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  • winodog Level 1 (0 points)

    Hopefully resolution to this issue in iOS 7? If Google can make it work w/ Google Maps, Apple has the talent and $ to do it.

  • DBoy Level 1 (125 points)

    I have not had the opportunity to test my phone with another bluetooth device, but if you read the thread you will find that users who have car radios that support the AD2P profile have found that AppleMaps will interrupt the radio when that profile is being used.


    In my case on another thread I found that later Toyotas do support the AD2P profile and that those Toyotas report success with Apple Maps interrupting the radio with turn by turn updates.


    Given that with the same iPhone, and the same Toyota, Google Maps does interrupt the radio with turn by turn updates, I would say it is clear that a setting within the software in Apple Maps is the reason that Apple Maps does not interrupt my radio in the way that Google maps does.


    I suggest that it is because AppleMaps uses the AD2P profile for turn by turn updates, but Siri uses one of the 2 headset profiles to interrupt the radio. If Apple could allow Apple Maps to use the same profile that it allows Siri to use, the problem would be solved for users whose cars support the headset profile, but not AD2P.

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 (7,490 points)

    Sounds good to me.  I'm sure that either Toyota or Apple could make it work.  Just a matter of who is more willing to do it.  My guess is that Toyota will try to fix it with firmware first.

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    My iPhone 4 works sometime with my 2012 VW Passat (RCD 510 Radio). Yes, turn by turn instructions cutting in over whatever was playing on the car radio. Just sometimes! Othertimes, zilch! Even on the same leg of the same trip!

    I changed nothing to get it to work, and I changed nothing to make it stop working!

  • Nick189 Level 1 (30 points)

    Any idea why mine works sometimes and not at others? 

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    The voice-over-Siri for Google Maps worked for me ONCE, and then never again, even though nothing in my car or phone changed.  It's so frustrating!  I have a 2010 Mariner and an iPhone 4s.  I play music via a USB drive most often.  Nothing.  PLUS, there's no sound coming from the phone, so I can't even hear the directions that way.  You'd think at least if you had the voice directions running Siri would notify you of upcoming turns through the phone.  I've tried every solution I could find, and nothing works.

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    I have no problem with my 4s and my Ford SYNC. Neither has my wife, with her 4s - with also a Ford SYNC.


    I will repeat the steps:

    Set your car system to Bluetooth mode

    Make sure your 4s has its Bluetooth ON


    BTW, have your car system connected with your is simple to do, but it takes some steps!


    Verify that all of the above have been done.

    Plz  come back here and tell us how you did!


    If everything else fails...turn off the Bluetooth in your'll get the voice thru the phone only, but at the same time you'll lose the "hands-free' phone function - not good!


    My last free advice: Do not try to set everyhing up while you are driving...park your car, then play with the 4s and the car's system, and I'm sure it will work at the end :-)

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    BTW, at least with Ford SYNC: It goes back to its default "Line In" when you turn your engine OFF.

    So each time you restart your Ford, you have to reset the SYNC to its Bluetooth mode...a real pain!


    See also my posting on Apr 19, 2013...

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    I Have the Garmin app on my 5 and it works like a charm.

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    I Sent email to Apple. Waze and navigon working EVERY time, in any mode: radio, cd, DVD. Apple map works only then you play music. Horrible

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    I have a 2011 Ford F150 with SYNC. I also have a iPhone4 and it has the latest IOS. I use my bluetooth all the time with no problems what-so-ever. I also use Google maps (can't stand Apple's "Maps"). I also like to drive with my window open at least a crack which means I will NOT be able to hear the voice navigation of Google Maps on my iPhone UNLESS I plug it into the usb and SHOULD be able to hear it on the vehicle radio (it is the stereo system that came with the vehicle - bought new). Unfortunately this just doesn't happen!


    I have tried turning off the bluetooth and then starting Google maps - no luck.


    Most of the time if I get everything set on the iPhone with Google Maps and am ready to head down the road and then plug in the USB the display on SYNC will show me that MY phone is trying to call me!! (my telephone number shows up on the display!).


    I cannot for the life of me get my iPhone to give voice navigation through the speakers even though when I connect my wife's Razr everything work beautifully!!


    I have questioned my Ford dealership as well as Verizon (my xarrier) and also a couple of Apple stores (their answers are "we don't deal with iPhone problems - WE are an APPLE store". My response, "Do you sell iPhones"? Back to them, "Well, yes". My retort being, "Well then you SHOULD have an answer". .......... Their repsonse............................. a freaking blank stare!


    Does ANYONE think I will stay with iPhone when my contract is done?!!

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    Well, the only question you posed, I would have to answer, that is your decision. As far as the issue with Google maps and connecting to your vehicle, Google maps is a 3rd party application. I would check with their support to see what Bluetooth profile it uses to send the voice navigation. As far as the iPhone 4 is concerned, it does not support voice turn by turn directions, so that is not an option. Being that the Ford truck is a 2011, have you had Ford check to see if there is an update to their software? Since the iPhone supports the latest Bluetooth profiles when they update the iOS, it is very possible the two do not work together now.

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    I have a 2011 Volkswagen. The bluetooth works fine with the phone, but no voice with Maps. I discovered that by turning on the sound system, turning on some music on the phone, and selecting Bluetooth as the input for the sound system, I get Siri's voice on the turns. If I stop playing the music on the phone, I still get voice. But if I turn the sound system off, then back on again, I have to go through the drill of playing the music, and reselecting the input. Kind of convoluted, but at least it works. IOS7.

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    Sorry .. I have 2012 plugin prius..with a IPHONE 5 .... SIRI,google maps , Waze and Apple maps bluetooth turn by turn directions worked on Ios 6

    .. only SIRI, & Google Maps works now on IOS 7 .. very frustrating ... Any on have same experience ?


    Hey  APPLE support .. any answers ? 

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    I would venture to say that the 2012 Prius has not got an update for the IOS 7...Talk to the Prius people.


    BTW, I think it is a typical arrogant Apple response: They change their software and then FORCE everyone else to change theirs - PERIOD!

    If Microsoft (or Android) behaved the same there would have been an uproar from the "smart" Aplles about how the big fella is throwing his weight around. A lawsuit would follow that would net Apple some Billions...


    I always hated Apple and I still don't know how I ended up with an iPhone (blame my wife :-)

    In six mos I'll be free to get an Android and I plan to do it!


    Apple support derriere!