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    I don't understand what you mean sorry...

  • Ryulong Level 1 (20 points)

    I don't know. It's clear that the problem exists and is happening to all users (the two tech support staff I spoke with were seeing the same issue) but no one in the tech media has picked up on it. I wouldn't even know how to start contacting people to get this stuff out there.

  • Karangambhir Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here as well. Contacts which were previously showing are also going. And it's quite irritating because I also missed a birthday, which is how I realised this was actually happening !

  • Micbarry Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm surprised the tech press hasn't covered this.

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    Just fuond out that I have the same problem.

    Removed Facebook app, removed Facebook account info (Settings menu). Reinstalled app and signed in but same contacts are missing from Facebook contacts.

  • Karangambhir Level 1 (0 points)

    The same thing is happening with me. I have more than 1200 friends on fb a couple of days back I felt some contacts missing. And now I am left with 270 odd. They are disappearing every minute ! What could be the reason ? It's quite irritating I must say, because since my phone doesn't think 900 odd people exist, naturally their bday's are also wiped from the calender :(

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    Here are some news. 9to5mac finally put an article about it :



    "Rather than a bug, we reached out to Facebook about the problem who told us it’s actually Facebook’s new effort to remove “phone book entries that were not useful.”

    In other words, Facebook is trying to remove some of the spam from your iOS Contacts app by no longer syncing friends that have no useful contact information. According to a Facebook spokesperson, friends that have no contact information on their profile other than an email address will no longer show up in your Contacts address book."

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    This is ridiculous.. Surely they should make an option to view contacts or not then, I personally only used the sync function to get the profile pictures for my contacts but now I can't do this. They say you can add them manually but you can't as you can't see your Facebook friends to start with! So how can you add them or atleast get profile pics back for all my contacts?

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    I agree, this is a crazy decision on the part of Facebook. I'm sure the majority only sync their Facebook contacts for the profile picture and NOT the contact details. If people were concerned about a cluttered address book then they could always turn sync off!! Is there any way that this decision by Facebook will be reversed?

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    Even at first I suspected the buggy Facebook but after hours of googling I found something which Facebook and Apple should come forward and get this information to the Public.

  -no-longer-syncing-friends-without-useful-contact-info/?utm_source=feedburner&u t m_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+9To5Mac-MacAllDay+%289+to+5+Mac+-+Apple+Inte l ligence%29.


    1. Guys use this thread to report this to Apple that how lazy they are in notifying there customers. 
    2. There is a workaround for this if ppl want to get notified of their facebook contacts birthday's on iOS 6. 
    3. Signin to Outlook Mail at 
    4. Then click on the connect services and connect your Outlook ID to Facebook and in a while outlook will fetch all the details of the Facebook freinds and add them to Outlook regardless what privacy settings they have kept BUT SHOULD BE YOUR FRIEND TO FETCH DETAILS. 
    5. Then go to calendar and add a Birthday calendar, here you go , you can change settings of notifications on the calendar page of Outlook. 
    6. Then add the outlook mail ID to the iphone and sync calendars and you will be notified of the events.



    Let me know if I can be of any help to anyone in setting this workaround.

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    I realise that we can just add people back manually HOWEVER, adding them manually still won't sync their facebook profile picture, correct? Thats ultimately what I want back. I personally don't care about what their email address might be, or their AIM screen name or anything. I just want my contacts to all have facebook pictures linked, and phone numbers if I have them. Why is this so difficult?

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    Please tell Facebook how you feel and encourage others to do the same,

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    we don't need facebook e-mail like fe: "45643356544" this is junk!!! But we need birthday!!!! and pictures!!! Please everybody will write to facebook. Thanks

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    It's a bad news. The possibility to have pictures and birthdays for each contact was excellent and now, it's a complete regress to facebook on our device :/


    Please, give back all contacts ... !


    Can we write to facebook to express our opinion ?



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    Is anyone starting to get their Facebook contacts back? Most of my Facebook friends, who have their numbers in their Facebook info, are now automatically syncing into my Contacts list.


    Yesterday, I actually re-entered some of my friends (their exact same names on Facebook) and their phone numbers back into my Contacts. I went to the Settings App. Then Facebook. Then "Update All Contacts". A few hours later, I got their Facebook profile pictures back into my Contacts!


    It will take some time to get the pictures back, but just keep "Update All Contacts" every so often and it should work.