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  • Lazykins Level 1 Level 1

    Sad, isn't it? A note on their website or maybe in the item details on the DataMan app that is still available says they are working on getting it back in the store. Lucky you! Is Pro showing you anything interesting? Are you on ios6?

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3

    I'm not on iOS6 yet.  My iPhone is my iBrain.  I need it too desperately to dive right in.  Will wait till some of the dust settles. 


    Yes, DataMan Pro does show me some interesting things, but nothing significant.  For example, Push Service, which is otherwise invisible to the user, constantly uses small amounts of data (less than 1K) per hour, even when the phone is on wifi and plugged in. iCloud Service also occasionally uses a few K, even though my phone does not use iCloud for anything at all.  For example, I read my mail on cellular yesterday, and Mail used 27.7K, Push Service used 76.7K, and iCloud used 35.1K.  Now this is not much data, but I would like to understand why Push used more than the open app, Mail.  Since I've started using DataMan Pro, I haven't seen any undue cellular usage, but I am very careful to turn cellular off if I'm doing any kind of streaming over wifi.  If the connection drops, I don't want a switch to cellular.

  • Lazykins Level 1 Level 1

    Hey everyone on Verizon, please go to Settings > General > About to update carrier services. Hopefully this will help some of us?


  • Ferretbite Level 4 Level 4

    Deactivate Genius for apps, it's under Privacy - Location Services, at the bottom.

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    Why are Push Notifications using so much data, this is because per apple support doc TS4264, Push notifications will ALWAYS use cellular rather than Wifi and ONLY switch to WiFi if UNABLE to connect via cellular.  I have reported this to Apple already, but these data leaks have got to be plugged up.


    david T

  • SlyZ Level 1 Level 1


    I am experiencing the same issue, in france.

    Since 4 days l saw that my Iphone 5 has reached more than 3200 mb in 4 days ( I mean 400 mo in french)

    sorry for my english level, i need to practice !

    By the way i am not using the Iphone to download huge applications , i just do a few researches on google, and receive some push mails and push notifications from newspapers.

    I am very worried , i can't keep my phone with such data usage !



  • matrixxzero Level 1 Level 1

    Apple acknowledges issue and sends a fix to Verizon users phones!


    New Knowledge Base for this even.


  • Lazykins Level 1 Level 1

    Well, we solved our problem last night. We traded in our 5's for some Motorola Droid phones.


    I really wanted to like the iPhones. I like my iPad and my MacBook.


    But even with the VZ fix, my phone used 3-5 times the data that my husband's did performing the same task over cell network (browse to same site, send an email). The phones got terrible reception in our home and even outdoors in our neighborhood. For me the last straw was that I couldn't restrict the amount of mail data that was downloaded while on cellular data. Full text and attachments were downloaded to phone no matter what.


    The cons - Phones are are large. Less intuitive OS. Music's not as easy to load. Am going to miss some of those iPhone apps. Pros - Phones get solid reception and calls are clear with no dropping out. So far, the data usage is okay - the data manager is a good thing to have but the ultimate test will be VZ's billing. Mail saves attachment dowloads for when I choose to retrieve them. I even set up a Smart Action to automatically switch off my cell data for me when I'm home.


    I will try again in a couple of years, maybe. For us, it just wasn't worth worrying about data usage every time we used the phone.

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    I have stopped my data leak! At least for the last 3 hours. The problem is that Apple has too many places to turn off iCloud and it gets you thinking you've iCloud when you haven't. Apple needs to clean this up.

    To stop the leak I had to do a number of things.

    Settings: General:: cellular: cellular data on; now turn iCloud Documents off; and iTunes off; Facetime off.


    Now go back

    Settings: iCloud; turn my photo stream off and for documents and data click Use Cellar data "off". I leave mail contacts calendars reminder etc all "on".

    In my case I think Photostream is the culprit. I take lots of photos. For others it might be iTunes. Apple needs to simplify this. We need a SIMPLE way to disable the use of cellular data for the various synced functions.

    My data is still where it was 3hrs 15 minutes ago. Yes!

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    My understanding was that PhotoStream would not even activate unless it was on WiFi...if this is NOT the case then it is a pretty huge issue. 


    Thanks for that summary...the best option would be a prompt for any cellular data activity that would go over a certain threshold (5 MB, 10 MB, whatever) that would allow a deferral until the phone was on WiFi...

  • Denis Evans Level 1 Level 1

    My data is still showing 1.7GB just as it was 4hrs 30min ago.  I had to buy an extra 3GB of data because I could see that I was going to exceed my monthly 1.5GB of data. Normally I use between 200 - 500MB a month.

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    Same with me - I ran up 3GB in a day when I'm usually around 1GB a month.  I called Verizon, escalated to their 2nd level support, and got a 3 GB credit.  Push for that!

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    Yip same here, Data leakage, had 2 events where 300mb over 72 hours and 250mb over 36 hours just dissappeared. Called Apple support and got the usual round around, re-set settings, log-off, restore..... all that crap but would not conceed that there is an actual issue. Has Apple become ARROGANT!!


    Also poor battery life. Has to be charged twice a day and I don't make many calls.

    Rattle near the back by the camera.

    Phone gets very hot.

    & no accessories.


    Just far too many issues!

  • Apple54JP Level 1 Level 1

    Try restoring your phone, don't restore from backup. Start from scratch. I did and mine seems better, still uses a lot more bytes than it did before. Reckon Apple will have a fix out soon.

  • vijaybala Level 1 Level 1

    Iphone 3GS. updated to iOS 6.0.1 Friday. Data usage until then about 300MB


    Sunday Morning around 4am. Phone incredibly hot even though connected to charger and home Wifi network. Usage exceeds 3GB for month and extra 3.5GB. Total usage in 12 hours 6.5GB.


    Sunday afternoon after receiving message from AT&T about excess data, turned off Cellular Data and 3G and limited to only Wifi.


    Monday evening 2GB cellular data. Total data usage in 2 days 9GB????? W/T/F ???


    Even when 3G and cellular data is turned OFF, 2GB used up?


    Now, turned OFF Cellular data and Wifi and using it as a regular phone with texting and calling. Maybe will buy a regular phone and be done with all these useless charges. Someone should be held accountable here.