 hours on standby.



  • jdk5504 Level 1 Level 1



    To me it seems as some people always jump the gun about new products being "broken". Yes, do I agree that the product should work the way it says it should right out of the box? If one would understand the batteries, they do need some form of conditioning. These batteries also need to be used. So use them until they die a few times and charge them back up. I have done this without turning ANYTHING off nor trying to do a DFU restore. I also had very poor battery usage from day one but was not out to hate apple for it. I just put my tail between my legs and started to do what I felt was right for the phone, but without losing any of the wonderful options that apple has on the new ios6 or the iphone 5. Now that I have had the phone for over a week, well really after day three, my phone has went from 3-4 hours of usage to over 7 hours of usage that is with heavy usage of youtube and a few hours of talk time. I also use my phone for work so I am constantly checking emails and browsing the web.


    If you break down an average of 8 hours of usage that apple says you will get, that is approx 12.5% that you should lose per hour of usage. Now that all depends on what you are using your phone for, but an over all average is around 8 hours of usage. Yes, I was very disappointed when I first got my phone, but after cycling the battery a few times and allowing my battery to be used properly, I now LOVE my iphone like I always have. This is number 4 for me and I will always go back to one.


    If anyone is interested, i restored from the cloud at the apple store when i purchased my phone. I have not turned anything off, nor have i tried to wipe the phone or do any other restore to it. I just waited it out and now my battery is functioning wonderfully. I hope this helps some and if I were one of the ones that are having batter issues I would just give your battery time. And of course there are those out there that just have bad batteries or other issues that are draining the battery.


    If you have Verizon, there is already of fix for the wifi. I am sure this is one of the reasons that people were having problems with battery consumption.



  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1

    As i mentioned earlier, i've spent a little time tracking my 3rd phone's battery performance today. Here are some stats:


    Phone's setup


    iOS 6 installed via DFU and not restored from backup. All apps installed via itunes

    1 complete battery cycle completed yesterday (up to 100%, back to 0%, back to 100%)

    iCloud is totally off (i don't use it for calendar or contacts)

    Mail is set to manual and i've checked many times during the day

    Location settings off


    Battery performance so far today


    Usage: 2 hours 46 minutes

    Standby: 10 hours, 38 Minutes

    Battery remaining: 43%


    As a note, I did switch off all data connectivity for one 1 hour and 20 minutes during the day.

    I've taken a few videos during the day

    I've received only a small number of phone calls


    Some battery usage measurements when on standby (with a few short bursts of me checking the settings screen)


    With data Enabled: The phone was using between 7% an hour on standby.

    With data Disabled: The phone was using less than 1% an hour on standby.


    Both of these are a significant improvement over my previous phones, but those phones did have iCloud and location services active and were restored from a backup.

  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1

    Hi jdk5504,


    I'd like to challenge your position, if i may.


    When i have read and posted here, i have made what felt like a fair assumption that most people posting here have had electronic devies containting lithium-ion batteries before. In fact, I haven't needed to assume on most occastions, because most posters have made it clear that they've upgraded from previous Apple phones. For that reason, i would like to propose that those posting here are not as quick to condem as you suggest, because for many custmers, the performance of the iPhone 5's battery is extremely different to that of previous iPhones, and to that of other products using the same technology.


    If take my iPad 3 for example, or my wife's iPhone 4S, or my previous iPhone 4S (stolen, sadly) or iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G, or my MacBooks, or Nikon cameras, etc, etc - they all worked out of the box with no need to condition the battery. In fact, the beauty of lithium-ion batteries is that they're extremely robust: They have no memory effect and only a slow loss of charge when not in use (


    So, if we really needed to "condition" new lithium-ion batteries to the extent that you advise, i feel that we would have all experienced that on other products that we've used. This battery technology is not new. For sure, what we can and are willing to do is "calibrate" the battery when we first get it, because iPhones (and i'm sure other products) do seem unsure of their charge level until they've been charged and discharged a few times. But, that's different.


    Finally, an iPhone on standby is not meant to be hot. Many customers (including me) have found that the device is hot in our pockets, and therefore chewing through the battery life. This cannot be due to a lack of conditioning, and must be due to some processes using up many CPU cycles.


    I hope this is clear.


    Best regards

  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1

    Please note that Appke are on the case. I've just had a call with them and they've installed a battery life logging config onto my iPhone. I've now restored from the iPhone 4S backup and enabled all the typical syncing things (icloud etc). The config will capture the logs between now and Friday and the logs will then head over to Apple to review.


    I'll post updates

  • holdrege Level 1 Level 1

    I've done the logging too, but there is no magic bullet there.

  • BatangYagit Level 1 Level 1


  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1

    Apple are contacting a number of people. It's impossible to say who, but we'd be best to assume it's a random sample.


    As holdrege says, there won't be a magic bullet, although, as AlwaysLookin4Answersthe says, the more data they collect, the more chance they have of isolating a problem. I imagine any solution will appear as an iOS update, so the timescales will be unclear.


    For me, the key is that we're being heard. Apple have always provided great service, so this will get resolved, we can be sure. But, we all have 2 weeks within which to keep or return the phone, which is in itself an amazing customer service experience. As a note, i asked at 2 local phone shops yesterday the possibility of returning a Samsung after trying it. You can imagine what reply i got

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