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    First of all, I don't see anyone freaking out.  Nobody is calling for people to pick up their pitchforks and torches and storm the Apple store.  We're talking about people accessing a discussion forum hosted by Apple in part for this very reason and talking to one another about a problem that seems to be effecting a relatively small number of users.  This can't be that widespread. we're only on 6 pages of discussion on the topic here (I know there are some other threads out there but still, millions of these devices have been sold; we're in the minority).  The more I look at this I see less and less logic to the idea that a problem effecting specific portions of the screen appearing in multiple places within the OS on a small number of devices would be a software problem.  Also, people using iOS 6 on other devices do not seem to be having this issue.  That's not conclusive, but once again, it does indicate the issue it tied to specific hardware.  No matter what the cause of the issue, it is not unreasonable to take an item that is malfunctioning (even if it probably won't cause a major usability issue) back to the place of sale and ask for a replacement.  If Apple announces that this is a software issue and will be fixed shortly, then I obviously don't think you should return your phone.  That's why I waited a few weeks to return mine, even though I noticed the behavior on day one.  After several weeks of silence on this issue and no clear indication that it's a software issue (and in my view, evidence pointing to the idea that it's actually a hardware issue), I got a replacement iPhone 5 and have now had it a week without seeing this problem.  Another reason to take it back now rather than wait it out is that Apple has tended to have a more generous return policy close to launch of a device.  I was unable to make my original iPhone 5 reproduce the issue in the store at the time of my appointment, but they allowed me to show them a video of the issue that I had taken using my wife's phone.  This may not work in the future, and you could be stuck with a phone that occasionally has the issue, but won't replicate it in the presence of an Apple Store employee.  This issue reminds me of the iPod nano (fatty edition) screen issue where a ton of them had a slightly crooked screen.  I don't recall Apple ever actually coming out and admitting a problem, but if you took it to the Apple Store and showed them the issue, they would get you a replacement.  At that time, I took back my mother-in-law's iPod nano and sifted through literally dozens of fatties until I found one without the issue (you could see it through the packaging with the unit off, if you looked close).  I understand that we all have different tolerances.  I personally expect something to function as designed and advertised when I purchase it.  Some people are willing to live with slight imperfections.  Neither is wrong.  If you don't care that your iPhone isn't working as it should, you are welcome to keep it.  But if I have to return my iPhone 10 times to get one without the issue (it doesn't look like this will be my experience, but still), then I will do it.  Finally, please stop posting stupid comments so I can stop posting long, well thought-out and decisively argued discussions of the issues.  I'm getting tired.

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    OK, thank you daddy. I'm glad you have it all figured out. We will wait.

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    I have had this same problem also.  Mine happens while entering my password in the app store but now I have noticed it happening while opening a app inside a folder or while the folder is open.  I preordered my iphone and received it on 9/21/2012.  I did not purchase apple care so I am wondering if I should exchange mine before my 30 days is up. I only have two days left to do this.  What would you do?

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    So I'm at the Apple store in KOP again and they are once again telling me that it's a software problem. The genius bar is telling me that this will  be fixed on the next update and to not waste all my phone switch outs( which apparently there is a limit to).  So I guess the solution is wait it out or and I do hate to say this go with something else?? Should I downgrade back to the iPhone 4???

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    Not read as so much text requires paragraphing to be readable.

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    From what I've seen, it doesn't interrupt the usability of the device, so if you can live with the problem until an update arises, which shouldn't be much longer, in my opinion, that's what you should do.

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    You dont need AppleCare to exchange the phone after 30 days. You have a year warranty and it looks like its a software issue, not a hardware issue.


    See the post above me ^..Update is addressing this.


    I wouldnt return it, mine doesnt do it all the time, and it doesnt make your phone inoperable for now.

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    lol pwnt, I told you all!

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    darkonex3 wrote:


    lol pwnt, I told you all!


    You  also told us it's a COMMON issue for ALL iPhone's.



    I've been to the "app" store (between updates and downloads) over 200 times easily, and I have yet to see anything but ROCK SOLID performance from my screen (I prey to the baby J).


    However, if you note the term "should", it indicates that it's conjecture, and that "article" is NOT an official announcement by Apple (official announcements can be used in court as evidence, hearsay can't).


    "iOS 6.0.1 should fix the horizontal lines"


    Everything else in that article is will fix, will improve, finally fix.


    My money (in regards to the screen) is still on hardware (most probably failing memory), and the update may bypass memory address blocks to "mask" the issue, but if the memory is failing (and based on progression of some people's issue, that does appear to be the case in certain circumstances) one could experience a cascade failure in the future (taking them outside their warranty period).


    Interesting timing  though, the day before the announcement of the new IPAD mini.


    pwnt my a$$. At least wait for an official announcement before you take credit for a rumor that may prove your conjecture.

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    I have been experiencing the same problem, it also occurs when randomly when searching for an app in a folder.

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    iOS 6.0.1 update to address wifi issues and static line glitch on display. Hopefully it comes pretty soon!!

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    Welcome to three days ago when I posted that news. Scroll up, man. :)

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    Still no sign of this update. Anyone have any news?

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