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    Hi guys! Iphone 5 user here since 9-21-12 also having battery issues. Did almost everything I can read from this thread but to no avail. I'm just getting barely 3-4 hours of usage time (games/texts/emails/FB). My last option was to do the DFU restore (which I hate because of the info you lose) because I was running out of options before I send anything back to apple. Set the phone as new. Just uploaded contacts and manually put back apps all from itunes (not Icloud). Turned off BT, some notifications, some location services, LTE (not that we have LTE here), diagnostics set to DONT SEND. Wifi was on and brightness was on auto. I did not watch videos, listen to music. Just did texts, emails, FB, light gps, and mostly games. I personally can say it got better after the DFU restore (but not great as per Apple's claims) so I am posting my data since my first full charge right after the DFU restore. I will be draining the battery again (3rd since I got it) and charging it on full once it dies. Let me know what you guys think about my findings. I'm giving it one more day for the battery to get better before I return anything to Apple! Thanks guys!




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    Yes, You do make a valid point. All i am suggesting is that my stand on the battery issue was resolved just by using the phone. I know that sounds ludicrous but that seems to have worked for me. No, i have never had battery issues with any of my four iphones.  Nor did i expect to have battery problems with my iphone 5. I would have hoped that these batteries would be perfect from day one but unfortunately they are not. For the ones that are getting hot, i would imagine that they had some sort of CPU issue at hand. The phone was continuously running. Now that would be considered a hardware problem and would need to be replaced, or maybe it is an ios issue that was causing the cpus to run constantly. Well hopefully soon, you and everyone else still having issues get them taken care of by apple.


    With respect

  • Blakeanator Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In addition to my iPhone 5 battery drain, I noticed my iPad 3 is draining a percent a minute as well! This most definitely is a software issue. All Apple Care is telling me to do is get replacement phones. Hope there is a fix soon as my devices are rendered useless within 2 hours.

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    FYI, my iPad 3 seems to be working fine on iOS 6. I did a simple update. But, i have heard of others having issues with iOS 6 on iPhone 4's and iPads. My wife's 4S seems fine too.



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    Ok so far with constant use uploading to photo bucket and safari browsing. I had 100% for 15 min then 7 mins to get to 98%. Is that good. I find the lower the battery gets the quicker it looses battery life.

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    I agree with Stu_pmmfa1, the lower the battery gets the faster it drains.

  • Stu_pmmfa1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    28 minutes to get to 95%. Seems after the initial 100% it really goes down hill.

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    Heres the thing.. You guys have to call apple! Nothing will get resolved until they get flooded with calls. Someone from apple literally just told me that they have gotten calls but not enough to do anything!!!! CALL APPLE! Posting here is not the same as calling them to report an issue! Thanks guys

  • Andy Goundry Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree

  • Blakeanator Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've called Apple 3 times and each time they said that there is no battery issue and that I should just get another replacement phone...I hope those calls are at least getting logged in apple.

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    I'm setting up the replacement I got from the Genius Bar today right now. I was told there is NO reason I shouldn't be able to set up my phone from a backup. So I'm restoring from a backup again. I keep seeing too many people saying restoring as new or DFU restore isn't helping anyways. So we'll see what happens.


    I'm going to stay away from these forums for a couple of days tho! And just give the battery some time. I will drain it and charge it to 100 a couple of times and just give it some regular use. Then I'll start checking the usage and see where I'm at.


    Again, have been told by Applecare senior tech and now the Genius Bar that there is NO reason to not be able to restore your phone from a backup.

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    How does the battery seem so far, on your replacement?

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    I also had problems with my iPhone 5. It was only lasting me 5 hours with me only listening to music, texting, using the internet a little bit. I restored it, set it up as a new phone and my battery life was still horrible. So i took it in and the guy at the genius bar looked at my diagnostics, and said that it was strange that it was only lasting me 5 hours with me only doing the apps i listed. So he told me to do a full reset but i told him that ive already done that. He then proceeded to ask if i just wanted a new phone. So i got a replacement and now im just going to wait and see how this one is. Weird thing is that it dropped from 59% to 56% with me not doing anything. I left it on my bed , came back to check on it a couple minutes later..

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    Just took my iPhone 5 into apple to have a genius check it out as well. I got the same answer from the genius that I should restore the phone even though I explained to him that I set it up new to start with. So I (reluctantly) went through the tedious process of setting everything up manually from settings to apps thinking the genius might be right and something got corrupted somehow. So after doing all that while charging I took the phone off to use it and I lost 15% in about 20 min. Very disappointed and dissatisfied by the whole experience and product it wasn't like this for my 3G or my 4 maybe I was lucky. I'm hoping it's a software issue and that an update is released before my 30 day return window otherwise I might have to return and just go back to my 4 for now. At least the battery will last me all day without me carrying a charger around.

  • scinn Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I took my iphone 5 in yesterday to Apple store.  I was losing about 1% every 2 minutes of cellular use, wifi was a bit better.  Overall I'm getting 3-4 hours of usage.  He actually had a battery problem with his phone and had to replace it too.  He told me I should not be having issues but also recommended not fully charging the phone to 100% except for once a month.  He explained to charge it to 80 or various amounts each time, basically random.  I've never heard that before.  Anyway, he replaced my phone and currently my replacement is doing the same thing as before, if not a bit worse.  I'm either very unlucky or the problem is bigger than they want to say.  Needless to say I've very frustrated.  Made another appointment for Saturday, bummer.

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