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    iOS update 6.1 worked for me. No more issues typing with 'p' since then. Verify if you do indeed have a problem by using a stylus. Then take the same stylus to a store with an iPhone on display and test the Touchscreen. If your iPhone is noticeably different exchange it for new one or get it repaired. If it is exactly the same, then that is really how iPhones are.

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    No doubt about it. Typing on the 5S is much less accurate.  Really bad and I also have the problem of it not being sensitive on the edges.  My typing speed is so slow now I'm down to three word emails. Very disappointing.  As compare to the predicative typing capabilities on some of the Androids they are way behind.  I love Apple, but their falling rapidly behind the competition.

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    I just got iphone 5s (had the 3 and the 4 as well and loved them) and I am VERY frustrated. I LIVE on email via the phone traveling for business and I can't type an email to save my life on this thing. 

    1.   The back / delete button gets stuck and rapidly deletes all of my typed text before I can stop it

    2. When I switch to the #'s button, then push the #1, it converts back to the Alpha page and types a 'Q'. After 5 attempts I finally got a #1. But that was after I deleted my 100 character email (see # 1 Above.)

    3. The screen shifts up and down, side to side. Sometimes I cannot see the time and battery charge info, sometimes the Phone, Mail, Contacts, Calendar icons in my bottom bar are slightly off screen.



    Anyone else having these issues?  I just spend a small fortune on a phone that has the functionality of a 1st generation smart phone. And of course the guys at the AT&T store where I bought it look at me like a kid staring at a ferris wheel for the first time... baffled amusement.

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    Is there any follow up on this issue? Wedgy, did you end up getting your phone fixed? Or replaced?


    Anyhow, this is happening to my iphone 5 and I thought I'd share some information with you guys to see if we can get this fixed (because Apple rather swap out units than get to the core of the issue):


    Here are the symptoms I've been experiencing:

    - Typing "Q" sometimes don't work

    - Typing "S" but it gives me a Q

    - "S" can be over sensitive sometimes and just spam a bunch of "ssssssss"

    - Apps on the home screen around the general area of where the letter's "S" and "D" are located when the keyboard is pulled up sometimes won't open when you press them.



    Now here's the things I did to try to trouble shoot it:


    The phone's been dropped before and has had the screen replaced. So I thought it was a faulty digitzer on the screen assembly. So I swapped it out with another new screen, but it's still producing the same symptoms.


    Ruling out the possibility that it was a defective screen assembly, I took a look into the phone again and started inspecting the lcd port, and digitizer port on the logic board. I did not see any dark discoloration on the pins or any usual smells indicating a surge or shortage somewhere nor did I see any cuts or tears on any flex cables. However I did notice something interesting with the LCD and digitizer when plugged into the logic board of the phone, I pressed  the flex cables with some moderate pressure and the phone typed out a Z on it's own.


    Oh, and I also did the obvious things initially like a hard reset (power and home button). I also reset all settings, and toggled some options around in the keyboard settings. I was even desperate enough to try the "turning off documents in icloud", nothing worked.


    At this point I want blame to the connectors for having bad pins on the logic board, but I still haven't ruled out the possibility that it could be just a software glitch that Apple overlooked.


    I have exhausted all of my ideas on what could possibly be wrong and thought I'd share some of my data with you folks to see if we can get to the bottom of this. Quite frankly, I don't expect apple to do anything especially with a phone that's been worked on already. I really hope this is a software issue and not a hardware, but from what I experienced on my phone, I'm starting to think otherwise. Can we please revive this thread and help one another figure something out? I don't know why Greg Ripko's answer was the one that solved this question. All he did was guess that it was a hardware problem and blamed a "sensor" for this typing issue. I am open to any idea, so please entertain me and tell me which sensor were you refering to that's supposedly causing this typing issue?

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    Apple Insider posted this a few months back showing that the later models also suffer from digitizer inaccuracy. I sold my iPhone 5 and got an iPhone 4s instead. Problem solved.

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    That's not problem solving, that's just getting another phone. Unless you're telling me the way to fix a glitchy digitizer is a sales transaction. No, what you did was turn a blind eye to your 5. It still has the problem, it's just in someone elses hands is all.


    I'm trying to find out exactly what went wrong on the actual faulty device. The link you provided only showed the same stuff this thread has been talking about since the first page. It doesn't investigate this issue any further than where everyone else gave up at; blame the iphone 5 for it's poor quality, and get another phone).


    Now, I know for fact that it is not the digitizer because I have 3 new screens, two original and one third party manufactured. They all work flawlessly on another iPhone 5, but not on the glitchy one suggesting that it is not the digitizer but maybe the logic board or a software issue. But both phones were on the latest 7.0.4(11b554a), so I'm not that inclined to subscribe to the idea of a software issue causing the glitch, unless if the update was done over-the-air in a spotty area, causing a small corruption during the download.


    From the lack of enthusiam and terminology, I'm assuming is a place for consumers and not for those who repair and does the actual problem solving?

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    My post wasn't intended to offer a solution but just to describe how I avoided (not fixed!) the problem . :-)


    You will find more DIY fixers in the iMac forums on this site. I would expect most iPhone owners to hesitate disassembling their phones to avoid voiding the warranty. Parts availability could be another reason.

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    I've been looking into this and on another forum someone posted they had inconsistent issues with a digitizer and they suspect some flaky IC circuitry near the flex cable connectors on the iPhone 5 (under the black tape on logic board) around the 3 connectors that go to the display. I do replace iPhone displays but have not ventured to IC/Logic board repair though i have seen schematic and IC circuit diagrams. I have a particular iphone 5 that likes to register 2 keys at the same time then it enters a brief general state of touch-screen-non-responsiveness. None the less i've found the touch displays to be fairly reliable and well made. BUT the slightest weak press of the flex cable connector to the logic board could render a section of display non-responsive. I've found a small piece of dust can prevent proper digitizer operation. So i tend to compress air all connections on re-assembly. I'm thoroughly testing a replacement display that seems to be working much better.


    For the rest of the general consumers reading this. If you have digitizer (touch screen) issues like this thread discusses go to the Genius Bar or call AppleCare after you have tried a restore and setup as new phone to elliminate software issues. If you're out of warranty or suspect a drop, fall or liquid damage has caused your issue consult a well-reviewed local repair shop.

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    I just wanted to say that this thread has been really helpful.


    4 days ago I updated to iOS 7.1 and my phone has gone completely crazy.  It is virtually impossible to use now   I have similar problems to rustysoup but 10 x worse.  I finally contacted Apple today (from advice given by Allan) and had it confirmed that it was a hardware issue.


    Then I remembered that I had to replace the digitizer 3 weeks after I bought the phone cos I dropped it .  Funny this is, the digitizer worked great, my partner replaced it for me and when I updated to iOS 7 back in September it was fine.  I still can't get my head around the 'how the **** does an update f**k up your phone so badly'  but I'm no expert at all but what little research I've done so far is pointing to that being a fact.


    I've since bought another digitizer which I'm waiting to arrive but am slightly kicking myself as I'm not sure that I've bought a good one.  The first one I bought, I didn't know any better and it was pot luck that it was great. Wished I'd looked into it a bit more.


    For any other general consumers out there (like me).  My iphone is 1 year and 20 days old so missed out of the 1 year replacement/repair deal Apple offer.  I'm in the UK and Apple informed me that it would cost £200 to repair.  Or I could launch a Civil Consumer thingy against them, which still means you have to send the phone to them so that they can take it apart and find out if their liable.  Obviously with a non apple digitizer in there I'm not gonna do that.


    I'm pinning my hopes on my new digitizer sorting out my problem.

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