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    Yay a fellow Singaporean that also have the problem. If I don't plan on restoring from backup must i still put the phone into Dfu mode ?

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)





    My wife's 4S on iOS5 is the first phone, the second is my iphone 5 on iOS 6.


    Both were charged to 100% last night and taken off the charger where they sat near a STRONG wifi signal.






    Just look at the usage stats.  SOMETHING IS CLEARLY WRONG WITH iOS 6 and/or the IPHONE 5.













  • iphone5rocks Level 1 (0 points)

    After two weeks of tinkering and replacement phones, I think my phone is fixed.


    Changing my SIM card, fixed my problem.


    My original and replacement phones were loosing over 1% per hour on standby. With the new SIM card, I only lost 2% after 12 hours.


    There are many different causes of poor battery life, but for me it looks like the SIM card change did the trick.


    Hope this helps someone.


    Here are clues that it could be a SIM card:


    1) Replacement phones with clean basic factory software still drain battery.




    2) Only Airplane mode stops excessive drain in standby.


    good luck

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    Hi bro! Yeah alot in Singapore got same problem... U better check hardwarezone. Anyway... I think if your not gonna restore from backup. Just set it up as a new phone. My boss got new iphone 5, he switch from samsung, he has no battery problem. I think it has to do with the backup from 4s. And ios 6 thinks my iphone 5 is a 4s. (This is just my theory) anyways. Im gonna double check tomorrow as i scheduled someone from apple to call me.


    Lets all hope this is just a software bug and not the phone itself. Quite troublesome really....

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)

    Iphone5rocks:  The iphone 5 comes with a brand new nanosim.  How would replacing a brand new sim with a brand new sim change things? 


    Airplane mode stops excessive drain because it shuts all transmission/receiving down, thus never using ANY antenna's.  It's similar to shutting the phone completely off. 


    Your problem still can bet on it.

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)

    Ace:  Many people have set up their phone as a "new phone" after a DFU restore (including myself) and that has NO effect.

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    Here is a possible explanation. Your iphone sends and receives packets of information from the cell tower about every 3 min in standby.  If you have a defective SIM card it's harder for the phone to send and receive this info and it drains the battery.


    Just because something is new doesn't mean that it isn't defective.


    I have tested my phone for two 12 hour periods. So far so good!

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)

    Alright....point taken.  Only issue I have with that, is these newer sim's are brand spanking new.  Are you thinking the batch that the At+t store possess are different than the one's supplied/shipped with the 5?


    For clarity, you replaced your sim in your iPhone 5?

    How long have you had your new sim for? 

    What is the difference in battery length/usage time/standby from your old sim vs the new?



    Sim cards typically either work, or they do not work.  I've been with the iphone since it's inception (2G 8GB) and have had many a malady, but never experienced a sim that caused my phone to run while on wifi overnight (and with 5 bars of cell phone reception)....wifi should eliminate ANY cellular data usage.

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    I have no idea which Batch of SIM cards could be bad. I only know that my specific SIM was causing problems for my iphone 5. I would bet that the vast majority of iphone 5 users are happy and don't have any battery problems. Our battery problems are probably rare and the SIM card problem is probably also rare.


    Read my original post for other info.


    good luck

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    Forget what I said earlier... battery still draining much faster than expected even after wiping the iPhone clean... In 1 hour of doing practically nothing 10% of the charge was gone... Maybe it's the fact that my LTE service only shows 2 bars strength. In any case, I wouldn't last a day in this situation. Back to square one

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    My iPhone 5 battery life has been ok, but not as good as some are getting, since I restored as a new phone on day 3 or 4. I did the restore because I had noticed that at one point a couple of hours after unplugging it from the mains that usage and standby times were identical.


    Anyway since then I've had reasonable battery life with most things turned on except for LTE, Passbook and iCloud Safari bookmark syncing. eg. for the last few days I've got:


    usage       7:28     7:09     8:14

    standby  24:00    18:38   15:54

    battery       1%     18%      0%


    The daily usage is typically a couple of hours of music/podcast listening, very little cellular data, a fair bit of wifi data, 20-40 mins of calls, no games, 30 mins email/web browsing, 10 mins YouTube etc.


    When I consider the phone to be asleep (ie. screen off but receiving notifications, push email etc) it's been using about 4-5% per hour.


    Having turned off push email on my three Exchange accounts at midday today it's now using approx 2.5% per hour which is considerably better, but obviously at the cost of the convenience of push mail.


    Dunno if this is of any interest to anyone... :-)




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    Right then, my logs have now gone to apple.


    Now that these have been sent to them, i can try a few things to see why my device is always receiving 333kb per second (yes, that's 1Mb EVERY 3 seconds).


    WELL - here is some news. Deleting my iCloud account on the device has completely STOPPED the crazy data download. It's now downloading very little (27kb in the last 8 minutes).


    I'm going to leave iCloud disabled and see what the result is. For sure this has resolved my data bashing, so i'll let you know how it affects the battery life.


    If this does prove to be a software issue at Apple, it seems to be way more of an issue than dodgy maps. Really, this software team needs a proper QA department!

  • snoop70 Level 1 (0 points)

    Funny how we are all beta testing Apple's new phone and software after release... We should all get free phones!

  • dmarwha Level 1 (0 points)

    For the past 5 days I've had icloud disabled (except for find my iphone) and I've had satisfactory battery life with mediocre use. Before my phone would s tay on standby for about 5-6 hours (no usage).


    With icloud disabled I am getting ~6 hours of use and around a day of standby.

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    Sadly my iphone was replaced due to first iphone was reaching 4 days standby and 6 Hours of usage.

    The second iphone is 2 days standby and 5 Hours of usage and 38% left on it.

    Today i used Bluetooth in my Car and 1 hour later went to switch it off.

    On my iphone it told me i was in 3G.

    I have no LTE and 3G was switched off.  So i looked again yes 3G Off but the iphone had logged in to 3G.

    My Iphone at this point was getting very warm/hot so i switch it off and back on.

    This time it did not log in to 3G and stayed cold as normal,but i lost 5% in 5 mins.

    maybe you are right with the sim card.

    I shall be getting a new sim card from another provider.


    So it would be interesting if this happens again.

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