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    What with all the various numbers flying around, I really feel we need a benchmark that we can focus on. In this thread, we have too many anecdotal, non-scientific tests going on, and a lack of clarity of what battery life we should actually expect from a non-broken iPhone. At the end of the day, we're all trying to answer one question: "Is my iPhone 5 normal or is it broken?".


    So, let's try and get an idea of what realistic life we should be getting from our device, not what Apple market the device as supporting. To do this, all i can think to do is look at the slightly more scientific tests happening out there. Because, as much as i'd love the 11+ hours that @handsfull is getting, i don't want a load of hassle in my search for those spectacular numbers.


    So, let's see what the web is saying. Perhaps then we can individually run our phones against these tests to then determine if our phones are normal or broken:


    Video playboack: 8 hours



    LTE Celluar data browsing: Between 4 hours and 44 minutes and 5 hours and 15 minutes of continuous cellular data browsing in our standard Internet test.This is worse than the 4S, but they put some of this down to the lower signal strength of LTE at the moment. They also point out the significance of signal strength on battery life - lower signal = significantly faster drain.


    Wifi data: Between 6 hours and 24 minutes and 8 hours and 26 minutes

    First figure is with cellular antenna turned on (but without actually making or receiving any phone calls), and the 2nd figure is the Wi-Fi antenna on and cellular antenna off.


    Voice Calling: Just over 6 hours


    Video recording: 2 hours and 30 minutes.


    Video playback: 11 hours and 7 minutes


    iLounge sum up the performance of a "non-broken" (well, we assume there's wasn't broken) iPhone 5 battery rather well:


    "As much as we’d love to be able to say that the iPhone 5 is an “all day” phone, it’s still not: just like most of its predecessors, Apple prioritized new thinness and speed over battery life. Consequently, it’s advisable to keep a charging cable nearby, lest you find yourself out of juice at or before 5pm. This isn’t terribly different from the iPhone 4S, and your mileage will vary depending on local cell tower strength, but it was certainly disappointing for us—battery life is certainly one of the two biggest issues with the iPhone 5."

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    The Ace method is doing a restore, not a sync.


    Nowhere did I say that software corrupts hardware.  The relationship that software plays with hardware, and the conflict that can arise from that, is what I believe is the problem.  I work on engineer flaws on routine basis, I correct them frequently.  There are instances where mechanical and electrical components don't mesh like engineers believe they should or will.  I correct those instances.  All of the procedures I have tried on my first phone are listed here in this thread, if you're not inclined to take the time to read them, that's on you. If you don't care, I surely don't care.  I no longer have skin in this game. I have a phone that functions perfectly, look at page 57 at my stats, they speak for themselves.  Alwayslookn4answers Is thinking on the correct path.... He clearly has past iPhone experience With troubleshooting, like myself. 


    Tip: some people like to shoot the messenger, even when they have the answer.  Don't be that person. 

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    It would behoove you to read the all the posts in this thread, all this information, all of it, has been gone over multiple times.

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    I'm ducking out of this discussion now. I wish you all well.


    As @handsfull has highlighted a few times, it's clear that the answer is "in here", so I feel no more need to ask further questions. The only advice i'd give to those in the forum that feel that the answers are scattered throughout this disucssion is that maybe you should collate the actions and advice into a wiki or blog post. Forums are great for discussion, but not for documentation.


    @handfull, thanks for all your advice. I do feel that i've read virtually everything that's been posted here, but for sure, during busy periods (yesterday was really busy) i've let a few posts slip, plus i haven't the time to catchup.


    All the best to all!

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    Has anyone here noticed that doing a hard reset (reboot) of the iphone 5 causes the battery percentage to go up?  The other thing I have noticed is that a after the reboot, my battery life seems better.   Just curious if anyone else has experienced this with their new iphone 5. 

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    @ Handsfull


    Just curious, what are your credentials (and I genuinely do not ask this to be rude, but I am just curious), did you default as the local genius because your iphone now ***** out 11 hours of usage?


    I have done everything you recommended - dfu with first phone - set up as new...only synced to itunes to load my music, ringtones, and apps.


    i am on phone 2...set up as new...contacts and calendar synced from cloud...apps, ringtones and music synced from itunes, but NEVER have i backed up from a previous restore.


    I am really confused how you skirt the issue about saying, do not sync from itunes...but then you say, it is a hardware issue.  Just like the masses here, I agree that makes no sense - how can a phone out of the box with a dud battery, be corrupted by a sync? (i know i know, you won't answer because you do not want to type an essay)


    So, what do you recommend someone like me does, who has followed all of your advice? I ask you, because you lucked out with a replacement with a good battery.

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I would recommend you receive another replacement phone. This again, adds to my theory that it is a hardware issue.


    I simply say do not sync, because it introduces an element into the equation that could, and I stress highly the word could, introduce corruption.  I'm not a representative from Apple, a software engineer, a developer, just a guy who fixes Electronic's, electrical, mechanical items daily.  And believe it or not, I'm just trying to help, I understand the frustration - I've been there.  I don't want to be the guy who found the solution and says 'see ya'..... That's selfish.

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    Well it's been a few days now since the restore as new iPhone, and even though its better its still not great. My iPhone 4 was so much better with the battery. Hopefully iOS 6.1 helps.  


    Also I've been reading a lot on the Internet about this issue and most people say its the older phones that are effected mainly by the battery problem and state theirs not many cases of the iphone 5, saying battery life is fine. Which I feel is so untrue just read this thread. 4-5 hours usage time is terrible IMO. Having to charge my phone twice in one day seems pretty crappy and unreliable. I have to bring my charger where ever I go now. Where as with the 4 I never need to.



  • crosberle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ Handsfull


    That is what I was thinking so I made a genius bar appointment...hoping I luck out with a good battery. I feel 5 hours is a tad bit low for email, bit of safari surfing, the odd game, and checking my phone settings. 


    The other odd thing to mention is, my network craps out a lot...i think i have read about a bug with ios6 when it switches from 3G to LTE, that other people are experiencing this.  Not sure if it is an issue with my carrier or ios6 though.


    So just to confirm, when i get my replacement, set up as new, but ok to sync calendar and contacts from cloud.  Also ok to sync apps, music and ringtones from itunes? Is there any special way to do this?


    Again, my previous post was not to be a d-bag...just was curious why everyone was pouncing on the guy who lucked out with a good battery.

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    I have to eat crow on this discussion

    Following Ace's method, my battery improved dramatically... or so I thought.


    I've made an oversight of not turning on BT nor LTE during the period and it lasted for 5 hours of usage and 2 days of standby on one charge.  Actually, it would have lasted longer if I had not turned on the BT and LTE in the middle of it.


    This is the status after turning on the BT at around 40%.

    photo 1.PNG

    This is the status having BT on from the beginning.  This shows that I've lost more than 4% per hour just on standby.  This was during night, so there was no user interaction at all.  Clearly BT is wreaking havoc on my battery still and I think I will take handsfull's advice and get a replacement.

    Handsfull, did your Apple store give you a "new" iPhone, or a refurbished/'who knows where it came from' iPhone?


    photo 3.PNG

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    Yes.  Set up as new and only sync ringtones and music....not apps....yet.  Wait a few days till You've Sarah fied it is not draining the battery, then go ahead and sync the apps.  You may just want to load your apps back by hand, considering you don't have 100 or more/LOL.

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)




    No refurbs have hit the stores yet, so all phones (so far) are new in box.  I verified this with the genius and he stated My phone was indeed brand-new. 

  • Yuniverse Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ Handsfull

    Thanks.  Hopefully the replacement will be a good one.

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    @Handsfull I'm getting a replacement handset (UK - Covent Garden) and I'm being told it's 'handset only' - no box.

    The genuis guy was telling me to go back to 'Three' and not taking any responsibility initially. I was pretty angry with him..


    They've said > Proposed Resolution: Service parts order.

    Issue: Issue was with battery value fluctuating. DFU restore returned iTunes error 1

    Surely they can't give me a refurb after a 3 week old phone? Surely not eh Apple ?

    My stats:

    4hrs useage / 40% left / Standby 16 hrs based on ACE method. The battery has been hammered reinstalling all my app's so tonight's charge will be revealing. It's improved since the DFU fix though.


    After the 'genius' tried to DFU restore my phone it ended up crashing (and he was like 'see ya' - dead phone) and he finally agreed to replace! I fixed myseld at home via the same method!




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