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My 13 inch MacBook Pro will not turn on at all. It randomly shut off while I was using it and now it won't come back on. The light on the charger is faintly blinking... But it is no longer charging. I tried a different outlet, and a different MacBook charger... Nothing. The screen is completely black and none of buttons or keys are responsive. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but it seems that it shut off not even one second after I connected my iPhone to it via USB. I guess I should include that this was the first time my iPhone was connected to my MacBook since upgrading to ios 6.0. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011)
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    Try resetting the SMC


    Best of luck

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    I'm having the same problem, macbook won't respond to anything

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    Had the exactly the same problem, after I plugged in my iPhone it just went off and it wont charge or power on.

    They say its about unclean/unfiltered power. Don't know what exactly is that.


    Saw one solution from macrumors, disconnect the battery connector for about 15mins and put it back. It worked for me. Now I'm using my mbp again.


    Hope this helps

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    that happened to me too like a week ago when i plugged in my iphone 5. i was using a third party usb cord and for my iphone so i think that had something to do with it. the mac turned off and wasnt charging and it wouldnt turn back on. the battery light wasn't responding either. i waited two days, plugged it in, and it worked. its been working since. i tried plugging the phone in again and it did the same thing, but just for a few seconds. this time it immediately turned back on and worked again. i bought a new charger/usb cord, from apple. this seems to be working perfectly. also my mac is still working so i guess that was the problem, the third party usb cord.

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    I am having exactly the same issue. I was using my 15 in MBP (late 2011) on the train and using my iPhone 5 tethering through bluetooth for internet. My phone was running out of battery and so I used a cable to plug it into the computer. The computer was not plugged in at the time. The computer charged my phone for a little while. While I was watching the iPhone 5S keynote on safari everything shut off, the screen went black and I couldn't turn it back on.


    I then plugged in the MBP. The amber/green magsafe light does not even turn on. Resetting the SMC did not work, at least a pushed the combo of buttons plus the power button at the same time and nothing happened. I did it about 30 more times and nothing. It has been about 3 hours now and I still can't get the computer to respong to anything.


    I am hoping Petehammer5's experience will happen to me. Any other suggestions from anybody? Do I leave the MBP unplugged so the battery completly drains. The computer died with about 60% of the battery left.


    Thanks everyone.

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    I left the MBP unplugged over night and then tried to start it up this morning. The MBP still did not start. I left it alone for another 5 hours. I plugged in the charger and the amber light came on. Since the black out, the magsafe light was a faint green color that I could barely see. I was very happy to see the amber light turn back on.


    When I opened the computer, I heard the CD drive (MBP late 2011) try and spin. I was happy to actually see some life back in the computer. So before I pressed the power button, I reset the SMC as directed in the post above. Immediately I heard the comptuer start working and saw the light on the front of the MBP turn on. All the times before when I tried to reset the SMC, the computer did not respond at all. After it looked like it reset, I pressed the power button and the screen turned on and booted up...although it seemed to boot up slower.


    Anyways, I am now typing this message on the MBP. Everything seems to be working normally. The battery was at 0% when it booted up and now it is at 9% and charging normally. Thank you for the posts above. It gave me hope during the blackout that the computer just needed to completely discharge before it would turn back on. It completely discharged and now it working as expected.


    A few months prior to the blackout, one of the USB's stopped working and I would have to use the one right next to it and the backlight to the keyboard would stop working and I couldn't turn it back on by pressing the buttons on the keyboard. A week before the blackout, my computer seemed like it would struggle during normal web browsing and the fan would kick into high gear.


    Here is exactly what I was doing when the blackout/power surge happened. I had my iPhone 5 plugged in to USB to charge while using bluetooth to tether (becuase the USB port would not communicate any data transfer so I couldn't use the direct tethering method but the USB would charge the phone), I had my headphones plugged into the jack, I was watching the iPhone 5S keynote video, and the MBP was not plugged in.


    In all, I waited about 18 hours for the battery to completely discharge and then it worked again.


    I tried the USB connection that wasn't working and it charges but does not connect to my iPhone. Could be an issue with the iPhone 5. Everything else works great.


    Hope this helps others. Good luck.

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    I bought macbook pro four years ago. It cost me 1000$ and I pumped into it other 300$. About two weeks ago my macbook suddenly shut off while i was using it and wont turn back on. I tried everything. Today I went to Apple and they told me that my motherboard have died and repair will cost me 600$. When i asked how can such an expensive good think just died after four years and they told me that "it happens". So now i have every data in my dead macbook and i can throw it away.

    My note to Apple: What a quality...go to **** !!!

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    jakbi wrote:


    I bought macbook pro four years ago. It cost me 1000$ and I pumped into it other 300$. About two weeks ago my macbook suddenly shut off while i was using it and wont turn back on. I tried everything. Today I went to Apple and they told me that my motherboard have died and repair will cost me 600$. When i asked how can such an expensive good think just died after four years and they told me that "it happens". So now i have every data in my dead macbook and i can throw it away.

    My note to Apple: What a quality...go to **** !!!

    While it is sad to hear that this happened to you, the Apple Technician stated it right, sometimes it happens.  I know it *****, but this isn't just Apple.  This happens all the time with PC and Mac, there really isn't anything that can be done.  Unfortunatly when it happens to you, it's very upsetting, but it does happen.  If you have all your stuff on the Hard Drive in the computer and it is just the motherboard that has died, you can always get the drive out of the computer and get it in an external enclosure and then it will work as an external drive and you can use another computer to get the information off the drive.  This is why backups are recommended to be done on a regular basis so that "when" not "if" something like this happens, you'll be prepared.

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    Yes the same thing happened to me today. I plugged my iPhone 5 into my MacBook Pro 13" Late 2011 and then everything died. Screen and everything it sucked I needed it today and now my iPhone lightning cable doesn't work. The charger to my Macbook is lighting up a (very) dim green and won't start up or anything. I am sure I have to reset the SMC settings however the MacBook Pro Unibody models that don't feature a removable battery need to first power off completely before the SMC reset settings can be used. This is due to the battery not being removable and it must fully reset and die down. Or so I hoping because Apple says in order to use the SMC on older macs you must take the battery out. (You can't do that on the new models) "well your not supposed to" haha so I'll let it run down and hope it's not the infamous logic board issue which btw is insanely expensive. If that were the case I'd just buy an Ultra-book with Windows 8. It also doesn't cost anywhere near what Apple tries to charge for a Logic board replacement. Cheaper methods just google it. But I love my Mac so we'll see when she is completely powered down.

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    What ended up happening?

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    Okay so most of you have nothing to worry about. Honestly the issue is related to the USB Port essentially being shorted out... The power that is normally put out is surged temporarily which causes the MacBook Pro to shut down. Now on the older MacBook you could easily cut power to the MacBook Pro by simply taking the battery out and bingo your Mac would start up. The new MacBook Pros don't allow this so you have to be patient and let the battery completely die down... Trust me it's a long wait and I'm not a patient person but my theory was correct and once my battery was completely drained it charged normally and started up like any other day. Hope this helps and don't get stressed out just be patient. :)

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    I have a similar issue. I plugged an iPhone cable in and my 2011 MacBook died. Now it won't start up. How long should I wait before the battery drains? How will the battery drain if my MacBook is dead? Please tell because I'm a student and I don't have the money for a repair right now.

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    Okay so for me it took around 30-40 hours. This all depends on how much your battery was charged... If you are really desperate you might try and order a few parts online so you can take the battery out yourself. This of course is not (recommended) by Apple as they love charging people hundreds of dollars to install you own battery. But essentially you'd need to take the battery out... I'd personally just wait. Yeah it's annoying but she'll start up when it's fully powered down. Hope this helps.

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    Okay thanks. When I did have it plugged in their was no light on the power supply does that make a difference? I have it unplugged now and am waiting hopefully it'll be able to power up in a few days.

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