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    Finally, I solved it !!!


    Several problems were tackling the solution in which after fixing them I solved the Original Issue. I would thank you all for the support and the clues.

    Here are the problems and the fixes:

    • My Apple ID was on UAE App Store
      • Changed it to Oman
        • Even after changing it to Oman I was not able to use it for FT or IM. I checked FT and IM with two other Omani Apple IDs and both perfectly worked, so I realized that the problem seems to be with my original Apple ID.
    • On Manage Apple ID tab, I found the followings:
        • Address1 field was having some wrong characters
      • Entered only the right characters into the filed which are accepted by Apple
        • Some wrong phone number entries were there (in terms of Country Code, Area Code and the Phone Number itself)
      • I entered my right details for the Phone Numbers
        • Some UAE iTunes notifications were ticked
      • I unticked them out


    I would be happy to help anyone having the same problem or any other problems.


    Best Wishes and Regards,

  • Suhaib AlBarwani Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I have try to use Nawras sim card and it worked without any problem, so it seems that the problem is with Oman Mobile sim card.


    I'm talking about the network operators in Oman.



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    HusSajAli wrote:


    They both are working fine with me on my mobile number. However, the issue is when trying to get them work with the Apple ID.

    Had the same problem.  Phone number was fine for both imessages and Facetime but when I tried to attach my apple id it kept giving me the password error.  I spent a great deal of time on this and the only thing that worked was to restore my phone through itunes.  In other words, I reformatted my phone.  I suggest you make sure all of your apps and music are in Itunes and your photos are backed up in a folder or on Iphoto.  It makes it easier to add it back to the phone once reformatting is complete.  Also, make sure your contacts are backed up.  I use icloud for this which works great.  I chose not to back up my settings and data because who knows what caused this problem in the first place.  Anyway, after the restore/reformat was complete, I was able to register my apple ID to both Imessages and Facetime.


    BTW-the reason this was important to me is because I often text Imessages from my Macbook Pro and Ipad.  If Imessages (and Facetime) are not registered to your apple ID on your Iphone, you cannot send and recieve messages (and Facetime calls) from other devices such as your Macbook(must have mountain lion for this feature) and Ipad using your phone number.  Hope this helps.

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    I have the same issue

  • mkstretch Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I was also getting wrong password or ID trying to log into iMessage or FaceTime.  I know my password is right.  I fixed this issue.  My shipping address for my apple ID was messed up my street name and address were in the wrong spot.  Once I fixed that I was able to login right away!

  • Mattie G Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    We'll I've had the same problem. Seems ever since I installed ios7, my iMessage and FaceTime has had trouble activating on all my devices............ Up until 10 minutes ago it corrected itself. It took 4 days to resolve itself, but apple advised me they had server problems so I just had to be patient. Happy now.

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    The problem continues to this day.

    Unable to activate iMessage phone number.


    Mobile operator - MegaFon.

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  • zebrabanana Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After days of frustration...


    My simple solution was to sign in with another account on FaceTime and iMessage then go through the setup until it is verified. Once complete, sign out and then sign in again with your original account. No idea why it suddenly stopped working in the first place, my mac and iPhone were fine, but not iPad.


    The other odd thing was that I was getting random 'Device added' alerts to my iPhone and Mac regarding my iPad, even though nothing had changed. Could be a glitch in their servers.

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